Marten: Hey guys, Marten here from Mattress
Clarity. Today, I’m reviewing the Tuft & Needle mattress
topper. Here at Mattress Clarity, we’re a big fan
of the Tuft & Needle mattress. I was really excited to try this topper out
for myself. I want to talk about the design, my experience
with it and who it’s good fit for and who it’s not a good fit for. But now, let’s get to the topper. [music] I want to start off by talking about the construction,
the design of the Tuft & Needle mattress topper. I also want to say if you want to see list
of my top picks for mattress toppers, google “Mattress Clarity best mattress topper.” With the Tuft & Needle here, starting with
the cover, it has this soft polyester blend cover. It’s really soft in the touch. It has kind of a sweatshirt quality to it,
also very breathable as well. Now moving inside, you have two inches of
a responsive foam. This responsive foam is open-cells, quite
breathable. It’s also — you see me pushing into it — very,
very soft but also very responsive as the name suggests, so bounces back into place
very, very quickly. On the bottom here, we have silicone beads. The silicone beads are going to keep the topper
from shifting around too much on the top of the mattress. This is a big issue with mattress toppers. Last but not the least, in terms of size options,
you have Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King. Now, I want to talk about my experience with
the Tuft & Needle mattress topper. First off, taking it out of the box, people
want to know, is it going to have that chemical smell and how fast is it going to expand? How quickly can you use it? With the Tuft & Needle here, we didn’t get
any of that chemical off-gassing. None of that chemical smell and it expanded
right away. I used it that night. In terms of firmness, I put this topper on
top of a mattress that was close to an 8 out of 10. It brought it down to a 7 or 6.5. So a point and a half, quite a soft topper. In terms of sleeping positions on my back,
some extra contouring. I feel it press up into my lumbar area. Very, very nice for back sleeping. On my side, a big issue I have with foam toppers
is — especially soft ones — I drop right through them. This is very responsive. I don’t drop right through this topper. Feel some nice pressure relief on my shoulders
and my hips. However on my stomach, it is soft in the mattress. I am bowing at the hips somewhat but usually
if you’re stomach sleeper, I wouldn’t recommend a soft mattress topper anyway. In terms of feel, it has this very responsive
foam feel. I pushed my hand in, really easy to push it
in. Quite soft but bounces back into place very,
very quickly. So easy to move around on top of this topper. Last but not the least, a lot of people want
to know with warmth. It is going to actually make your mattress
sleep hotter or cooler. I can say this isn’t having you sleep hotter
but it’s definitely not having sleep cooler either. So kind of a neutral topper. It’s breathable so it’s not trapping too much
heat overall. Let’s talk about the pros. Who I think this topper might be a good fit
for? First off, I think it’s a great match for
back sleepers. Lying on your back, you should feel some nice
contouring, feel the foam press up into your lumbar area, your hips sink in the right amount. It’s very, very nice for back sleeping. It’s also a great match for side sleepers
as well. Again as a heavier person, a lot of times
I drop through a topper and I feel the firmness beneath that. But you shouldn’t have that issues with the
Tuft & Needle so really nice extra pressure relief on your shoulders and your hips, softens
the mattress up quite a bit. Last but not the least, I think if you want
a foam mattress topper that is not going to have you get trapped in it, it’s not going
to have you sleep hot, you should definitely check this out. It’s responsive so you get that foam feel
but it’s also easy to move around and it shouldn’t trap too much heat as well. Let’s talk about the cons. Who I think this topper may not be the best
fit for? First off, I think if you’re a stomach sleeper,
it’s probably not the topper for you. It’s a softer mattress topper and usually
if you sleep primarily on your stomach, you don’t want to soften your mattress too much. You might not get enough support on your hips. You could bow in there, get out of alignment. Also, if you like that quicksand, slow-moving
memory foam feel with your topper, I would also look elsewhere. This has more of a responsive balanced foam
feel so if it’s something you’re looking for probably not the best pick. Last but not least, it’s $150 for a Queen-size. Very good feel for what you’re getting, but
if you want something more affordable, there are definitely options out there for you. In the end, I think the Tuft & Needle mattress
topper is a great match for back sleepers, side sleepers and those who want a foam topper
but worried about getting stuck or sleeping hot. What’s also great is it comes with free shipping
and returns, a 100-night sleep trial and three-year warranty. That’s about it. If you’re just getting started looking for
a top or other mattress products, definitely check out We do a lot of videos just like this so definitely

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  1. What topper would you recommend to add more support to a 2 yr old Nest foam mattress? I am mostly a stomach sleeper and this mattress has softened up too much. I read your post on mattress toppers and was curious about the Avocado firm topper but it’s a price one. Any other recs?

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