– So, we’re here for the second time, the first stem cell treatment showed
great results, we were just blown away and after
the initial treatment with stem cells Kalel has shown that he is going up stairs faster. He went through a good few
weeks where he wasn’t falling, which was unheard of, he
was running up and down piles of wood chips and
having fun and not falling. The biggest improvement was
he does this little log lift with some firewood, like that… – [Interviewer] Like that. (man laughing) – And he started out doing
like 7 the first time, and then 9, and he got to 32 and I thought well it’s probably not going
to get any better than that, and then his record right now is 64, so we’re really impressed with that. – [Interviewer] That’s amazing,
so his upper body strength went from doing only 7 of
these lifts all the way to 64. – Yeah. – [Interviewer] That’s
like 10 times better. – Yeah. – [Interviewer] Little Superman
is coming out of his shell. – Yeah I couldn’t believe he
just kept going I was like okay you don’t have to, if
it’s hurting just make sure you stop and he said it’s not
hurting he just kept going. So, we want to thank everybody
who has been supporting Kalel both monetarily, sharing messages with him of hope, and telling him to keep pushing
and just sharing his whole campaign to get bigger, stronger, faster. We’re just so thankful for the
support that we’ve received. Everyday we’re getting to show
Kalel this person donated, and tell him how loved he is and it just, our whole family has just been
overwhelmed with the support. So we really thank you. So upon arriving today at AMA Regenerative Medicine we, well its just good news being here. But more good news was
that Genisent, a lab, has offered to help out with
Kalel’s treatment and maybe future family’s treatment by reducing the cost of
the stem cells dramatically, just making it more of a
sustainable treatment to where we’re not just
scratching everything together, jumping through hoops, you know, just being stressed because
we know Kalel needs this, and the more sustainable we
can make it, just the better for our family and
hopefully future families. – [Interviewer] Bye Superman. When he starts climbing
trees let me know, okay. We definitely love to
hear to these stories.

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