Good afternoon everybody. It’s Doctor Blake Kalkstein from Doctors Adolph
and Kalkstein Chiropractic. Your Towson area chiropractor. And today Marvin’s in and he’s talking about
he’s got some neck pain issues, so we’re going to show you how we treat neck pain in the
office, in our chiropractic office in Towson. So, we’re going to do some active release
technique on Marvin’s levator scap muscle which comes off his neck and down and across
his shoulder blade right here. And if you ever get a know in your shoulder
blade or a knot at the top of your shoulder or at the base of your neck, that’s where
that knot hangs out it’s in your levator scap and right underneath your trap. And after we do that we’re going to come
down and treat his rhomboids as well. Anybody that’s got a little forward slouch
posture like this, go ahead and slouch for us a little bit Marvin, you over stretch those
rhomboids and they get really tight and trigger point builds up into them. So this is a really effective treatment for
dealing with neck pain and it’s something we do in our Towson chiropractic office pretty
frequently. We’re going to show you active release technique
for this levator scap. Arm up like this Marvin. So I come in here and I find where that muscle’s
tight, and I’m going to apply pressure down and across the muscle. Marvin’s going to take his arm behind his
back. No. Go out behind your back down over here Marvin. Down here? Yeah and back over here, bring it over here
to your back pocket, good. Now, drop your chin down to your chest, and
keep your chin down there and turn your head this way. Good, come back up, lets do it all again. This is a combo move, this allows me to treat
the trap muscle and then as the trap flattens out I can go below the trap and get into the
levator scap muscle. And this is active release technique, it’s
a gold standard for soft tissue treatment. So when we’re dealing with neck pain, a lot
of patients who have neck pain who come into our Towson office have pain at the top of
your shoulder blades. You get that knot that hangs at the top of
your shoulder blades. And so, as Marvin is a student, if you’re
working at a desk, if you sit for a living, if you drive for a living, some people tend
to have that rounded shoulder posture and then we get overstretching in the rhomboids
and the levator scap. Next we’re going to show you how we treat
rhomboid muscles. So Marvin I’m going to control this arm here,
let me have the weight of this arm, and now I’m going t come across here and get those
rhomboids, and so the rhomboids are underneath the rap muscles, so I need to move the trap
out of the way. So I get the trap to go out of the way and
now I’m right on that rhomboid and Marvin’s going to drop his chin down to his chest and
turn his head left again. Good and come back up, head back up again
for me Marvin. And so we come back and find where that muscle’s
sore, move the trap out of the way, drop your chin down to your chest, and turn your head
left. Good. And then we’re going to treat the other side
on Marvin because he has some tightness over here. Marvin what side’s your neck pain on. It’s on his left side, so we’re going to his
left side form too, then we’re going to show you how we adjust his neck for neck pain. Marvin’s been adjusted on video a couple of
times so we know what’s going on with his neck, we’ve examined his neck. We’re going to show you how we use active
release on this side, and then we’re going to adjust him. So again we’re going to get that trap levator
scap move first, so palm up for me again, arm behind your back, chin down, turn your
head this way. Is that a little tighter on this side Marvin? Yeah. Yeah. Come back up, arm up for me. Go ahead, arm behind your back. Chin down. And turn this way. Good. And as he’s turning that way I can feel that
knot pop up right underneath my thumb and I keep my pressure on it, and it helps dissolve
that knot, so. We use a combination of active release technique,
a combination of physical therapy and advanced rehabilitation techniques, plus chiropractic
treatment, and that allows us to get out patients to feel better faster. Our mission is to get people out of pain in
one to three visits, and we’re able to do that with a lot of cases that come into our
office. Chin down Marvin. Turn right. And I’m right on that knot. Marvin, I tell you, I’m right on that knot
in the rhomboid there. And so, head back for me Marvin, we move the
trap out of the way and then we drop down and we hit that rhomboid. Chin down. Turn right. Good. And so, unlike normal stretching where you’ve
got to hold a stretch for fifteen or thirty seconds, when we do active release technique,
we can make significant changes in the muscle tone in as little as ten seconds. For most people we treat them, when we do
active release we’re doing it for eight minutes, we’re doing it for five minutes, we’re doing
it for ten minutes depending on the body part. But we can have significant relief in little
time. So Marvin’s going to come on his back for
me. Good and this pain’s all in his left side
and he’s really tight over there. Come around this way so you can the adjustment
from this side. You can zoom in on it so you can see we take
him over here. And he’s real tight. Let that left shoulder drop Marvin. There you go. Now we’re going to get right down here where
his little… let that right just drop for me. There you go. And so that’s how we treat neck pain in our
office. Thanks for watching everybody. If you have any questions about the video
leave a comment and we’re see everybody next time. Bye.

15 thoughts on “Towson Chiropractor Neck Pain Treatment”

  1. Fantastic video! Definitely wish you much more growth on this channel and your Practice. Where exactly are you located?

  2. This is the EXACT pain that I experience daily along with severe tension headaches. I would love to find an excellent chiropractor like you in my area.

  3. I have the exact same pain! I'm currently going to a chiropractor who says I have the top rib out of place (causing that "bump/knot"). Is that even possible?

  4. Hey doc. I'm gonna let you in on a secret. A lot of those watching this video are in bed with very bad posture. Holding the phone or tablet in awkward angles. Maybe even slouched over at a PC. You need to call us out on it and remind the viewers of posture and techniques to eliminate the pain. It would make it more intimate with the viewers. I honestly think your the next big thing.

  5. Nice videos! Unlike other chiro channels you explain the full issue and how to approach. Your video on carpal tunnel was excellent. thanks!!

  6. Hi! Very great channel i learn more in watching this. I'm a french osteopath et i will do a ART spine course in Paris in May because i think it's a great technique for our patients.
    I have a question: what are muscles you treat in priority in upper cross syndrome in ART technique? thanks for your answer!

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