[Music] [Music] all right so I’m top 45 you’ve just been diagnosed with five rights for the first time they may hold just pain so it’s how this plays okay who’s working there it’s primarily on the website on the left side I talked about this we got a do offer this guy was our special magic group rate so then we’re gonna try this again would that be okay with you okay tell us everybody how much beers are half it’s just like 3.5 all right let’s take care of it you’re ready for me I think remember how much mean you have yeah all right good all right how much meat you have right now 2.5 I feel good okay what is the pain now I know the pain should be gone in six seconds I told you guys already should be three seconds the reason why I’m keep on asking her where is the pain now because I know but she may not know so do you have any pain now alright do you want to zoom in for the needle me so everybody can see that’s it one needle here card in seven point two we caught it on one that’s how effective this is and I’m not kidding you it’s really working and she knows yeah and I felt very much a big cheese sensation when you put it in and I just put the needles in I didn’t eliminations neither goes in the body study do you see how beautiful not because I put in the needles when you do that he will do the same results because you know where it is the location that we need to help them you know the switch that justice all right anything else I need to help you with today no okay are you a coupon choice wait you can do this every day this when you go H to be three months it’ll be done 30 minutes P no attention all right excellent thank you thank you [Music] you

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