Pain is one of those things that we see a
lot of patients for as an acupuncturist and its probably what its best known for. Its
funny, I sometimes I get a phone call, how much do you charge for elbow pain? And what’s
important in Chinese medicine is to know that everything is done through diagnostics. So
whilst most people would just think, ehh my knee hurts, my back hurts, fix it. There’s
much more to it than that. Some of the more important questions we ask in order to do
good diagnostics on what type of pain and what’s the best treatment approach are things
like what makes it better or worse. So we may say does cold make it better, or does
cold make it worse? Does heat help? Is it better with exercise or worse with exercise?
Is there certain movements that are uncomfortable? We may ask some more interesting questions.
We might say, where on your arm exactly does it hurt, because we have those lines of energy
that run along the arms and legs in the body and so depending on exactly where your pain
is in a particular place of your arm may guide us towards a particular organ or a particular
area. Then there’s things like is it better with massage or worse than massage? Is there
a color associated with that pain? So all of these are the types of questions your practitioner
should be asking you and if you can give them good feedback on that, you’ll get the best,
fastest treatment to alleviate you of any pains that you may have.

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