– I’m Spencer Pratt. A lot of you may remember
me from The Hills. Not relevant to my life. – You look like your
head’s about to explode. – But a lot of you may only know me from the greatest Snapchat
in the history of the world. I choose that one. After The Hills ended,
I hated who I became so I set out on a new
journey to find love, to heal my mind, body and spirit and now, I wanna share these life lessons. I’m Spencer Pratt and I’m gonna heal you. (upbeat music) Today, comedian Jay Versace
is gonna be joining me on my spiritual healing quest. Jay is just like me. He’s a social media phenom and
he’s obsessed with crystals so we’re pretty much BFF’s. Jay suffers from anxiety. – I been feelin’ really weird lately. Honestly, I don’t feel like myself. – I have the perfect healing for him. It’s yoga. Naked. – Good to see you.
– Hey, how are you? – Superstar.
– How you been? You ready for this? – Yeah, I’m ready. Let’s get straight to it. – When was the last time you did yoga? – Um, never but, you know, I
feel like I know what it is. All you gotta do is stretch, right? – You’ve never done yoga? – I’m from the projects. We don’t have that in the projects. – Jay tells me he’s never
even done yoga before so I’m thinkin’ uh oh,
might as well just jump right in to naked yoga, right, right? What’s this anxiety from? You’re one of the biggest superstars on frickin’ planet Earth, is
that just what’s leading up to this anxiety? – Ever since I was a little kid, I was always anxious over everything, just always scared and
I went to the doctors, they told me I have an anxiety disorder but I feel like anything can be cured so and I’ve done, I’ve
already cured it a lot. – So what have you done leading up to this that’s helped you get rid of your anxiety? – I carry my crystals around. I know you like crystals
and I like crystals, too. My crystals help my
anxiety, not goin’ nowhere helps my anxiety, not talkin’
to people helps my anxiety but mainly the cyrstals, the
cyrstals has helped me get to where I’m at right now. – I actually have this
beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. – Oh wow, wow.
– From my personal collection. – This is so nice, thank you so much, I appreciate it, thank you. – Obviously since we’re doing naked yoga, I wanted you to wear something. – A who? How is this gonna cure my anxiety? Like, what? I don’t get it, I don’t get it. – After we do this naked yoga, you are just gonna feel free of all of that remainder of anxiety. – Okay, I’m down. I don’t never back down to nothin’. – Okay, you ready to get healed? – I don’t know, um, yeah. – Okay, we gotta lose the towels on. – Three, two, one.
– Three, two, one. – Oh, that’s a lot of air. – Oh, wow.
– That’s fresh, okay. – There goes that anxiety.
– Oh yeah. You gonna keep your socks on? – You gonna keep that watch on? – I am gonna keep it. – Then I’m keepin’ these socks on, okay? (gong ringing)
Whoa, okay. – The practice of naked yoga is regular yoga without clothes. Yoga is meant to free your mind. In naked yoga, you feel mentally free and you also feel physically free so there’s an added advantage. – I’ma just warn y’all both, I’m gassy. Do people get gassy when they do stuff like this, naked yoga, just
out in the air like that? – It’s a small room so
we respect each other. All right, we’ll start
the class with a warm up. Asana. – You call him an ass?
– He called me an ass? – I think he called you an ass. – Asana. – Ass and nuts?
– Asana. – What does that mean? – Poses.
– Hold me back, hold me back. – I’m not holdin’ you,
I’m naked, you’re naked. – Okay, yeah, okay.
– I’m not holdin’ you. – No, no.
– Zen, zen. Let’s feel the connection. – Okay. – Namaste pose. – Who? Okay, sorry, I’m sorry. – Take a deep breathe in and back bending. Nice and forward bending. Right leg back. – Listen, this is pushup position and I ain’t about that life. This is my first time doing yoga and I didn’t even know it was like this. I thought we just had to sit down all day. I can’t do all this. – Look forward. Left leg back. Look forward. – Ow. This instructor is tryin’ to get get to do all these poses that I
ain’t never even seen before. I can’t even touch my toes. – This asana is very good for
stretching your calf muscles. – Say it again, asa- nope, nope, no, no. – And your hamstrings. – But you ain’t say anxiety
so why are we doing it? – There is no anxiety,
you’re at a yoga class. Keep breathing, guys. – Spencer’s doing way better than me. I think he done did this before. – Jay, I think he’s a little distracted. If he focuses a little more, he is gonna improve really well. Look forward.
– That’s good, come on Jay. You got this.
– Nice. – Get rid of that anxiety, Jay. Jay’s really opening up,
I can see it happening. He’s gotta feel free. I feel free, I’m naked. (makes animal call) – Look at my eyes. Anxiety. Anxiety. – Be gone!
– Oh (beep)! – Oh, wow. – You can’t be poppin’ up
things in my face like that ’cause then I might have
to throw them ‘bows. – All right, gentlemen, we’ll finish up with a pranayama, breathing. – Pranayama. – So sit like this,
breathe out by your nose. At the same time, keep the stomach back. Nice, keep it in, keep it in,
keep it in, yes, very good. Come on Jay, work it, work it. And take a deep breathe in. (exhales) I said take a deep breathe in, not relax. And here we finish the naked yoga class. Namaste, gentlemen. – Thank you very much.
– Thank you. – That was a blessing. Don’t you feel healed?
– Yes. – No for real, you feel a little healed. – I actually really do feel better. Today I learned just try new things because you never know what might happen. I would never imagine me doin’ this but I did it and it was fun. – Jay, did you ever question for a second that I wasn’t gonna be
able to heal your anxiety? – Of course I didn’t. I feel so much better. I don’t have any anxiety right now. – You feel you can touch your dreams? – I mean, yeah. (laughing) – Don’t touch your dreams. Outside of here, touch your dreams. – Yeah, I can achieve ’em,
I’m not, I don’t wanna. – Yes.
– Okay. Touch anything right now. – I definitely sent Jay back
to his super stardom life, less anxious, I could feel it. You can put Jay in any situation now butt naked and he can
probably even stretch for you. – I was so free naked, I’m just surprised I ain’t have no gas. I really thought I was gone fart but nothin’ came out so we good. This was fun, I’d do this again. – So are you guys dying to come back to my naked yoga class? – Yes.
– Yes. – Nice. (clapping on body) – Let’s go. – Come back for more asanas. – Okay, let’s just go ’cause
I’ma hit him, I’ma hit him and I don’t want to get
problems with nobody, anxiety’s away. (upbeat music)

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