Translator: Yulia Kallistratova
Reviewer: Anton Zamaraev As long as I can remember, I have been energetic
and full of plans and dreams. And playing the violin
was my biggest dream. It started when I was three. The story goes I heard
a violin on the television, and I was hooked immediately. I begged my parents for three years
until they finally gave in. But in the meantime,
my life changed dramatically. I got Pfeiffer’s disease and shortly thereafter
was diagnosed with lupus. This chronic autoimmune disease
causes painful inflammations in my joints, muscles, tendons, and skin. No more playing outside, no more judo. Suddenly, my legs would
give out from under me, and I could not stand because of the pain. I felt that my body had abandoned me. And then, I started playing the violin. The first time I touched
the string with my bow, something incredible happened. I could feel the vibrations
of the instrument throughout my entire body. And the vibrations, they eased my pain. The sound fueled my imagination
and made me happy. When the pain became too much, when I was sad or angry seeing kids
play outside while I lay in bed, I would take the violin and play it out. I would tell myself every day,
“Don’t give up! Not with my violin nor with my illness.” I’ve learned to be creative, go left or right when the
straightforward path is not possible, and take small steps to reach big dreams. Another dream was to perform. And many people thought
my dream was a fantasy. But when I was 12, I was accepted into the Young Talent program
of the Conservatory of Amsterdam. I started doing competitions,
even winning some of them, performing more and more, and was very happy to see two of my
biggest dreams come true last year: being a guest in one of our most popular
live TV shows “De Wereld Draait Door” (Laughter) and performing in a stadium
with Marco Borsato. (Laughter) It was awesome! Pain is still very much a part of my life. Every day the pain, but also
every day my loyal friend the violin. When I wake up in the morning
and my every move hurts, my first instinct is to pick up my violin and play a melody I absolutely love. And the playing, it awakens something
in me and gives me strength. And that’s why music means so much to me. It touches me. And I feel that with classical music
but also with the pop concerts I’ve done, where I’ve seen how you can excite
people in a whole different way. And a lot of people would come to me
and say, “I don’t like the violin, but I absolutely love what you did. It gave me goosebumps.” And this confirms my feeling that the violin is still
an instrument that people like, even if they think they don’t. It can touch you and communicate emotions. And that’s what it’s all about, I think. Showing this to lots of different people
and exploring new sounds is what inspires me. And that’s why it’s my new dream to use my violin to connect
the classical world and the electronic one and make a song with a DJ. Duncan Stutterheim,
I think we need a chat after this. (Laughter) Can I let you in on a secret? There’s a dream
I’ve been having for years, something I’ve always wanted to do. But I’ve never actually done it on stage. So I thought, let’s take a risk today! And I feel my heart’s racing,
and my palms are a little sweaty, and I’m feeling a bit shaky. Do you know this feeling? Yeah? Hands up who knows this feeling! (Laughter) Great! It feels kind of good, actually. (Laughter) So, I’ve always wanted to play
the violin and sing at the same time and perform my own music. So that’s what I’m going to do: dare to live my dream. And that’s my wish for every one of you. The first half is all mine,
the second half a little bit of Telemann. I hope you’ll enjoy it. (Violin music) (Singing) Come, Inner Fire Awake Cause I Need You Now Yes, I Need You Now Come, Inner Fire Awake Cause I Need You Now Yes, I Need You Now Fly Through The Sky
In My Dreams Unbeatable Strength And Power That’s What I Want To Be On Fire Fly Through The Sky
In My Dreams Unbeatable Strength And Power That’s What I Want To Be On Fire That’s What I Want To Be On Fire (Music ends) (Applause) (Cheers)

100 thoughts on “Vibrations that ease pain and fuel imagination | Kim Spierenburg | TEDxAmsterdam 2014”

  1. I've found playing the haw harp has helped me immensely with pain!

    I thought the jaw harp sounded neat but never had any other expectations. I also suffer from chronic pain but noticed how I'm feeling much better and in less pain since I started playing the jaw harp and find I've been taking less pain meds. I never could have anticipated this.

    I also had a heck of a time with learning to play any type of music my entire life. It's been great to find something that worked for me and has made such a profound difference.

    I have a Glazyrin alpha and star.

  2. My cat and I are still mesmerized by you. I'm still humming your angelic tone your song was a soft, soaring solo "flight" of something elemental- in my mind's eye. I hope to find more of your songs after i post this. We Love youR High vibes and electric magnetism!

  3. Oh wow I just watch this video again and saw your lyrics behind you on the screen. Besides "strength" and "power" I thought i was oblivious – ALAS- not true! Because You!-PRECIOUS SOUL- PAINTED your picture ANYWAY- in >>>>>> " VIBRATION!" * (What I speak) .

  4. Her healing frequency is tied in to the violin. Other people might be the harpy or guitar, piano etc. Very interesting analysis. This type of treatment along with hemp stimulation of the mind with cannabinoids.

  5. I am wondering if what is going on , is that the violin is mirroring her own vocal energy and "being way" … and that the world she was living in , did not give her those sounds , why when she watched the TV program with the violin , she recognized her own self, even her hair color is as the body of the instrument . So then, by playing and singing , she is creating a system through which that energy can be brought into this dimension . She really is a prime number – lovely lovely angel child .

  6. You are amazing strong courageous and very attractive it makes me happy to see someone as adamant about music as me keep playin playa

  7. This is already I have told that five string instruments made ..big impact on body…it's a another example..of that…

  8. Young lady, that was so very inspiring. I just learned something from you, not in my head but in my heart. Thank you!

  9. That's what I just thought…. And this video has been up since 2014! Seriously are you kidding me with these very meager views?
    All I have to say is wow.. What a beautiful, emotional and raw piece of music. Performed by such a strong and joyous Spirit!

    I have goose bumps.. ๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿฆ‹๐ŸŒบ

    Many positive wishes to this girl

  10. I have never seen/ heard someone playing the violin and sing at the same time. Beautiful, and such a wonderful voice!

  11. Thank You ,so much. A few weeks back my neck nerves began to get pinched. I was told do not Fear .now I learn how to deal with spasms and I hope I will play guitar Agian . I love those good vibrations. God Bless You ,Blessed Child .I will pray You now Gods inner Fire in Jesus name.The new covenant.

  12. I use music for energy. I suffer from pain and very low energy/motivation. So I turn on some of my favorite music, or even just some energetic music from the Caribbean, and I find I can get some things done, with reduced pain and increased flexibility. I find myself even moving to the beat. Nothing else can bring about an instant shot of activity like music. Fairly loud volume seems to help.

  13. The equal controller and Language to Vibration by Frequency response of all things in the Univers. Sound Frequency to equal vibration on all things in the univers is the key.

  14. It is beautiful, the way you play,
    the way you sing
    and you are beautiful.


  15. Wow, what an amazing lady! You are very inspiring – enjoy living your dream and making the world a brighter place. This is a topic very close to my heart as I also use music to deal with pain and have found it to be so powerful.

  16. What a powerful young woman! Vibrations, music, willpower and living her dream is what we should all learn from this soul unifying experience!

  17. I almost missed this angel! I love the sound of the violin which it doesnt show…but vibration n pain caught my attention.

  18. This was quite a moving speech… wow! Say… on the topic of lupus… astragalus seems to increase liver complements such as C3 and C4. Couple this with a plant based diet and great music then maybe the lupus symptoms will subside significantly.

  19. Beautiful young lady. Yoyr message is awe inspiring as is your. Music. Good for stepping up to the challenge and sharing that angelic voice you have. I shared this on my Facebook as I deemed it worthy of sharing! God Bless You more and more!

  20. One of the most touching and heartwarming videos on TedX…she has discovered Nada (pronounced Naada) yoga, the yoga of sounds, music and vibrations. The most primordial vibration of the universe is represented by OM. It is just a representation. We don't know the frequency of the real Om. Even saying hmmmm is great….

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