Begin by feeling the body, neck and head Made a unique piece with core wool I wrapped the core wool tight in stick Make the body bigger than neck The part reserved for the neck will need less wool than the rest And a little bit more for the head Poke the needle a few times to keep the wool in the right position Remove the stick and poke to make the giraffe’s shape Body Neck And head Make 4 cylinders with filler wool for the legs Attach the legs to the giraffe as shown Cover all with light yellow wool Make the tail and attach as shown Like the video, comment and subscribe!
It really supports my channel! Make the ears and attach Make the horns and attach Apply nose details with fine needle Apply two very small balls for the eyes Apply the darker spots superficially with a fine needle Apply small wicks for the mane by poking the needle in the center of each wick Repeat the process to the top of the head, always with small wicks Cut off excess wool Felt lightly if necessary Thanks for watching!

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