Today we are going to be talking about back pain. And the two types of back pain that you may
actually have. Now the first one is called postural pain
the second one is dysfunctional movement. Postural pain tends to be caused by sitting
down at a desk too much, or you are crossing your legs over or even if you have a wallet
and you’re sitting on your wallet, that also creates a postural problem as well. So if you are suffering from back pain when
you sit down for long periods of time, that’s a pastoral back pain. Now the other one is dysfunctional movement
back pain, which means that even though you’ve got great posture it tends to be sore when
you’re actually playing some sort of sport of you’re running or if you’re doing stuff
so it’s based on movement, like for example you’re going down to pick something up you
pain goes through your back, that tends to be you’re putting pressure on your lower
back that squeezes the disc out the back which basically pinches a nerve. The other one is when your lower back is arched
and if it’s too much arched and you run then it puts pressure on your lower back the whole
time so if you run and you get back pain then that’s a dysfunctional movement back pain
and there’s two different types of exercises and stretches that you can do to be able to
alleviate both of those types of back pain. The next time we come back together, we’re
going to go through a bunch of exercises and as well as flexibility ones that you can do
to not only alleviate your back pain it may even make it disappear. So thanks for watching.

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