Vertigo is a symptom of a disordered system
of balance. It is strictly defined as a hallucination of movement. Patients do struggle to describe
their symptoms very precisely and they present to me with symptoms that they describe ranging
from dizziness, lightheadedness, problems with coordination, movement and occasionally
a patient will present following a fall. One of the important things I need to do as a
treating doctor is to work out from the patient’s symptoms precisely what they’re describing
and which body part that’s likely to be associated with. The symptom of vertigo can arise from disorders
in many different parts of the body. Our balance function is coordinated by the brain and the
brain is central to the process of maintaining balance. However, the brain receives signals
from our eyes giving us information on our orientation and space. In addition, the brain
receives signals from the inner ear in relation to our movement, and input is also from sensors
within our joints and within the soles of our feet. The brain takes all of this information,
analyses this information and using this information maintains our state of balance function. Vertigo can be a symptom of disease in many
different parts of the body. I most commonly deal with inner ear disorders
and vertigo is a characteristic feature of diseases of the inner ear. But in addition, these symptoms
of balance disturbance and vertigo can also arise from diseases of the brain
and conditions that affect our ability
to maintain our position in space. Any impairment of vision can result
in poor balance and any conditions affecting our limbs and our mobility, such as arthritis
or peripheral neuropathy can also result in difficulties with balance and give rise to
symptoms of vertigo. When I meet a patient with vertigo and work
through the history and the story with the patient, working through the three common
systems that can give rise to the symptom. If the disease is affecting the inner ears,
patients will often present with associated hearing loss, tinnitus or problems with discharge
or infection in the ears. The next most common system to be involved in patients with balance
disturbance is the neurological system. With one of the commonest conditions I see being
an association with migraine. And these patients would present typically with headaches and
visual disturbance. Finally, patients with balance disturbance may have
problems with their cardiovascular system. And these will be patients who are
complaining more of lightheadedness, may have a history of palpitations, heart disease,
minor strokes or even blackouts. My particular interest is in managing patients
with inner ear causes for their vertigo. By far the commonest cause that I come across as
a condition called benign positional vertigo. This condition results from degeneration in
the inner ear causing free-floating particles to be symptomatic within the balance canals.
This condition can be very effectively treated by repositioning manoeuvres. And patients
typically require just one or two treatments with the vast majority following this having
complete resolution of their symptoms. The next most common condition that I would treat
would be Meniere’s disease. This results in hearing loss, balance disturbance,
fullness in the ear and tinnitus. The vertigo can be effectively controlled
by medical treatments, injections and occasionally surgical procedures
on the ear. Finally, I see many patients who’ve
lost inner ear function either as a result of trauma or viral infection. Typically, these
patients will present with an initial acute vertigo and then a more chronic balance disturbance. My management of these patients
is to use Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy, which is a form of exercise treatment
which can be extremely effective but may take many months before
a significant or complete recovery is achieved.

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  5. i have this feeling of being lightheaded almost a high feeling, kind of feels like anxiety and i get dizzy and almost pass out a lot , not really sure what’s making me feel like this please help

  6. God bless everyone in the comments who have this condition 👌 I don’t like having it, I get dizzy like this every week

  7. I am suffering this situation from the last 6 months.taking pills suggested by the best doctors but there is no progress in my health.i had an MRI 2 weeks ago but the report was ok.

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  9. I had this 3 times already and I'm tired of it. 2 times before is that medicine caused my vertigo and the 3rd time it was different. I couldn't get used to it. I rarely eat everyday, I couldn't wash nor brush my mouth and teeth 2 times a day, I didnt even take showers. The way I look right now is very terrible

  10. HELP?! I'm Not FORMALLY Diagnosed With Vertigo But I'm Almost Positive I Have It. I Need HELP Because It's Getting Bad. I Dont Have Insurance because I'm in my probationary period on a new job. Today on my way to work I had to pull over because the highway started shaking while my head was spinning. I felt like I needed to vomit but nothing came up. It felt like someone was pushing me against my car door & I couldn't sit up straight until it past. Once that past then I get a hissing/ocean wave whistling like noise in my ear. (Like Bradley Cooper in the film. A STAR IS BORN). I have these spells once a week almost & have even been awakened from my sleep just to be slumped over the bed with nausea, a dizzy spell & spinning room (mind you I'm not a drinker)! I have an infant & have had attacks while holding him.I can usually push through but I fear its getting worse. Suggestions Plz?

  11. I suffered with VERTIGO off and on for 14 years. Last year it started and would not go away. I suffered 4 months straight. Then I read about magnesium deficiency and its affects. I went and bought Magnesium Oxide 400 mg and after 3 days I saw a big improvement and in less than a week no more vertigo. My neighbor even used it and is now vertigo free after years of suffering. I have seen that Ch elated Magnesium is absorbed more readily so you could try either. It worked for me and my neighbor. I hope it works for you. Note: The EPERLY Maneuver worked for me in the beginning but after years it became non effective.. I have not suffered in almost 2 years now Heal Your Vertigo And Dizziness Permanently with these easy Exercises , click here :

  12. I was just taking a shit rn, and as I stood up I felt vertigo, idk why but I didn’t the feeling enjoyable

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  15. Jesus I watched while having vertigo and his tie completely changed the direction if my spinning

  16. Vertigo is effectively and efficiently ruining my life. Had it since I was a kid but it's only gotten worse as I've gotten older. Mostly it happens at night and rarely but now it's become an everyday thing. I need help

  17. Due to dizziness vertigo I experienced, I developed a anxiety about falling down regardless if the slope is small. I have already been applying this specific dizziness vertigo treatment solution “Yοyο Kamvuku” (Google it) for 3 days. I went out right now down and up steps over a sloped pavement,no dizziness, no spinning, didn`t feel like I had been gone to drop. I was so delighted with this medicine. .

  18. Iv been feeling heavy tight headed in my forehead, temples and behind eyes, with dizziness and fainting spells 24/7 for 7 months now.. does vertigo have anything to do with constant lightheaded and dizziness..iv done mri,mra,ct scan ..all normal..nuroligist says i might have tension headaches..but whatsup with the faint spells, i havent fainted but been feeling this every day for 7 months …blood work all normal some nights trying to sleep i feel like when i close my eyes im moving around doc do you have a opinion

  19. I'm 14 and I've been suffering from
    Pretty bad light headedness only when I'm in public(class mainly) for about 2 years,I've been to doctor's but there is nothing and i have no clue what to do

  20. This is weird.. im laying down in bed.. i the moment i stand up, i will get very dizzy.. i need help, haven’t had it for a very long time, i’m feared it came back.. how can i fix this…

  21. I’m been struggling with this since I was a kid I cried many nights because of this ! I went to so many doctors they could explain what this could be ! So I kinda just left it with that ! Many years later still happening ! And now I’k I have vertigo ! I’m been suffering from this since I was a kid hopefully some one will cure me cuz I been threw this to long 😭😭

  22. I can tell you exactly what vertigo feels like doctor. I've experienced it so many times. This is what vertigo feels like…… you're driving down the freeway doing about 70 miles an hour. The car starts spinning you're out of control. You can't stop the car. You can't get out of the car. And this can last for minutes, hours or days. The second experience that can explain it for those who never been in a spinning car. Did you ever go on the floor drop at a carnival. Pretender on the floor drop at a carnival that's at full speed and the operator leaves and comes back hours or even days later.

  23. It's weird I felt that way today. So feel like the room is moving when it's not really moving.
    Hydrated can cause it.
    It got headaches, margins Ouch. Stupid margin leave me alone margins I don't want a headache.
    Can get a pills for the dam margins.


  24. Thank you for sharing this information with us. In Ayurvedic system of medicine, vertigo can be treated naturally with the help of herbs and herbal remedies. Planet Ayurveda offers Brahmi Chyawanprash and Memory Support Capsules which are very effective for the treatment of vertigo.

  25. I have vertigo and it's almost one week already. When im working i don't feel any dizziness. My problem is when im going to sleep. Turning my head to right side. I feel dizzy. And waking up also. I feel dizzy and last just 10 seconds sometimes more than 10 seconds. 😞😢

  26. I feel dizziness permanent when i woke up start dizziness and spinning and also headache, i feel no balance im sacrifice 8 years until now i cant get better, i hope this june 3 i go to doctor about it i am. Very tired because i still ky bed its so bad

  27. I suffered vertigo like 4 year ago for 2 weeks because I had deviated septum surgery my symptoms were like all old tv when theres no signal but instead vertical movement is horizontal but the movement of that tv was fast very fast. i could not eat at all that time but for some reason i was not hungry either .

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  29. When I'm looking down at my phone and suddenly look up and i get this dizzy weird feeling. Can that be vertigo??

  30. I am 10 and I have this right now but this isnt my first time I had it 2 times already and when I was just playing with my brother I quickly moved to my left side and then I was all dizzy and I still am and everytime it happens my stomaches hurts.

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  32. How do you know when dizziness is a mild stroke? NHS don't really know difference between MS, ME, stroke, labrynthitis, neuropathy, menieres ect ect.

  33. I get vertigo n balance issues. If I lean forward I’ll slowly lean back.ill sway in my balance I get internal tremors buzzing in arms feet legs and hands. Also I’ll heat up in those places Also get dizzy this is all from vertigo ?

  34. Just today, I was grabbing a bowl from above my sink and I looked over then all of a sudden I was “moving” (not really) But it was a flash of an image of me walking through the kitchen. After that happened, my headache joined in and my eyes were sore. I am tired now…

  35. I think I have this it just started this morning it was very scary. Do I need to go to my doctor? Do you think playing games on the iPad could be a cause?

  36. after squating i have vertigo on second day ….
    the reason (strain on my neck while keeping rod) and HIGH BP
    HIGH BP to sudden fall in bp (lo w bp) caused it , reason dehydrated ,improper sleeping position,anexity , vitamin b12,sodium, mg etc.,,,,, deficiency later i took vit tablet is cured but ur sleeping and sitting position is the maiin reasoooooooooon…..

  37. I feel the vertigo all down my spine but my back of my neck feels super odd I have it when I sleep it’s like everything is moving in while moving clockwise

  38. I hate vertigo 😢😢I can't do heavy workout / exercise because the vertigo might come.Sorry my English

  39. My mother told me I may have vertigo because when I stand up I become very light headed and dizzy temporarily, once I literally lost my vision for a moment.

  40. I didnt sleep enough for 2-3 weeks and now when i turn right or left (when im laying down) i feel dizzy for a few secs. Is this vertigo or am i tripping?

  41. I believe I have vertigo. Let me describe how it feels. If anyone of yall has ever been on a cruise ship for 7 days straight and the day you get off the ship it will still feel like your moving on the ship a little bit feeling that's how i feel when ,walking, laying down, and sitting up. When I lay down or sit down it feels like a little bit of rocking back and forth.😞 Oh and I first started off anemic and I believe that's what triggered it and now I'm left off feeling like I'm on a rocking ship but it wasn't as bad as it was in the beginning. In the beginning I was literally bumping into the wall.

  42. If I jump out of bed quickly I get dizzy for a few seconds and almost lose my balance, is that serious stuff?

  43. I am 13 turning 14 in two weeks and 3 days ago I started feeling a light dizziness so I went to go get some water. It didn’t go away though. The next day I woke up feeling better but it immediately came back that day, I started feeling pressure in my ears. I don’t know what it is, but I’m kinda worried. Vertigo runs in my family so I think it’s that, but what if it’s something worse

  44. Pls dnt listen to doctors who knows things by books. I spend alot of money in this disease but no solution, luckily i found indian ayur home remedies. Simple tips, boil 2 tablespoon of coriander seed with 7 /8 glass of water let be cold and drink it the whole day until spinning stop, . Do it few more days and discontinue once it ok, drink water , all due to dehydrate. This remedies also help to clean the kidneys, so dnt give over job to them. Take it of and on.
    All the best.

  45. Hey, I am new to this channel. But I just find out I have vertigo problem. I had migraine for 7 days I didnt know but I had history of black out, dvt pulmonary embolism and cataracts so its alll connection as a body part. A lil worry 🙏Thank you Your information help me alot 💗 I thought I was bugging out… 😩

  46. Im experiencing vertigo for the last month now its like an ongoing feeling of dizziness specially with movement from left to right its really frustrating.. i have been going to a specialist who has been putting on his this device that turns u in certain positions to fix it… but it didnt work till now god bless u all i hope u all get out of this cause this is not a life to live… stay positive peeps!

  47. when I get up I get really unbalanced and dizzy, and you know how when you rub your eyes too much and you see all those colors ? thats what I see when I get dizzy. i don't know if this is normal or not but..

  48. Vertigo isn't painful but it is a very shitty feeling. The room is like spinning and sometimes you get nausea and you can barely walk. Even laying down makes it worse 😵

  49. Exuse me sir, can you get vertigo or something from a tonsillectomy days later? I got a tonsillectomy done 5 days ago, and ever since then my ear has been hurting with so much pressure I can even take a sip of water for medicine. Also I'm really nauseaus, i feel the world is literally spinning around me very often, and it feels like theres a cotton ball deep in my ear making my hearing foggy. I dont know what to do. Also I haven't eaten much, due to the fact that I just got throat surgery, so my mom says that's the reason I'm feeling like this, and I think it could be contributing but I feel like I need to go to the doctors and she wont listen to me

  50. @Elijah Ballack  – I was a vertigo patient. 3 times in 10 years. Recovered. It started to me by using continuously old model mobile with high radiation.
    The best treatment Homeopathic medicine and Hip bath otherwise called Zits bath. By this it is possible to get complete cure. Try.
    Hip bath will eliminate many other diseases as well without any side effects.
    Good luck.

  51. I have vertigo very very bad. I have ear problems cardiovascular problems heart problems and vision problems. My vertigo is triggered by many things such as walking down the street ..sounds in lights..loud sounds.. Flying…riding in cars..watching movies..standing in open spaces..standing in lines.. Seeing certain views such as mountains or sky views. What can I do? I gag repeatedly outloud when it hits me and I feel very dizzy and it tickles my stomach so bad I have to hold my stomach. It's very embarrassing.

  52. Hello everyone….good day to all…
    Before Im also suffering of this sickness which is Vertigo…I feel that Im going to die that time….but because of c24/7 food supplement I feel better and cured….so try also this food supplement…send me messege for more details…sharing is caring…health is wealth…

  53. best way to describe vertigo

    it's like when your hammered drunk and everything is spinning and you throw up

    expect your not drunk and it happens out of nowhere

  54. I just get dizzy when I move a lot or exercise a lot… Then I sleep for a little and it goes away.. Any Help?

  55. guys for headache when tired put your original olive oil or coconut oil on your head its reliable but temporary you will thank me later

  56. Idk if its vertigo or i have heard it could be anxiety but its hard to explain so just stay with me….
    So it doesn't exactly feel like the world is spinning, more like the world is moving side to side. Or um like it feels like my eyes are rolling into my head but like its not (i really hope you can somehow understand). So yeah, its so scary. And its only when i lay down, standing up is a whole other thing. Standing still can feel like im going up on an elevator.

  57. I’m currently going thru this now!! I work on ships and the dr told me not to go back on the ship until we can figure out exactly what’s going on wit me!! It’s been going on for 2weeks now non stop!! God please help me!! I feel so outta wack!!

  58. I don't know how I explain this but I am so dizzy for like 2 weeks already but like the kind of dizziness I have is not spinning or swirling . I can't explain , have u guys experience this ?

  59. Im feeling dizzy but not spinning and no problems with my inner ear, feeling loss of balance i am currently facing this at the moment i am commenting. Can anyone tell me what am i having?? Ive been having this for four days, and it doesnt seem to stop even when i sleep for hours and wake up

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