– Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Blake from Doctors Adolph and
Kalkstein Chiropractic. In today’s video, we’re gonna show you two different adjustments for knee pain. (mellow music) Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Blake from Doctors Adolph and
Kalkstein Chiropractic, your neck and back pain,
and knee specialist, and we’re gonna show you two
adjustments for knee pain. If you guys are doing my
videos from Wednesday, my exercises, I’m still doing
those, I’m so sore from those. Which is a good thing, that
means I need focus on it more. So when we look at the knee, we’ve got one bone that comes up top, one bone that comes underneath, and then your kneecap sits in the middle. The way the knee works is really cool. It actually has a locking mechanism. So your knee doesn’t just bend like this. What happens is it’s
gotta rotate a little bit, and then it can open up and close down. And sometimes what happens is that, the alignment of the knee
kinda gets off a little bit, and so when it opens,
it has trouble opening, or when it opens, the patella glides, you know the patella sits
in this groove right here, and sometimes it will glide
on one side or the other side, and you’ll get this pain
underneath your knee cap. Well, I’m gonna show you an adjustment to help with that alignment. So, I’ve assessed Johnathan. You guys remember Johnathan, you guys can’t forget Johnathan. I’ve assessed him
before, so I already know exactly what side I’m going to adjust. What I’m doing here is
I’m bending his knee and I’m feeling for that tibial plateau. So the bone underneath is the tibia, this part of the bone
is the tibial plateau. So I’m feeling, my fingers are
going here, and I’m feeling where that ridge is. Good, Johnathan, you’re gonna
feel a little bit of pressure in your knee. Good. So what I’m doing is I’m
just getting that knee back into alignment a little bit. The next adjustment, roll
on your back for me, okay. – [Johnathan] Yep. – So that’s a really powerful adjustment. Three, four, five, six visits, we can help people with
a lot of knee pain. There you go. Now the next knee joint
we want to adjust is, we’ve talked about the
femur and the tibia, now we need to talk about
the tibia and the fibula, and there’s a little joint right here where the fibula attaches to the tibia. A lot of times, you get
this lateral knee pain, it’s right here, and it’s
not up in the knee joint but it’s down below,
and it comes this way. So, one of the ways we adjust that is, sometimes that joint will
get stuck posteriorly, or backwards, and so we
need to bring it back into an anterior alignment. So what we’ll do is, let
this loose Johnathan here. I’m blocking that joint back through here, and I’m applying some motion anteriorly and posterior at the same time, and just getting a little
bit of, pop like that. So, just those two simple knee adjustments can have tremendous effect
on the knee alignment, the patella alignment. Combine that with the exercises
we showed you on Wednesday, and we can have knee pain decreased in a very short amount of time, and get you start doing some eccentric and concentric
exercises, to strengthen that area. So if you guys have any
questions about knee pain, drop a comment below, and we’ll
see you guys next week, bye. – Oh, hey there. – What’s up. – It’s Doctor Blake. – It’s Johnathan. – Ashley. – And we’re here to talk
about the Fast Start program. You guys, next month, a
month and a half from now, April 12th is when we’re
opening up the doors for Fast Start again. If you guys missed your opportunity, and you’re looking ready to
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like hit training, or any other advanced programs
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program and a pro version. Everyone’s gonna get the same program. The base program has a PDF,
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open up for Fast Start.

6 thoughts on “Two Adjustments for Knee Pain”

  1. How many rooms do they have in there!? It's like they got one for every possible mood the patient is in that particular day lol.

  2. BEEN WAITING FOR A KNEE PAIN VIDEO!!!!! My chiro said that I twisted my knee and he told me just to ice it lol. My knee hurts like every other day and I can't bend my knee for long periods of time or sometimes at all lol.

  3. Dr Blake, first of all I’m a huge fan of your work! Your videos are awesome and I’ve been subbed since 4k subscribers! Lol

    Secondly, I fell in January and since then I’ve been having really back back pain and pain in my lower right abdomen. I’ve gone to the hospital 5 times in the last month because of pain and the ER Drs can’t find anything wrong with me. I’ve had CT scans, MRIs, ultra sounds, and X-rays and they don’t see anything wrong.
    But I’m in extremely bad pain! 🙁
    Please help me DR Blake!
    I live in Los Angeles, CA but I’m willing to travel to get treated by you!

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