13 thoughts on “Trying YouTubers’ Favorite Foods! (Cheat Day)”

  1. why is everyone talking about save the turtles etc like I agree but there are so many other animals out there at this point people buy metal straws to be trendy

  2. Jeffrey’s food is wrong it’s a chicken quesadilla with cinnamonbun Delights and a Baja blast fake fans 😶

  3. Um wait, that's not Jeffree's favorite thing from taco bell, yes the drink but tacos no!!! He always gets a plain cheese quesadilla!! Like come on everyone knows that if you actuslly watch jeffree!!

  4. It kinda sucks being from the southeast (Georgia) and not liking barbecue or pecans….I'm so picky it's not even funny…( I get made fun of because it's pe-con and not pe-can….a pe-can is a can you pee in)

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