♪ ♪ What is this [Laughing] Oh boy… Alrighty, lets see
what we got here. Shreddies. Flatulence filtering
underwear. [Off Screen] No way! Underwear that hides
your ——- farts. God damn! I needed this on
the ride over here. This would have helped out so
much in a truck full of people. Here’s the kicker…they
got um for chicks too. Shreddie’s flatulence
filtering underwear feature absorb flex
activated carbon… Oh, it’s carbon. [Off Screen] What? It’s carbon. Carbon works
for everything. So, you can fart in em
and it kinda sucks up the farts. Due to its highly porous
nature the odor vapors become trapped and
neutralized by the cloth which is then
reactivated… [Laughing] …Then reactivated by simply
washing the garment. So, your farts are in
these things until you wash em. Its like a fart locker
that you just keep it in till you don’t
need it anymore. Yeah these are
very useful. They’re almost diapers. ♪ ♪ This is gonna be something
real —— up I just know it. You’re laughing
way too hard. [Grunting] [Off Screen]
No friggin way. It’s a mother—–
pancake printer b—–. [Off Screen] No! Yes! I’m keeping this. Like today. I’m taking this home. I’ve wanted this so bad. I’ve been waitin’ to see
one of these in person. We gotta plug
this b—- up. We’re makin pancakes
today ——. See, this the shit I’m
talkin’ about with the robot takeover and you
know how SkyNet’s gonna just run this whole shit
because I’m gonna forget how to make pancakes. It’s shit like this that
really makes me just wanna just not have to do
anything ever again. I, for one, welcome our robot
overlords and we’ll be good. This is robot hibachi. “Ro-bachi” Boom. Woo!! Off the dome son! Killin’ this shit Grillin’ this shit Oh! Bars b—-. Kitchen bars. Now let’s, let’s
get this shit goin. Hopefully it works. Oh, we got movement. This shit’s really
hot, it’s so hot. Oh!! [Laughing] This is funny as hell. It smells amazing. Smells great. Definitely need
two of these. Which way we goin here? [Woman] Oh, I dunno Back this way. [Woman] Okay And….do it. Oh! Boom. And there you have it hos. T-Pain Pancake. “T-Pancak”… Don’t…nevermind. Scratch that last one.

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