Hello and welcome to FridgeCam. If you put food in your mouth then this is the show for you.
-In the fridge today, our mate, Joe Wicks, The Body Coach,
comes to play. I thought that was Russell Brand. I bet he’s never heard
that one before. And Jamie chooses to challenge Joe
to an Ultimate Food versus Fitness Workout. But first… Joes’ going to be here in 45
minutes and it’s cheat day. Right boys, you know I love to work out
but I also love a big dirty cheat day. So every now and again I like
to (inaudible) and if I do, my favourite thing to go
for is a big juicy burger. So, I’ve got a little challenge for you.
I’m coming down to meet you boys. Can you make me the biggest
ultimate cheat day burger, and I’m begging you, please
put some cheese on it. I’ll see you soon,
do not let me down. Can you believe it’s taken us ‘til today
to make the perfect cheeseburger? It’s taken Joe’s request.
Yeah I can believe it. To get us here.
This is unbelievable. It starts with a patty which
is a combination of beef mince and ribeye steak. And the ribeye we have frozen for
about an hour so it’s nice and cold. We’re going to chop it up and
blitz it up with beef dripping. Then you place the beef dripping
and ribeye combined by hand with the beef mince, salt and
pepper and form our patties. To cook our patties,
you want a searingly hot pan, about a tablespoon of oil and then cook the patties for
a couple of minutes on either side. It’s got to be hot ‘cause you want lots
of colour before it’s cooked through. Last couple of minutes
add some cheese on top and a lid to melt the cheese.
Joe has asked for strong cheddar. Now, Joe is only human,
he needs bacon on his burger. And we’re going for some
streaky ass bacon. Get it on a tray, into an oven, 200 degrees until it dries out
and it’s lovely and crispy. Isn’t it back bacon,
not ass bacon? Ass bacon. Now if you’ve ever wondered
why Joe’s hair is always so curly, it’s because he likes
his burger sauce with some added barbeque sauce in it,
rather than American mustard. We’re going to mix it up
with mayo and ketchup and when you get past the bit
where it looks disgusting, it’s going to be incredible. Now onto the fresh stuff. We’ve got lettuce, going
to chop up some tomatoes. We’ll chop some onion rings and
then blanch them in boiling water just to take the edge off
so they’re not so oiniony. And finally, onto our brioche bun. Halve it, we’ve wiped the grease
out of our pan and we’re going to toast it
on either side. Not on either side, on one side. But both sides. Both of either side. And then it’s time to construct. And there we go, the perfect
cheeseburger, sorted. Now we’ve seen it in the sexies, but now let’s bring
in the man himself. Joe? Come on. That is an impressive
looking burger, boys. You know me well. If I’m having a cheat day,
I go straight for the burger. Oh my God, look at the state of that.
Is it a double patty? Yeah. You monsters, you’re trying
make me fat, The Fatty Coach. Wow. See, I don’t know how
you get a burger so juicy. Whenever I make a homemade burger
it’s like that patty’s a bit dry. Oh boys, that is the nuts, mate. But I can’t eat that
unless I work out, so, what’s going on?
We going to do a workout? I think I’m ready. So, according to the guys,
I have been randomly selected to take part in this challenge. Now, Joe, you are famous for high
intensity interval training? That’s it. Guilty. And today we’re going to be doing High
Intensity Interval Cooking Under Pressure. – HIICUP? Explain, what is it?
– HIICUP. Basically, we are going to
be cooking something up at the same time as doing a workout.
And we’re going to switch places. Right, so 45 seconds of exercise,
45 seconds of cooking, back-to-back and you’ve got
to cook a lean meal in the same time it takes me to do
the 45 seconds of working out? – Exactly.
– Right, who’s going to cook first? I’ll cook first and I’ll follow your exercise. Okay?
What are we cooking? So, it’s called chicken
and pineapple fried rice. It’s from my new book,
‘Lean in 15 The Sustain Plan.’ Three, two one. Go. So, what you doing
first then, Jamie? I’m going to be finely slicing some
spring onions and some ginger. Alright, so I’m doing the high
knees on the spot, 45 seconds, and we want to get our heart rate
up so when you come round here – I want to see you working.
– Yeah. – No slacking.
– No. – Switch. Switch.
– Go. Go. I’m going to slice the chicken, so… Awesome, surprisingly
bouncy on his toes. You’re going to throw some coconut
oil in the pan and get this cooking. Right, five seconds. Come on, knees up, knees
up, knees up, knees up. Right, switch. So, mountain climbers. – Balance.
– Not good. – They’re in.
– Stir-fry, baby. – Get the chicken in?
– Chicken’s going in. And switch. – Is it that?
– Yeah. Again, so bouncy. Faster than that, mate. Kick your legs. We’re going to throw the rice in,
get the spring onions in, spring greens. Keep going, mate. Alright. So, just check
that chicken’s done. Next up my favourite of all time,
the burpees. You’ve got the spring greens.
You go down to the ground, and up. Chest to the ground, every
time, hands above the head. I am going to shred
some spring greens. Mind your fingers. Mind them, I can’t
really see my fingers. I’ll put them on top instead. Right, make sure he does
proper burpees. Chest to the ground. No, you’ve got to hit, chest hits the ground.
Chest to the ground. No. Chest to the ground. You belly flopped to that one. Right, so, got the greens in there. I’ve got some brown rice, pre-cooked stuff,
straight in the pan. Aah. Alright, come on Jamie,
keep going, bruv. Alright so, next up we’re going to do
is a squat jump into lunge, okay? I feel like this is going to really
get out, the squat, – lunge, lunge, squat.
– Right. – That’s like proper choreography.
– 2 tablespoons of water. – No, that’s in.
– I’ve done that. Got a bit of soy? Squat, lunge, lunge. Give it a (inaudible). – You’ve got five more minutes.
– No. – Look what I’m doing, Jamie.
– Lord. – Go. Come on Jamie.
– Oh, that burns your legs that one. Do a lunge, a lunge,
then a squat. That’s it. Elegant. We started this together,
we finish it together. – Unfit.
– Okay, you’ve got three seconds now. – One more, one more, one more.
– Come on, Jamie. – That’ll do. That’ll do.
– Yay. Well done. A little bit of coriander. You can put
the final bit of coriander on the top. Look at that, you got
a little sweat on? And that’s it, Lean In 15, Chicken and Pineapple
Fried Rice. Post workout. We earn it or what? I think we earned that.
I’m wheezy. Get this man an inhaler. He got bluey.
He’s team wheezy, mate. Get the old bluey out. I don’t know why the other
three have come in ‘cause I think we’re the only
ones that earned some food. How dare they get near
our post workout meal. We followed out nose.
It smells great. You know, that’s the sort of thing,
when you get in from the gym, 15 minutes and it’s in your belly.
You ain’t got to mess about. And that is a really good post
workout meal. Protein, carbs. – It’s really fresh.
– I can taste the sweat. – Yeah?
– Yeah, mainly yours. I’m just waiting for you. Although my body doesn’t
feel like it at the moment, my brain says I should say thank you
for the last few minutes. I actually did enjoy myself, even though my sweat and
face doesn’t really show it. You’ve done well, mate. Listen, I thought you were
going to have a heart attack. But you’re alive, I didn’t have
to call the paramedics. – No.
– And you look great. And I probably should do
more of those hip workouts, which is why I’m going to go to Joe’s
YouTube channel, The Body Coach TV. But also, it’s all over Instagram and Twitter.
There’s workouts everywhere. I need to do more of them
and you probably should too. – That was great.
– Yeah. Such a beautiful man. Great body as well. It really makes you question
your life choices when you stand next to him,
doesn’t it? Yeah, and if you want the recipe
to our dirty burger, which I’m now sure if I want at all,
actually I could (inaudible) at all, and that’s down below,
check that out. Also, go look at all of Joe’s stuff,
he’s, again… He’s quality. … he’s beautiful. Well, that fridge
covered everything. It had a P.E. lesson that Jamie
actually turned up to. And now we’re about to dive into the same
world of pain that Jamie just did as we attempt the same challenge. Join us on the AfterTaste. – I don’t want to do this bit.
– Link in the description. It’s going to hurt. – Are you okay?
– Anyone got a defibrillator? Are you okay? – You did really well.
– Oh, do we have to get changed now? – I’m impressed.
– Did I do alright? – You did brilliantly.
– Yeah? Well, we’re now going to go and get changed
and attempt to do the same thing. Role reversal.

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