TRANSFORM YOUR BODY. The foods which we consume are digested and
broken down into a final product which may either be acidic or alkaline in
our tissues. This final product is referred to as the ash
and is a remnant inside the body following the breakdown of food. Foods which produce an alkaline ash are referred
to as ‘alkaline-forming foods’ while the ones producing acid ash are referred
to as ‘acid-forming foods.’ The body requires the two kinds of foods. But, alkaline-forming foods ought to be higher
than the ones which create acid. Each person is unique however the best diet
consists of 75% of alkaline and 25% of acidic foods in terms of volume. An ‘alkaline’ environment will TRANSFORM
YOUR BODY’S INTERIOR. PH or Potential of Hydrogen gauges a liquid’s
alkalinity or acidity. The measurement of pH is carried out on a
0-14 scale. If a solution has low pH the acidity is higher
and if the pH is high, the alkaline or base is higher in the solution. The blood’s pH is 7.4 when a body is in
good physical state, the urine’s pH is 7.4 and the saliva’s
pH is 7.4. Particular sections of the body need to be
extra acidic compared to others, for instance, the stomach. Other sections require being more alkaline
inclined. When using pH paper sticks to analyze saliva
or urine, target a rate of 7.4. Digestion in the Body. Sugars, eggs, meat, dairy, the majority of
grains, carbonated drinks and white flour form acid. Drugs create acid. Synthetic sweeteners such as Equal, NutraSweet
or Aspartame are very strong in terms of acid creation. Fresh vegetables and fruits form alkaline
to assist your body to generate and sustain a pH equilibrium that
is healthy. In general terms, the majority of people have
too much acid; this can turn into a harmful state which makes
all the systems of the body weak. An interior environment which has more of
acidity is susceptible to illnesses like viruses, bugs, bacteria,
swelling, and cancer. All these will flourish in environments that
are acidic. An environment which is pH balanced, however,
facilitates standards and healthy workings of the body, essential
for fighting illness. When acidic environments are present, this
compels the body to use the blood’s electrolyte minerals like sodium, calcium, magnesium, and potassium
as well as important bones and organs to shield or reduce the acid’s effect, to
ensure safe elimination from the body. Studies indicate that people who consume a
lot of soft drinks, either with sugar or without, are depleting huge quantities of magnesium
and calcium, as well as other trace minerals so as to mask
the acid present in soft drinks. There is a danger of getting osteoporosis,
hypothyroidism, coronary artery illness, high blood pressure and many other debilitating
illnesses including cancer increases when a lot of minerals are lost. The likelihood of a food to form acid or alkaline
inside the body is not related at all to the food’s actual pH. For instance, even though limes, grapefruits,
and lemons have a chemical composition which is acidic, tests indicate that after being metabolized
inside the body, they essentially possess an alkalizing impact
and are extremely useful. In the same way, prior to being digested,
meat tests as alkaline; however, the deposit it leaves inside the
body is extremely acidic. Therefore, similar to almost all products
from animals, meat creates acid at a very high rate. Alkalizing fluids in the body or increasing
pH is among the one most vital health restoration advantages present, as illness-causing microforms such as bacteria,
virus, fungi, and cancer cannot exist in an environment
which is alkaline oxygenated. So can cancer be cured naturally? Being sick is always distressing to us even
if it is only a flu virus which will finally go away by itself. But, terminal and harmful illnesses are a
concern to each person. Being told… ‘I am afraid you are suffering
from cancer’ from a medical practitioner is an experience that is both shocking and
debilitating. Changes in our way of living have given rise
to the increase of various cancers, which has led to numerous treatment choices
being developed. The standard ones which you will encounter
in hospitals are chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and surgery. But, their side effects are even more deadly
than the actual cancer. However, Mother Nature gives us a method of
eliminating this deadly condition by using a lot of remedies that occur naturally. Cancer and Lifestyle. Similar to hypertension and diabetes, cancer
is a lifestyle illness. There has been an increase in harmful lifestyles
leading to more incidents of cancer. The fact that one in three individuals globally
has cancer, is a cause for concern. Consuming junk food, which is processed, lack
of exercise, and an overall careless lifestyle, is what facilitates the excessive replication
of cancerous cells leading to growths that are tumorous. So, it is vital to make a conscious effort
to lead a healthy lifestyle so as to prohibit deadly cancer cell reproduction. Natural Solutions. It is very important to understand what triggers
disease, so as to treat the cause. Cancer happens when the cells in the body
start multiplying unusually; this starts when a disparity is present in
the body’s interior environment particularly the pH as I’ve mentioned before. Usually, the body’s pH is between 7.35 and
7.45 this represents an optimal alkaline environment. When an unhealthy lifestyle causes pH to decrease
resulting in a state referred to as acidosis, it indicates the body contains excessive acid. This expansion is really what causes the creation
of cancer. The cure should target the reversal of this
acidosis state by restoring the body’s pH to optimal alkaline levels. In light of this, many nutritionists and herbalists
who advocate healing cancer by natural methods suggest using plant extracts. Several varieties of herbs have been recommended
and even verified to heal some cancers. Their perspective side effects are not known,
and their potential effectiveness is still unknown. But, a healthy diet and way of life can help
to avoid, and even heal cancerous conditions. Foods and healing cancer. Some foods are available that are able to
alleviate cancer like bananas, apples, grapefruits, cranberries, lemons, oranges, pineapples, pears, peaches,
grapes and strawberries. These can alleviate cancer; however, not by
themselves. If you are searching for a solution by natural
methods, you should seek out a reputable herbalist for assistance. It is vital to be aware that red meat makes
cancer worse. Working out regularly, leading a life free
from stress, practicing “mindfulness”, and getting sufficient sleep, all contribute
to alleviating cancer naturally. Conclusion. A diagnosis of cancer would certainly shock
anyone and due to being distraught, we might make drastic missteps. But, our objective should be securing treatments
for ourselves which will detoxify our bodies, and enhance the immune system with minimal
side effects or none at all, despite whether the methods are natural or
conventional. Get more information regarding Body Transformation,
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  1. So much truth here…so sad pharmaceutical companies don’t want this information to get out. It’s time for us to wake up and grasp this truth about our health.

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