0:07 Dr. Jacobs- Alexandria tell me what is
going on. Patient- I have got chronic pain in my jaw
and it’s just probably a 6 or 7 out of 10. Can not open my mouth and have a lot of throbbing.
0:22 Dr. Jacobs- So you said you have some ear symptoms. What kind of symptoms do you
have in your ears? Patient- Sensitivity to sound.
Dr. Jacobs- Okay, how long has this been going on?
Patient- 8 weeks Dr. Jacobs- 8 weeks, okay would you show me
where you feel the pain right now. Patient- Inside my ear and down along my jaw.
0:44 Dr. Jacobs- And is it constant pain or just comes and goes?
Patient- Comes and goes. Dr. Jacobs- Okay so what happened this last
weekend? Patient- It just got to the point where the
pain was being more excruciating. 0:57 Dr. Jacobs- Alright so let’s actually
take your range of motion of first. So sit nice and tall. So lets lie on your
back. So everything should be pain free if you feel any pain with what I am doing, make
sure you let me know okay? Patient- Okay
1:34 Dr. Jacobs- So tender here? Patient- Yeah
Dr. Jacobs- Yup that is very painful. Tender here
Patient- Yeah Dr. Jacobs- And you said your pain level is
7 out of 10? Patient- Mhmm
Dr. Jacobs- What kind of pain is it? Sharp, dull, aching?
Patient- Sharp Dr. Jacobs- Sharp pain, and you feel it like
right here? Patient: Yeah
Dr. Jacobs: Is it okay if I mess up your makeup? Patient: Yeah
Dr. Jacobs: So you said you are clenching your teeth at night?
Patient: Yes Dr. Jacobs: Do you wear a night guard?
Patient: Um, I did but it does not quite fit
Dr. Jacobs: Is it okay to work inside your mouth?
Patient: Yeah Dr. Jacobs: Is it painful what I am doing?
Patient: A little bit, it’s not that bad though
Dr. Jacobs: Do you feel the tightness here? It should move like this. It’s really tight.
Have you ever had any head trauma before? Patient: Nope
Dr. Jacobs: Sports injuries? Patient: Nope
Dr. Jacobs: Okay thumbs up if you feel any pain, okay?
Patient: Okay Dr. Jacobs: Okay, open your mouth. Close.
Okay, don’t bite me okay? It feels very sensitive right here. Let me try the other
side. So this side is not as bad. Okay, remember the scar tissue I was telling you about?
3:53 Patient: Mhm Dr. Jacobs: Okay, you are going to feel it
here. Scoot towards me. And let me know if you feel any pain. So it looks like a hammer
but it’s not a hammer okay? Patient: Okay
Dr. Jacobs: You feel that? Patient: Yeah
Dr. Jacobs: Is it painful or is it okay? Patient: It’s a little painful
Dr. Jacobs: Okay, how about this? Patient: No
Dr. Jacobs: Okay. Is it painful or is it okay? Patient: It’s okay. Oh, that’s painful
Dr. Jacobs: So you are very sensitive in this area. Do you get a lot of headaches?
Patient: I don’t really notice a lot of headaches, just a lot of pain
Dr. Jacobs: And from what I am doing here? Patient: yeah, just-
Dr. Jacobs: Okay. Tender here? Patient: Mhm
Dr. Jacobs: Push my hand here with your head? And how does this feel?
Patient: Better Dr. Jacobs: Okay, tender here?
Patient: Yeah Dr. Jacobs: Push my hand here. And how does
it feel? Patient: Better
Dr. Jacobs: You feel those knots? Push your shoulders towards me. Stretch, stretch, stretch,
stretch, and relax. Let’s do it again. And relax. How does this feel?
Patient: Better Dr. Jacobs: Is it tender here?
5:59 Patient: Yeah Dr. Jacobs: Okay, tuck your chin. And relax.
Tuck your chin. And relax your neck.How does it feel now?
Patient: Better Dr. Jacobs: Tender here?
Patient: Not really. Dr. Jacobs: Here?
Patient: Yeah Dr. Jacobs: Okay, push my hand here, and relax
again. How does it feel now? Patient: Better
Dr. Jacobs: Okay, tender here? More on the left or right?
Patient: More on the left? Dr. Jacobs: Okay, how does it feel now?
Patient: It’s still a little tender on the left side
Dr. Jacobs: Okay, do you feel it here? Patient: Yeah
Dr. Jacobs: Let me know if it�s too much Patient: Okay
7:42 Dr. Jacobs: You are going to feel cold, okay?
Patient: Okay Dr. Jacobs: Is that too much or is it okay?
Patient: It’s okay Dr. Jacobs: Do you feel any pain by your eye?
The left one? Patient: No
Dr. Jacobs: How is this feeling now? Patient: Better
Dr. Jacobs: Okay, sit up for me. Light headed? Patient: A little bit
Dr. Jacobs: Okay, so I want you to open your jaw, and tell me how do you feel?
Patient: A lot better Dr. Jacobs: Mhm, so let’s look at the camera.
So it was two and a half before, and wow that is a three and a half. How is that? Any pain
or discomfort? Patient: Still just like right there, on my
inside Dr. Jacobs: Inside of your ear
Patient: Yeah Dr. Jacobs: But you are able to open wider?
Patient: Mhm Dr. Jacobs: Okay, do you feel it right inside
here, or right inside here? Patient: Right in there
Dr. Jacobs: Okay, let’s lie on your back Patient: Oh, that’s amazing
9:30 Dr. Jacobs: Yeah, you are feeling better, that is our goal. Okay, let me know if you
feel any discomfort okay? So, is that your normally how you open your jaw, or wider?
Because the norm is three and a half to four and a half. Now, you are at three and a half.
You feel you can open wider, and know that your norm is wider?
Patient: I can, yeah I usually open wider, but-
Dr. Jacobs: So, lets see if we can get you there. Sorry
Patient: It’s okay Dr. Jacobs: Okay, sit up. Okay, so lets open
again. Okay, how is that? You are four. Okay, how is that?
Patient: Better Dr. Jacobs: Do you feel tightness or is it
gone? Patient: It’s still a little tight but-
Dr. Jacobs: Mhm, how is your pain now? Patient: It is just a little sore right there
Dr. Jacobs: Just on that spot, and not the whole thing?
Patient: No Dr. Jacobs: Just that spot, how much soreness
would you rate to 10? Patient: I would say a four or five
Dr. Jacobs: Four or five, just in that spot? Patient: Yeah
Dr. Jacobs: Okay, drink some more water. What about the fullness in the ear?
Patient: Yeah, I don’t feel anything Dr. Jacobs: That’s gone? That’s beautiful.
Okay, is it okay to work inside your ear? Patient: Yup
Dr. Jacobs: Lie on your back. I am going to put my fingers, not really, it’s just
one finger. Patient: Okay
Dr. Jacobs: Not all of them. Okay, is that too much?
Patient: No Dr. Jacobs: Okay, sit up for me. Okay, how
does that feel? Light headed again, or you are fine?
Patient: Yeah I am okay Dr. Jacobs: So open. How is that?
Patient: A lot better Dr. Jacobs: Mhm, is it gone or do you still
feel it? Patient: It’s still there
Dr. Jacobs: Mhm, how much? Patient: It’s not as bad
Dr. Jacobs: Zero to ten? 12:23 Patient: Probably like a three
Dr. Jacobs: Oh my god, in the same spot? Patient: Yeah, just that right inner spot
right there Dr. Jacobs: Okay. Oh, you feel that tightness
here. I am not surprised with all this tightness with clenching and grinding, it’s very difficult
to have all the symptoms. Let me know if it�s too much. Okay, sit up for me. Okay, I want
you to open and close and tell how that feels. How is that? Still feel sore, or is it gone?
Patient: It’s still sore, but it’s better than it was a minute ago
Dr. Jacobs: How much from zero to ten? Patient: Probably a two
Dr. Jacobs: Okay, but nothing in here? Do you feel like you are opening your normal?
Or still half? Patient: No, I feel like I am opening my
normal now Dr. Jacobs: Okay, so we started with two and
halves in the ear, lets check now. Okay, close. Open again. Okay, alright, awesome. Thank
you so much Patient: Thank you

58 thoughts on “Unbelievable Treatment Chronic TMJ/Jaw Pain! (THIS WORKS!!)”

  1. I have had chronic popping and pressure in the my ears for years, some times it's a tingling or itchy sensation as well. I have pulled on my ear lobe and on the skin just under my ears for years as it temporarily relieves the pressure and pain, but now it doesn't work for one ear ( my left). I have had a history of chronic sinusitis, and also I've noticed over the past couple years a slight increase of a kind of facial tiredness. I've also always felt tight in the jaw. Now I've seen ENT's and one thought it was sinus related, another said eustachian tube, I've been given several steroids and they make me feel worse. One kind of gives me a….I don't know how best to describe it other than an itchy unsettling sensation in my forehead (sounds dumb). I'm wondering if maybe it's all TMJ related. The ENT's don't think so because I don't feel sharp pain, its more dull and a kind of tightness in the corners of jaw. I would love your thoughts.
    Thank you!

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    I think my jaw get little bit damaged. My lower teeth displaced back from its original position.
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  4. Hi doc. I think I might also have TMJ, But I have it now for probably more than a year. But lately I can barely open my mouth to eat or yawn. I'm also sensitive to sound. And It's only on my left side. I think I might be a jaw biter. I do it sometimes when I watch tv, work, etc. Some mornings my jaw is very painful. I just wish there was a way to do it myself. I don't have medical aid. And i think the dr that specializes in the jaw skeletal is a bit expensive. I just thought it might have been Osteoporosis that started in my jaw. I have never broken a bone in my body. Only cracked my skull when I was 4-5 years old. I'm 36yrs old now. I hate the clicking and popping the jaw makes. And I've even started using it as a BBQ trick. The whole jaw clicking and people feeling it… grosses them out. lol. But the pain is unbearable. If you have any ideas that might help me I'd appreciate it.

  5. Doc, I don't know how you do what you do but it's amazing. I've had TMJ with only 24/7 jaw aches and pressure head ache. The pain is 24/7. There are no specialist near me in Canada so I'm at a loss as what to do.

  6. Hello sir, my name is Spencer and I’m a senior in high school. For about two years I’ve had TMJ and I started it by pushing my mandible outward and then sliding it to the right which caused a snap sound and after doing that movement about 6 times over the course of a month, the 6th time doing it resulted in immediate tinnitus and I have had bad poster in the past when using my computer. Other problems have developed through time. Is there a doctor who does ASTR in Washington preferably near Olympia who is as skilled as you in ASTR? Chiro, phys therapist, ENT doctor, and main doctor have not gotten me anywhere for the most part. Id appreciate your thoughts. Thanks.

  7. Do you know of any PT specialize that I can see In the Richmond, Va area that can preform the ASTR for my TMJ pain. Thanks

  8. I have Jaw Pain, Jaw Popping, Blurry Vision, Dizziness, and Neck Pain. I've been to ENT's, VNT's, had MRI's and CT Scans and they all came back negative. Could it be TMD? and what can I do to fix it? I was going to the Chiropractor and it helped my posture but my jaw still pains me and dizziness

  9. The tension and pain is at my bottom jaw, not in my face or ear and I'm limited in how much I open my mouth. Most of the videos talk about more tenderness in the face. Two weeks ago, I did have excruciating pain in my face , that went away and four days ago, I woke up, coudn't turn my head to the right, then the limited jaw motion and pain hit. Will something like this work for me?

  10. Hello doctor,
    Can it be used for JRA jaw distortion? Any recommendations in Greece, specifically Thessaloniki ?
    Thank you!

  11. i have questions doc..my lower jaw isn't in the right posisi, , my lower jaw more goes to the right and make my face not simetris, , make my right chick so big than the left chick, when i open my mouth i can hear "kluk" sound, , what should i do to fix this doc

  12. After removing my upper teeth in left side. When I open my mouth I feel jaw pain in left side… How to cure this problem sir

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  14. Dr. Joseph…I’ve always had TMJ problems. A recent injury to my face has made it intolerable now. I have very little pain but a very very tight feeling in my jaw. Horribly uncomfortable. And I feel as though my mouth is closing too much. Because I have no pain but am still very uncomfortable I was wondering about suggestions. I can’t continue feeling like this.

  15. Hello doc, I experienced very bad neck pain the past few days and lately I couldn't eat well because my right jaw is clicking and feels pressured. The worst part its very very painful and made me hard to chew my food properly especially chicken, burgers, rice…more to hard & solid foods. May I ask if that could be TMJ or TMD? What kind of treament should I get? Thanks a lot.

  16. I can't open my mouth widely or eat even little spicy things. And when I yawn it hurt so much.. am dying of this pain it's been 2yrs with this pain please give me a suggestion

  17. POSTED BY GAZELLE: Locked out on left side for 32 years; manageable until recently. Better than some of the video's I've seen with a lot of pushing; suggesting people do on their own. Unfortunately I couldn't really see what you were doing, and the sound was very low; close captioning not catching much of what was being said. What are the white discs being used? Do you do at home instruction for muscle work, P.T. routines? Mine no longer seems to be working very well. Video definitely caught my interest after more different kinds of treatments than I can count. I finally got some relief after sevaral years seeing an internationally renowned TMJ Specialist, expensive; but not nearly as expensive as the amount spent of TMJ Specialists who gave up on me and said surgery was the only way I would get any relief. Working with this Specialist, eventually speaking at seminars at OHSU to Dentists working in treating TMJ, and those interested in learning about treating it, I learned a lot. I also met a lot of people who had surgery, only to find themselves with problems again after some Initial relief. I don't know that there is a cure for the extent of my problem; it's more about balance, and ongoing care. But am still looking for new things that will improve the situation. This looks like a possibility? I am living on the other side of the country, but maybe there is someone in my area. Will check your provider list, and other videos mentioned in Reply's below. Very nice that you actually Reply to people's questions. Namaste. *Gazelle.

  18. Hi Dr Joseph…This is John..I'm from India.. It's probably very tough for me to come there to have a consultation. I have been suffering from TMJ for the past 6 years. I had been consulting my dentist here, he given me splints, which provides some relief. But clicking, popping is still there for 6 years. Recently Jaw opening movement also getting reduced. I can't open my mouth widely. Also the most scariest thing is I can move my jaw to my left side but can't move the same to right side. I can't move my the jaw to the front. Only very few times I can move the jaw to the front, but not fully and it hurts very much. Very much worried. I wearing the splints in night regularly for the past 4 years but feels no way near to the resolution. Please give me some pointers. The most scariest thing now is thinking of a surgery for the same. Please teach some simple exercise which will ease the jaw movement and most importantly to avoid surgery.

  19. Hi Dr Jacob. Is this suitable for a jaw that doesn't open as before? It's a post zygomatic maxillo reconstruction surgery and also a dislocated jaw that was put back to place.

  20. Hello Dr. I wanted to say that i had a problem of moth opening… As i could only able to open around 13 mm of mouth.. After some tests cbct. It had found that it was osteochondroma due to which i went through a surgery a week ago.. But still the mouth opening is 24 mm. I have been suggested to do exercise with jaw opener which is very very painful… Do this problem have any other solution

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  23. doctor, i think i had the same problem. i can:t chewing things the same as before. what do i do? who should i meet? do any regular doctors will make? or do i need to meet a tmj's doctors?

  24. Hi doctor, is ASTR similar to active release technique for soft tissues? Was looking up for any specialist providing similar services as you but only found clinics offering ART. Thank you for for your time.

  25. To become a patient of Dr. Jacobs, please contact ASTR Institute for additional information! https://advancedsofttissuerelease.com/contact-page/
    Treat your pain from home by taking one of ASTR’s online specialized treatment programs! For a list of current programs with specialized tool kits, please visit: https://advancedsofttissuerelease.com/product-category/online-treatment-programs-for-patients/
    Feel free to leave a comment and questions below!

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