Hi guys! Alright, hopping on this morning to to talk about essential oils. Yay! I love this topic. I use oils every day and I have really intensely for the last three years when I first got hit with vestibular neuritis. I was looking for a holistic support system and I had been diving into a natural lifestyle over the previous like five to ten years… but I felt like there was a hole and I really needed something to help with my everyday mind and body symptoms… everything that I was experiencing. So I just wanted I wanted some support So! One of my good friends got me introduced to these pure oils which are very different from any other oil out there on the market, or “oil” I should say and what I didn’t know at that time going back for three years, is that essential oils is an unregulated market. Anybody can slap a label on something and called essential oil, but most of what’s out there that you could buy on Amazon, that you buy at the drugstore, they are not essential oils. They’re synthetic. Things made to smell like the oils but they’re not the pure plant. So when I say, I’m only talking about pure plant it’s like right from the ground, ok? And nothing has been done to alter it as far as nothing synthetic has been added. There are no chemicals It’s beyond organic and it’s actually harvested and grown where the plants are indigenous. So lavender, for example grown in France… And you can look at all the sourcing. It’s really beautiful story for doTERRA oils… and if you need help I can guide you to there… So when I’m talking about my oils routine, I am talking about certified pure therapeutic grade oils, ok? I like to make that clear because there’s a big difference and I want people to know that if you’re using something that is not pure then it’s not going to do what you want it to do. Starting out my day with oils… this is what it looks like this morning: woke up and grabbed Peppermint. You can see… so this 15ml little bottle has 250 drops, so I use maybe one drop- woke up put on my temples. I like to dab it on with my nose… opens up the airways…freaking amazing. When I make smoothies, I often add a drop of Peppermint or to tea, it’s great to add a drop of Peppermint as it is really good for digestion. Peppermint- always my first go-to. Now Zendocrine, this is a detoxification blend and this is in soft gel form… This one has tangerine, juniper berry geranium… cilantro… so I actually take this the detox blend to start my day… and this is where I’ve done some diving into how I want to support my body… and so I have turned to this one, but also a great thing about these soft gels, and a little trick… I’ve been having some acne that broke out on my forehead and I cut this soft gel… I didn’t have any of the oil with me but I cut this soft gel open and I was applying that on the blemishes and it’s helped hugely. That’s what I did this morning and I’ll bring probably one of these soft gels in a little container with me to work today. I’ll take one at lunch as well. Okay, so Rosemary… I know people either love or don’t love Rosemary. I happen to love it and it’s just like opens up the lungs… It’s great for if you deal with mental fatigue or overwhelm… I like to take Rosemary and just dab it being my ears… It smells heavenly… my five-year-old loves Rosemary which I think is funny so I diffuse it in his room at night, but another good one is it’s very cleansing. So I make my own dry shampoo I use arrowroot powder and essential oil so often Lavender, Rosemary and Peppermint are the ones that go in this and as you can see I’m very low on the bottle, but I use dry shampoo… I only wash my hair probably at most like three times a week… Generally between one and three times a week and then I used dry shampoo the other days which is so good for it! And it’s so cleansing and as you can see I have put color in my hair. I like to be very kind to my hair and using dry shampoo and then the other day is just using a all-natural shampoo with essential oils is what I use on those days. I love dry shampoo. I can do another video just talking about this if it interests you, but it’s awesome. And if you don’t have blonde hair, if you have darker hair, you can add cacao powder… and I can give you that recipe and then you’re good to go. The last thing I did is OnGuard which is the protective blend… boosts immune system, just really great to add that extra fight to your body. So I took my son to the bus stop and there’s always sniffling children, it’s that time of year, germs are flying and I was like Why don’t I get myself an extra boost? So I took the OnGuard roller bottle and the roller bottle is just diluted making it easier for application and great for all skin sensitivities, and I rolled it along the bottom of my foot and then put on my sock and then that will give me an extra boost. I could have put it on my spine as well. I just happened to do my feet today. So that’s a little glimpse of an oils routine. And if you’re new toils, it might seem like a lot, but for me now, it’s just second nature. I turn to my oils, I use them throughout the day to support my body, both mind and body… every single day. If your new to oils, I’d love to talk to you and figure out how you’re wanting to support your body in a holistic way. If you have questions, reach out over a Bliss Out. www.bliss-out.co I’ll put the link below and I hope you guys have a good day. And for those of you that are oiling, have a happy oiling day! Bye guys 🙂

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