Hi guys! So, this month marks three years since vestibular neuritis hit, which triggered vestibular migraines. The first year was a world of hell… 24/7 symptoms… It’s such a drastic place from where I am today. Most days I don’t experience symptoms anymore. I have had three attacks in the last year so I feel like I am in this beautiful place that I am so grateful for. As I think about where I was three years ago versus now I wanted to think on what was something that made a monumental difference in my life… And there’s so many things, you know I could go on and talk about all the holistic support that I believe in. Everything that I believe when when it comes to a plant-based diet; everything I believe when it comes to supplements, yoga, meditation… I could talk about all that… but actually what I think the most important thing is continuing to live your life and lead this beautiful life even with your vestibular something. Not to put life on hold… Not to say I’ll do this when I’m all better… Not to say, I’ll do this when I no longer feel brain fog, or I’ll do this when I no longer feeling like I’m floating 24/7… I will do this when I’m back to “normal”… These are all things that I that of course we have these thoughts But I think one of the most monumental things that helped me was saying, ok… well, I’m gonna show up in my life now regardless of how I feel. So, I had a two-year-old and a three-month-old baby when everything first hit, and it was just monumentally hard… Every day was a huge struggle of going through the motions, and over time… you know, you do something a hundred times you start to believe well, I guess I can do this regardless! So the thing is when you start to live your life again and do the things that you enjoy even with the symptoms, you start to realize that the vestibular stuff does not hold all the power. Yes, it sucks and it’s awful It’s like along for the ride, but if you have more and more moments where you’re like well I’m doing this regardless of the vestibular stuff, you start to realize that you’re moving beyond the fear and the vestibular stuff might be trailing behind but it’s probably slowing down So you’re moving on with your life, which is a huge part of healing. It’s a huge part of healing! Mentally, emotionally- all of this mind and body wellness…It is all interconnected. So when I decided well, I’m gonna carry on with my life regardless and then I started running again a year later I got more into movement and meditation, the Kait Hurley videos at fifteen months and I felt rocky, and I felt unstable, and I felt ungrounded, but I was doing it anyways. I started to realize I’m stronger and I have power over this and this vestibular stuff does not own me. I have the power. As I really reflect on three years and what it’s been… and it has been a huge journey of healing, and all of those holistic things I talk about on Bliss Out mean everything to me, but the thing that means more is carrying on with life and knowing that I can do this regardless of the vestibular stuff I can enjoy this life. I can find beauty in all the moments. I can be a present mother. I can be there for my kids. Even if I feel like I’m on a rocking boat, which I did for, like I said, the first year… Even if the anxiety feels like it’s a tight sweater that’s glued to my body and I can’t rip it off I can still show up because doing that over and over again I started to find me. I started to find me within the vestibular stuff and then beyond the vestibular stuff. So I hope that lands for you. If you have any questions feel free to reach out. You can always find me over at Bliss Out. www.bliss-out.co is my website. I’m Emily- I should have said that in the beginning. I’m so happy to connect with you! I do share everything that’s helped me and all my holistic support over on my website. But the biggest game-changer, like I said, is just showing up in life and taking beauty from life again. Okay. I’ll be back guys. Bye ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Thanks Emily for sharing your story and your progress and tips! Did your balance ever come back to normal? If so, when did you recover that? And how? Iโ€™m still dealing with being off balance sometimes (especially while walking outside at night where there arenโ€™t street lights, for example) Thank you!

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