This year’s edition of the Walk of Pain The sun shines, it’s nice weather, but it’s many hours ahead for the participants in this years race. Some are expected to walk for 24 hours, maybe two days, perhaps more. Hello. How does it feel? It feels good.
Are you excited? Oh yes! What do you think of the weather? It’s very nice. Have you walked before? No, not here. But otherwise? Yes, I have. How many times? Walked what? Footrally I havn’t done any footrally.
We are here on a study visits, usually we are walking another type of long march. In Nijmegen.
Awesome, good luck! How’s it going back here? It’s going well, so far. What time are you aiming for? One lap. “Easy rules:” “1. Walk in 5km/h (3.1mph)” “2. Don’t stop” “3. Last person walking wins” “Support Zone #1” Six and a half hours, for that long have now the participants in WoP 2019 been walking. And there are seemingly healthy legs we see. Many people look very sharp. Although they have been walking for half a day, but they have many hours left. We believe the race will last for at least 24 hours more. We jump into the group here and feel the pulse a little, how is the mood here? It is good. And how do your legs feel? They also feels good. How many hours do you have left? Well, like 18 … 18 hours left, so 24 hours total. Its one full day you want to walk? Exactly Sounds good You were one of the winners last year? Yeah. How many other foot races have you participated in? Two other footrallys, so this is my fourth race overall. What time is your personal record? It’s 24 hour, from last year here. And what can I expect today? 30 more from now Sounds good, up to 36, in total? Yes, so we can start the competing from there. How does this feel? The feets are no problem, but I’m a little cold. So maybe that will be my problem. It’s bad, but it is what it is. Bad timing, but good luck. Now they walk towards Amsberg and they have many lovely miles ahead of them. I wish them all the best of luck and we will return when something new happens. But still all the participants who started are still in the competition. Go go! Now you have a nice bit ahead of you with lakes and such. Now most people are asleep. But here in Gagnef’s forests we have discovered something extraordinary. What do you say? Yes, you are right We have sent out our two reporters who will investigate what is going on in Gagnef’s forests. Where we discovered something very strange. Very strange, I totally agree There are some lunatics, or what should we call them? Pedestrians perhaps, who are out walking even if the time have passed 01AM. And they haven’t been out for an hour if we say so They have been out for over 15 hours Over 15 hours they have walked and more will be They will continue as long as their legs carrys them We are going to feel the pulse of them. And see what really goes on in their heads. So follow us! We can now see the car over there We see the lanterns And there they are walking with headlamps THERE ARE HEADLAMPS! And that’s about 12 brave fighters left what I can understand 12 persons that have walked for over 15 hours And Edstjärns IK continues to broadcast live! Well, the mood in the group? Well, a bit quiet now. A bit quiet? You have entered the night mode. And will there be six hours of sleepwalking now? And starting to cheer up at the morning maybe? Well, we have a support zone at 03AM so hope that will help a little bit But otherwise it is until 6 o’clock when the sun gets back Whats the food and drink that you have now at the night? Well it’s little energy drinks and various juices Is there anyone who feel any pain in their feet? No. Nah. No. no [Tighten the group, into the side, car behind] Is there anyone who has walked less than half? Yes Here we have one, so you have 24 hours left Very interesting Yeah, but I have to get someone more with me Is there anyone that makes this gentleman companion for 24 hours? Absolutely! Very nice Is there anyone who feels they has less than an hour left? No no, they will continue all night But to all viewers there at home wondering What are you madmen, why do you do this? Because we’re stupid… As simple as that! But I have to say that they look surprisingly fresh in their legs Really They are not limp or hurt, we see fresh and sensible people I would call them heroes We wish you all a great luck And we will return when something new happens “Support Zone # 3 / One lap” Films the gang when you are walking away in the sunrise That good support! And here is the pacesetter Hello! Alert like a larch Now they will soon pass 24 hours Five fighters are left Soon it will be a support zoneNow I think you should rejoice Now it’s 24 hours! Tjohooo 24 hours! Extremely good work You look extremely fresh We’ll do it again Tjohoooo Now they have walked for over 28 hours, two participants remains And it is so nice here in the forest so the chairman himself has joined the gang How does it feel? Well, it’s not as hard as they say I have every respect that they have walked for 28 hours But I don’t think it is that hard Here in the woods it goes just as well Clearly it takes a little bit on the legs but the feets feels really good The feets are no problem You don’t think that air board you are using have anything to do with it? Turn off that camera now! Turn it off! Two are left, it’s raining But they look pretty good and now it’s a support zone here Now there is a little pizza here “Support Zone #5” Here is Christer Lejons supporter Nicklas is packing for another stretch The weather looks better ahead We will see how it goes You look just as fresh today as yesterday Let’s go Good luck Have a good one There they went We will return Hello This was Stefan, sent live here about 40 minutes ago Now it’s like this, I’m in Dalarna on a competition, Walk of Pain Now we have the two eminent men which are strongest so far Should hear how the guys are here Nicklas, how do you feel after 36 hours? just fine Have there been any problems during the night? Nah, a bit tough in the night, but it was a regular night dip Then came the rain Got change socks for they had been wet But then I got new nice socks so the feet are in good condition How does the body feel? Some flaws or? No, actually not. Feel amazingly cheerful and happy Facetime out here in Sweden what did you say? Facetime out in Sweden now, many people cheering for you right now Thank you, think it will go pretty well lovely That was Nicklas, we’ll see what happens We don’t really know how it will go Anytime now we will see what happens Is it over? Yes I stops now Here we now have a winner, Nicklas Ulvnäs wins In 36 hours, one of them stops and Nicklas is the winner in 36 hours and now looks a little pale Congratulations Nicklas This is how the winner looks like, Nicklas Ulvnäs from Uppsala is now victorious after two laps around, 182km (113 miles) walking he feels quite satisfied now 4 hours from 40 He says he wants to go for four more hours We say this, the thumbs out, we have a winner Oh, a horse! Adrian from the organizers hand over the first prize a genuine dala horse from Nusnäs

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