I feel like President Obama just like that. Right?? Hey guys, welcome back to Beauty Tripping you might notice we’re not in the car and that’s because last week We already filmed an episode here at tikkun holistic skin cares spa it’s a Med Spa and Lily got a ten Step Facial that contoured and got rid of all of her lymph node e things It involves a lot of facial massaging and I was all about it was great Yeah, but we didn’t want you to feel left out and there’s so many things to do here, That you get to do it now Oh my gosh. Not the same thing, but you have a new thing so. Here’s your clip. Okay, Joslyn. Are you ready for some Bruno Mars? Magic Oh, Oh my gosh, do you think they have like a small hat collection inside remember when he used to wear fedoras His name is Peter Hernandez. By the way, did you know that no, I thought was real do you think if I didn’t know no It’s a great name Hello Nikki, we’re back we went outside for like two seconds but now we’re ready for Joslyn’s turn. So today’s Joslyn You’ll be doing our 24 karat gold facial 24 karat I get it. We we actually use real gold. You have gold sheets on your face and I’ll help with firming your skin All those things I’m ready Alright Ladies thank you so much for coming back. We want to move in. Glad to be back. . So right now Joslyn you’re being taken care of by grace and she’s actually a woman that I learned from Amazing the Korean contouring facial and she’s from Korea and what she’s going to do for you is give you a beautiful 24 karat gold facials. Oh This is way better than Bruno Mars. Also Gracie you are beautiful Your skin is amazing even upside down like your skin looks even better now. I see your right side up So right now grace is removing your makeup with a tranquil toner. We want the gold to really get into your skin This is the first part of cleansing just removing all the impurities off makeup Grace, this is amazing She’s like playing an instrument no, literally doesn’t it look like blubuluble with a piano or something Actually, I’m looking at your skin right now and you have really beautiful skin She takes really good. I can tell. I love skin care. So for something like this the gold facial is great. You see an improvement After this facial really with the gold you see like a glow from within coming through your skin Well, this would be good to do like if you are a celebrity before you went on the red carpet Do any celebrities do this? Yes. Can you tell us? Do you know? I think I might get fired So grace, where did you learn to do all this because it feels like you’re just like know So basically she learned in Korea and she brought it to America learning from other people and also Putting in her own technique and her own experience. I couldn’t say that that is true I feel like my head is disconnected from my body what she’s using on you today is all of Karen’s product. Karen is a Korean woman and her products are, All-natural, no chemicals, plant-based. Can you eat them? Yes, you can you can No, just a little taste this actually is rose oil in it the massage cream. Oh, yeah This also is where we did the bee steam but in the santa monica one So like we really could move in because you guys can do so many different things we have a very intimate relationship. Cleanse our body our face our vaginas. Do you want to hold hands with me? I don’t want to hold our hand right now. No, God, don’t touch the get away from me. Oh my gosh grace this is amazing She’s getting in there I feel like things moving around I’m sorry. I wasn’t Yeah, can you get my fingers, but it’s just the peak. Actually. I was like I know how to give a good hand massage unlike you you’re just like poke me until I tell you to stop, but you’re supposed to squeeze the pinky parts I just keep staring at your face grace, and I need to know what you do on a daily basis So, basicly with any good skin Cleansing is really important. So having a really deep cleansing regimen She uses really good serums like vitamin C serum and hyaluronic acid serum Any serum with hyaluronic acid then is it always like the same thing every single day. Okay It’s different. So she basically makes cocktails Oh whatever her skin needs. Not with Alcohol. And the products that she uses are Karen’s because they’re very natural and Sometimes we use an oxygen serum when she’s feeling too hydrated. Okay, so just kind of like gauging what you need in that day Yeah, whats good for that day. Know I’m just like I need everything So right now your face is completely clean don’t look a celebrity. You have such good skin. Anyway, you really do have great skin Thank you, but I’m always trying to find new ways to make it better this 24k gold Oh what is This movement is making the skin step tool for products be drawn in now This is the step right before she’s going to add the 24 karat gold sheets Okay, and this said liposoms serum and liposome is a living plant cell So it’s bringing your skin cells back to life basically now we’re going to do that 24 karat gold and gold in ancient times were used to cure skin diseases skin sores Infections and the reason why people would use gold is because the skin absorbs the gold very easily Oh And so while it’s absorbing it’s drawing out Impurities and toxins in your skin and the result of that is your skin is brighter tighter Created elasticity. Oh wow How do I look Like stay very still cuz I it’ll crack it’s very thin and after she rubs it in you’re gonna see a really nice pinkish tone from all the Circulation and if your skin is really toxic a lot of black Black stuff about black stuff. Yeah blacks. Mm-hmm Basically, what she’s going to do now is apply every hydrating cream mm-hmm and massage it into your Skin, and on top of the gold and the gold is gonna melt and it’s gonna absorb into your pores. Mmm You can see the Cracks in the gold sheet These are all her wrinkles are and gold is very anti-aging so it’s gonna get smooth out the wrinkles Anyway, is it almost like cuz it’s like she doesn’t actually seem to have wrinkles there Is it like that’s like kind of like foreshadowing where they’re gonna be yes, yes And it doesn’t just come right off. Know cuz the skin is absorbing Oh Whole method that grace is saying with this facial. You’ll be very gentle when you rub it in because he’s just like disappearing. Mm-hmm The skin is absorbing the gold right now Did it all absorb its you could see like a little like near you hair and stuff, okay, so now she’s applying a massage cream Oh my gosh, to really set it in there and what she’s doing moving everything around the gold is in your skin now. Mm-hmm You remind me of a dog when it’s like face is squished. I feel like a dog happy dog like dogs are the happiest be that’s grabbing the key points to lift your skin and bring up circulation and that Is how you’re gonna see a different structure and tone your skin after the facial? Now she’s out contour your cheekbones. You see all that Oh wow That’s all the toxins coming out of your skin what What does it mean the darker the color huh? Brown or black out of the gauze that you’re seeing? Yeah
the more that means you’re holding a lot of talks and oh my gosh so How does mine look compared to like I’ve never seen it what it’s supposed to look like. Do I have a lot It’s a little more than normal. Oh no So right now you have more on your right side, which means your right side is more toxic than your left What are the toxins like I mean, it’s a it can be a lot of things your diet It may be stress from your job. It was like she eats really healthy. So it’s probably not that, but we do get stressed Yeah, you still have gold on your lips. Actually. Oh, really. You can eat it Okay, so grace is customizing your facial right now and she’s applying a oxygen serum and Basically what this is doing is bringing up skin cells up to the surface it’s bring up more lights and brightness like more blood flow Like, more blood flow. Oh Like it I like it I’ve never felt so this is called a lifting machine and it’s LED light and lifting machine? and right now we’re on infrared mode. Okay, and this also has a vibration Yeah radio frequency vibration and basically it’s putting in all the products your skin deep into your dermis It’s lifting and toning your muscles Infrared light is very healing. It feels like confusing but I like it. Okay, so now she’s coloring Changing the light of the color. Oh. Grace is saying that green light means brightening. Okay. This is like very, it feels a really interesting Is this one vibrating too Yeah, it’s kind of like almost like a little (sloshing noise) your muscles are twitching right? Yeah, it’s exercising your muscles right now She’s gonna apply this gold 24 karat gold serum and then the gold mask Did it feel like just like frosting you like a cake. Yeah are like putting like Elmer’s glue you know, like how did you reuse those sticks in elementary school to put glue on stuff and Grace also mentioned before she applied that it’s still. This mask still is drawing up Impurities Wow. So now grace is applying a collagen rubber mask over the gold mask So we’re just putting up her on the neck. Yes I say we as if I’m help out. and this this motion right here is creating a lift along the jawline You comfy? mm-hmm. A few moments later (Angelic Music) Oh, my god I hate you Hello, Have you seen your own face, Wow aww, so beautiful. Grace Oh my gosh, you’re so sweet, you really do look luminous – you know. It’s insane. Not thanks to me Thanks to you guys. It’s my gosh She’s just now applying some toner with those fingers. My goodness Okay, now she’s applying the 24 karat gold Serum ooh can we get a good shot of that too Look, it’s like gold things in it. There’s gold flakes and the serum Wow guys Look how cool that is. She needs a little more of that, Sorry I’m just assisting Yes, can you see the gold flakes? Just floating on her skin? Do those get absorbed as well. Yeah, they melt into your skin What if she just like slap me real quick I would let her. So she’s only applying a pea-sized amount Of the cell regeneration creams from Karen’s product And that’s gonna seal in all the Serums the moisture that we put into your skin the last step She’s gonna do is the rehydrating cream, which is a continuous moisture giving lotion these little slaps, just feel amazing The reason for the slaps this motion is to really penetrate the product deep into your skin. I love it So she’s finishing off with some SPF 50, but this Sunscreen, has tint in it? It’s a little bit of coverage Oh Literally that’s probably all you need I am fine that I like doing skincare cuz I also don’t like wearing makeup but like our job doesn’t really work with that concert Probably can’t move from here like ever so it’s fine because we’re moving in. Um Wow Right now is like us processing we just finished two episodes If you didn’t see last week’s go watch it cuz it was at the same place I just feel like that was an outer-body experience. I want to see what else they have. I kind of want to just keep going there Yeah, if you guys are out there watching and you’re like you have to try this Korean beauty routine regiment trip Let us know in the comments. Anything. We’re here for it. Anything to get back to tikkun and our best friends. We’re down for So thanks for watching keeping us employed so we can rock that like cool body suits. I Don’t know I can’t speak speak anymore. I feel entransed The episode is gonna be over right now. But first subscribe because. Please, will be here all the time If we hit 4 million, I might have twins. It’s true. It’s, I’ll be so excited. Yeah anyway. That’s not happening, Bye You guys thanks so much for watching this clever style video, but guess what We have so many and you can click right over here to see a brand new video that I know you’re gonna love subscribe

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