>>Dr. Lamperti: Hello my name is Dr. Thomas
Lamperti and I’m a Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon in the Seattle area. So what is my
overall treatment philosophy? My treatment philosophy really focuses on communicating
with my patients and discussing with them their options. I like to find out first what
it is that is bothering you. What it is that you’d like changed and how long has it been
a concern for you — how has it progressed? Has it been a slow progression? And what treatments
have you tried so far, if any, to improve these troublesome areas? Once we’ve discussed
this and also taking into consideration your time commitment available for surgery and
recovery and also any budgetary constraints we then come up with a personalized treatment
plan based on these things. The overall treatment can run the range from in-office procedures
— injectibles, botox — to more surgical type of procedures that would be done in an
operating room or surgery center. But my main goal is really discussing and coming up together
with a plan so that we are a team and really focusing together on achieving the goals that
you’re shooting for. In addition to my focus on communicating with my patients I also focus
on using the most advanced, but proven, techniques possible with regard to my treatment philosophy.
There have been numerous cosmetic procedures that have come and gone over the years that
have ultimately been shown not to be as safe or as effective as initially thought. And
I really strive to achieve the durability that my patients are expecting.


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