Hello, Namaskar, Satshriakal I, Dr Yogi From Yogis Ayurveda Welcome you all to your favorite channel “Yogis Ayurveda” These days people are facing problems like “Varicocele” It is very serious issue Where 85% people “undergo surgery” but still it reoccur This has different types of complications Basically today we will discuss about “Varicocele” its causes and its later issues like Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3 or 4 And when we required “Surgery” I want to tell you that in “varicocele” the blood vessel valves Which carry back the flow of
peak blood flow to the “veins” But when blood doesn’t flow back
it start retaining there and valve become weak Due to this blood start retaining there and cause swelling and pain in the testicles. Main causative factors “Varicocele” which I consider in my 18 yrs practice I try to treat patients without surgery And I am fortunate in my practice and blessed that
I have treated patients without “surgery” With my clinically experience In “varicocele” when people do squat exercise In “Varicocele” or sit on feet for log time Due to all this our scrotal sac and
cremaster muscles start getting weak This also includes looseness in scrotal or testicles Gradually veins start getting weak Other than This Doing excessive hard work also cause this issue Those who don’t have much weight compare to their body height also have such issues In those people gluteal muscles,
thigh muscles are also weak So all over we have to have strong
pelvic area, abdominal area.. So all these areas should have strong Muscle group due to which we don’t get this
“varicocele problem” Other reasons which increase varicocele are Eating in excess of “Onion”,
“Green chilies”, “Non-Veg” and “Drink” These all things increase
the varicocele and further extend to grade 3 or grade 4. One of the most important factor is … “Constipation” As pressure exerted during defecation
this problem will increase So basicaaly in “Varicocele” we consider the weakness of cremaster muscles In simple way for Example…. When we use swing (Jhula) but if its string get loosen then swing gets lose So like that happen in the varicocele our scrotal sac gets weak with our back muscles So in varicocele patient
you will find the scrotal sac or testicals loosen up to 3-4 fingers So such patients will have pain in back Difficulty in running So in routine such issues
we will find in varicocele patients power also gets impaired
due to which testicals didn’t get proper nourishment Semen also get infected with pus cells Infection chances are there So with this we also have to look into reports like Doppler ultrasound can send them me through whatsapp Or contact us on our given numbers Medicines can also be send
through by post to your house “Varicocele” is a not a big issues I always try to avoid
surgery of a patient 80 to 85% Patient mostly comes from
Delhi, Jaipur, lucknow, Jammu Even from south “NRI” patients are also there Who have under gone surgery
and again it reoccurs and had medicine from me then in the end had relief So why does varicocele happens
and reoccur again for that
we have to detox our body We gave cleansing treatment and through our medicines we provide strength to valves
which not get weak again. So when valves will not get weak
the blood flow will be continues
and we will not face varicocele Main thing to note in
“varicocele” is that they should wear
scrotal support back pain should not be there And have to avoid
onion, green chilies, meat, fish etc Don’t sit on feet Take proper sleep Never wake late night So these small precautions
one have to take So follow these and one can get rid of this issue
or can save himself from it So those who have
it will save further its seriousness With increase in grade sensitivity
of a case increase and difficulties increase Sometime testicals also got damaged So we have to take precautions.. We should do exercise according to our body strength and within body limits We should not follow others Only do gyming according to
your body strength So I request you don’t do this
only do Gyming For Fitness Only do gyming according to
your body strength I can only give you proper advice and
its upon you people how you take it I would recommend take sugar candy (Mishri)
2-3 times in a day And also
use coconut water. Those who don’t have sugar
can use sugar candy with these remedies you can control
“Varicocele” from further enhancement And damage to testicals
will slow down Always get up from the bed by taking side avoid hard work constipation eat healthy food avoid food from market like fast food etc and once in a while is okay but not in regular daily life Energy drinks containing caffine are also not good and avoid themso that they don’t harm your body next time we will discuss a new subject For any information log in to our website www.Yogisayrveda.com our numbers are on display you can call on them too whatsapp number is 9914000365 You can send your details and reports on this number We will guide you with best line of treatment So your issues can be eradicated and you can stay disease free and healthy Namaskar Satsriakaal. Yogis Ayurveda Keeping You Healthy Since Four Generations

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  1. Sir mera paramilitary CPO me physical {Running,long jump} he November me muje varicocele jesa feel ho raha he or vein me bhi shujan h me kya karu sir please please. Please btaye me kya karu😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 me gym bhi jata hu or protein powder bhi le raha hu , gym band kr du ya supporter pahn ke karu

  2. Bhai mughe bhi problem hai haidroseer ka main delhi me rehta hun aap kahaan se hai main aap se milkar dwa lena chahta hun

  3. Hlo sir i have been varicocele from last 4 years, but in the beginning i never took seriously; however, from last one year i have been noticing some sexual problems in my sex drive, and my body is getting weak. Am unmarried and age 23. So now cure is possible from these remedies which u are mentioned in that video. Sir plz tell me plz plz…. And how?

  4. Sir please give your complete address I want to meet you. I have varicocele grade 3 and I am not getting results with the medicine i am using now. Please give your complete address🙏🙏🙏🙏

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