I’m going to talk about
barometric pressure changes and weather today because this seriously
impacted me over the weekend and I know it plays a role for a lot of us with
vestibular stuff especially with vestibular migraines… The weather jumped from
like 70 to 90 (degrees)… felt the humidity coming in… It was thick and I felt myself
wanting to go sideways… It’s much more feeling than anything
physical that happens but it’s what I feel my body is doing. We were out in the woods hiking with the kids… Saturday morning… and then as we were
driving home I felt disconnected and out of my body for a brief moment and
sometimes that’s how it happens… It just hits out of the blue so of course when that happens my anxiety skyrockets That’s the initial feeling
and I really need to get a grip on that so I can really see where I stand. We got home quickly and we were getting the kids ready for nap time and
I was just sort of feeling how I was feeling…like I was taking some steps and
it felt very trampoline like and thinking on what I need to do… I
immediately chucked like a big glass of water to get my body hydrated also help
calm my system getting fluids into it… I chugged a glass of water and got into
the air conditioning which sometimes I really need to do when I’m
sitting in really thick humid weather it’s just sometimes not the best
environment for me… As far as addressing feelings and what I was going to do about this because it didn’t it ruin my weekend… It was a wonderful weekend and I just had some brief symptoms that hit but I feel like
it could have gotten so much worse. This is what I did and I’m going to write a
post up on this so that people can reference it because this is not
something I’ve done one time, this is something I do any time that
symptoms hit no matter how small or big… The last big [vestibular migraine] attack that I had was about three months ago.. or if it’s just that I feel a glitch of
symptoms this is how I address it… The Cheer essential oil blend- and this
is made with wild orange, ginger, cinnamon and then I think it has some vanilla in
there, and it is just an uplifting blend It’s really awesome and it’s really good for
disconnected feelings… That’s immediately what happened to me so I swiped Cheer across my forehead and I will honestly do this every hour or every
half hour…as much as I need it… every 15 minutes if I need it! It’s pre diluted
with fractionated coconut oil so it’s safe for the skin. It’s wonderful, it’s
pure plant, and just breathing it in putting it on my hands, it brings me more
into the moment and it’s really uplifting… So that’s Cheer and I do that
you know every 15 minutes to every half hour every hour as needed. The Motivate
blend this is the encouraging blend and it has peppermint, melissa, rosemary… It has oils that are really good for
fighting migraines and it’s also really good for boosting confidence that’s what
the properties in the plant do so I will put Motivate on my temples, and again
doing this every 15 minutes, 30 minutes, every hour…I keep saying that but like to get oils to work for you you have to use them so it’s not like I use
them once and I’m like waiting for it to take effect…It does help but
it’s consistency too. It’s better to use a small amount of [pure plant] oils every hour or so then to load yourself up and think that that’s just going to keep you ok for hours… So I keep my oils with me. Again, that’s the Motivate blend,
the encouraging blend on my temples and also I’ll rub it on my abdomen because
then it’s gets into my system there as well and even along my spine
whatever… whatever I feel like now I always have Lavender and Peppermint as
well so if you feel like weather brings on any allergies for you… I wake up in
the mornings and sometimes my eyes are dry or itchy. I know that that can play
as a trigger as well so I’ll take Lavender and just roll it like around my
eyes and Lavender is so good for the skin… If you anything going on with your
skin, lavender will absolutely help it If you get a sunburn or anything,
Lavender is like the most versatile essential oil so I use Lavenders. Lavender also fights migraines, fights headaches so again a really good one. As far as pulling myself into the moment… As soon as I feel disconnected, the anxiety’s pumping I need to bring myself into the moment because so easily I feel like I can just get lost in what I call like
the alternate dimension of vestibular migraines and I use Peppermint to help
me, so it’s whether it’s putting Peppermint underneath my nose and
breathing it in it opens up my system and like boom I’m here more, I’m alert…
Again putting Peppermint on my stomach I could do that and then using
Peppermint all day long. When I was in the throes of dealing with horrible
derealization, I kept a pure battle Peppermint with me always and I still have it with me… It’s just one of those ones that I would not
go without now as far as using oils Internally I use doTERRA oils because I
know they’re pure plant, so make sure you know the quality of your oils! I would
never encourage you to use any oils internally… you really have to know that
they’re pure plant, and I know that so this is Copaiba and I could be butchering
how you say it, but this is one of the most anti-inflammatory oils… the
properties of it on earth so I was taking this- two drops of this oil in a
veggie capsule and I’ll show you how easy this is… When I felt the symptoms hit, I took two drops in a veggie capsule with a glass of water and
I did that every two to three hours yesterday… So I think I did it three times and then so this is a veggie capsule… so I’ll just put a few drops of
the oil in there, put it together… it’s encapsulated and then I take it with
water and then I do that… and honestly once I had that
initial like surge of symptoms Once I tacked it with the oils, I felt so much better, like remarkably so much better that I did do a
little video over the weekend and I was just so impressed with how I was
fighting back… If I were to rewind to a year ago, one of the worst attacks I had was last July when I was in the Adirondacks… which if you live in New York or know Upstate NY, there’s mountainous area and we were on vacation and it was crazy humid and I was sitting out to lunch
with my husband and… all of a sudden the symptoms were so intense, the derealization, the disconnected feelings… I felt like I was like walking on a moving
dock so intensely…so to experience my body bouncing back so much better
than I did a year ago that’s really encouraging and I think that that’s even
something to focus on… You could focus on the negative
like oh man you know I experienced some symptoms… or it’s focusing on the
positive of wow how much better my body felt and fought back how much I
was just able to go through my life and it didn’t take me off course so that’s
where I think when I look at the things I do to holistically support my body and
I see my body reacts and I see it healing and I see it thriving that’s
when I know that the things I’m doing are truly helping. I was going to go do a
yoga session right after that because again once this happens I like to get my
body moving and endorphins pumping… It actually fights symptoms for me but I
was in such like a high from feeling a bit better that I actually decided to go
running…so I went I ran two miles and just feeling my body work for me
even though I had experienced those symptoms and still was a bit symptomatic, is very very empowering. So those are the things I like to focus on- the things that make me feel like I can elevate my wellness… I can take back my well-being
even with a vestibular something, even with vestibular migraines, so again I’m going to do a post soon and I’ll post everything that I did but I just wanted to share that because I’m sure some of you were affected by the weather this weekend
depending where you are in the world and if you are and if this does help you
I’d love to know or more that you’d like to learn more about it. I’m always trying to share everything that helps me in my world. Happy Monday and I’ll talk to
you guys soon. Ok, bye 🙂

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  1. Watch optokinetic training exercises on YouTube,along with amblyopia exercises,optokinetic,lazy eye, eyeball exercises ,all on youtube to maintain your vestibular system., along with eye head movement exercises opposite direction,Those are most important. My vestibular physical therapist uses these.

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