Just start by covering her eyes with these
little cotton rounds. She has beautiful skin so I don’t see I don’t anticipate
any problems. Okay, I’m seeing a little dryness which is very common in Reno
area and that we can quickly correct. We’ll start by doing a gentle cleansing.
I am using our Renown products and this is their gentle cleanser. It’s
perfect for skins that are a little on the dry side. It cleanses without
stripping, has a nice light fragrance. So now I’ll just remove this cleanser – comes
right off. Now I’m going to be applying some vapor, warm vapor. This rotary
brush just is gonna do a little light, light exfoliation. It brings a lot of
blood to the surface. Any dry skin, any build-up will come off with this. Is that
too warm Ann Marie? No, that’s perfect. I’m going to apply a mask. You
might be able to see this this mask is very creamy; it has some little orange
beads in it and it’ll warm up on her face and these little beads
will open up and there’s vitamins E in them. So this is a wonderful
hydrating mask and I’ll just start by applying it to her jawline. We’ll let
this dry for five to ten minutes and rinse it off with another warm towel. A
mask refines the skin. Clay dries and attaches itself to any oil or dry skin
and helps remove it. It looks like the mask is ready to come off. How does that
feel Ann Marie? The mask? Yeah. It feels very tingly and warm. It’s very soothing. Good. It feels like it’s doing
something. So just remove it with sponges and warm water. Now I’m going to use a
very nice light mist spray toner. This will just add some nutrients to your
skin and some moisture that I’m going to quickly seal with a moisturizer. This is
very important to get the moisturizer on as quickly as possible and seal it in.
I’ve used some of our restorative moisturizer and this is a wonderful
hyaluronic acid that helps to pull moisture from the air and help the skin
save stay moist and hydrated. So important in our climate. At this point,
I’m going to apply a little of our Renown eye cream. This is a wonderful
light cream for the eye area. It’s full goodies like ceramides and green tea. It
helps reduce puffiness. Get the delicate eye area moist. And the last thing we’ll do –
we never let anybody out of here without sunscreen, even if it’s nighttime. This is
probably our most important product: sunscreen. At our altitude and with our
wonderful sunny weather we get a lot of exposure to radiation so we want to apply
sunscreen faithfully – every day. This is our Renown sunscreen. It’s a sheer
untinted sunscreen broadband SPF 50 which is great for this area. Goes on lightly;
it won’t leave you whiter, um ghostly looking. Just takes a minute to kind
of blend it in, but it’s so important to do. So a facial is a good good thing to
do for your skin and I liken it to going to the dentist, getting your teeth
cleaned. You can get a more thorough job done with the professional products and,
you know, having someone with a big magnifying light will help. And we can
address any problems that she has and perhaps suggest other treatments that
she might like to do with us.

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