100 thoughts on “Upper Body Home Workout ( NO EQUIPMENT ) Ft. Nick Tucker”

  1. can you do a video for people who will be fasting now during the month of Ramadan, and give some tips and workouts? Loving these vlogs, keep up the good content bro.

  2. omg so awsome❤i am inspired from u and i created mine channel so guys subscribe to mine channel❤👌👌

  3. Bro really love this and do more work out like this without weights TYSM Chris💪💪💪😘😘

  4. Hey Chris I was wondering if you would be able to make a video about developing healthy eating habits because i’m kinda struggling in that area, thanks 🙏

  5. At 1.9 meter (6.23 feet) high, what weight should I drop to be able to lift my self easily on the bar? Now I am at 91 kg (200 pounds)

  6. Mein Fall: Ottonormalverbraucher aus Polen. Wie kann ich es in meinen Tag einbringen ? I need the reality check. Nothing more : simply it.

  7. Chris, I subscribed to the Heria Pro app and am having difficulties using it. Everytime I go to start a workout all of the exercises disappear? Very frustrating. Will you please look into it?

  8. As a archery guy im doing yours some of those work out.. Do you have any work for relax back ? 🙂 like straching

  9. Heria, I am not be able to keep up with you on the second set . Should I work this slowly or I have to do it anyway?

  10. "What's up guys?" Just these words alone, make my day bright. Chris, you are a soul mate; I love you man, you are the best!!! (Make more videos! Please!)

  11. I'm so glad I found your channel! I used to do body pump at my old gym, but I just got a new job and my employer very generously pays for gym memberships at a nearby community gym. The new gym doesn't have any body pump classes or smartbars…so I'm a lost cause. Thank you for having equipment-free workouts so I can just go in the back room, away from all the scary non-smartbar equipment, and have you as my instructor!! 🙌

  12. When I didnt think I could like this channel any more then I already do as a huge dragon ball z fan it please me to see perfect cell on the skate board and I don't even know how skate but that is DOPE 🙌

  13. I have a general question for workouts…how we decide what 2 exercises to combine to do 3-5 sets just like the video?is there a pattern?

  14. You are amazing man. Getting so much inspiration.. Also music goes hand in hand with your workout..

  15. I'm 10 and I got your a app right when it came out and I have body and strength like you but you a bit stronger my friends are super jealous of me lol

  16. I love how in this video they're at like different levels of fitness yet Heria still expects Tucker to keep up! It's like no excuse, if you can move you can do it 👍💪

  17. Yo Chris can I lower the amount of pushups in the warm up because by the time I get to pike pushups my wrists are killing me. I do them all with perfect form but I have to rest in between every once in a while.

  18. Serious question how many tickets times should we be working out? Enough to burn out our calories of the day

  19. My greetings to you Chris from the Crimea to your baby and the team, with all my heart with love!🌅💚💚💚

  20. Wow I'm new to the channel – Chris is a machine!!! Those handstand pushups 😳 I'm literally starting my training for callisthenics today and I know I need to be patient and master the basics. Thanks for the awesome content and help 😉👍

  21. I appreciate the way your friends be patient to follow you even he knows that he cant do that as well as u do

  22. I respect how easy going and supportive you are of the person working out with you, and how you acknowledge how he can skate all day and that’s impressive as well.

  23. Your video is nutrition for me
    One day = one video
    Otherwise i feel weak 🙂🙂
    Keee.going onn heria
    Million subscribers sooon

  24. Did my eyes deceive me or did you really take a bite of a hamburger and eat a full breakfast WITH toast??? Woah

  25. if i do this 1 day , the leg version on the second day, i can do this again on third day? does it enough time for the " muscle healin?"

  26. RESPECT man!
    I'm going through your workouts, and apart from the fact that they're working..
    It feels AMAZING!!
    Mad love from our side!💚🙏🏼

  27. Been following you for 6 months now Chris, been pushing myself to compete as many of your routines as I can. Started at 245lbs and now down to 195lbs. Feeling so much stronger and healthier. I do alot more skipping rope then you do, but I follow your workouts like a Religion. Appreciate you dude, you changed my life.

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