57 thoughts on “Wallace: Sondland Has The Body Language Of A Liberated Man With Nothing To Lose | MSNBC”

  1. After hearing Sondland's testimony, Rudy immediately contacted Simone Biles and requested flipping lessons from her as he prepares to flip on Trump.😄
    Like Simone, Rudy is about to defy the laws of physics and gravity by duplicating her triple double. Two flips with 3 twists.😄

  2. Liberated maybe, but hey Sondland is skating. He's trying desperately to speak without telling out and out lies and at same time keep from incriminating himself and Trump.

  3. Hmm,…Bolton described Rudy Giuliani as a hand grenade that would blow everyone up. Guess he didn't anticipate Gordon Sondland being the killer Rabbit of Caerbannog. 🐇 Search YouTube for "Killer rabbit of Caerbannog Monty Python" to give yourself a few laughs as a break from these serious testimonies.

  4. Andrea 'chainsaw' Greenspan's band MSNBCannibalcorpse recently butchered a JUdas Priest song with these lyrics; Living after midnight Killing to the dawn ritualistically dimembering Illegal aliens and I'm gone…

  5. The outlaw "president" and his administration of outlaws will face a reckoning of their own making: you can't escape who you are!

  6. Sondland has given testimony that both exonerates the President as well as satisfying the Democrats desire to compile hearsay evidence. Additionally…his smirking and nervous laughter are odd and unusual for the circumstance he is in….strange man….not to be trusted.

  7. Семья Thr Chump – лучшие друзья России. Спасибо, что разрешили маме России решать ваши выборы с поросятами-американцами. ДОБРО ПОЖАЛОВАТЬ В НОВУЮ КОММИССУ НАЦИСТСКОЙ ВЛАСТИ.

  8. Sondland's balancing act on the red wire shows that he knew more than publicly acknowledged. Perhaps, he too participated unwillingly in this "drug deal." Why did he (as ambassador to the EU and not to Ukraine) have to intervene as Trump's mediator (after all, he had a direct line to Trump)? Obviously, he tailored his narrative to his own survival all the while giving the facts to the best of his recollection.

  9. GOP look so ridiculous with those boards behind them, almost as ridiculous as their defence of Trump. They've no credibility and are seriously embarrassing themselves. Some people don't want to hear the truth or facts so they solely listen to fox news. It’s not exactly a revelation that Fox News viewers are spectacularly ill informed about current events compared to people who watch other networks. But according to a recent report, the Fox audience knows less even than folks who don’t watch any news AT ALL

    Researchers asked five questions on domestic issues (e.g., “Which party has the most seats in the House of Representatives right now?”) "Trump's/Russia" and five on international ones (e.g., “There have been increasing talks about economic sanctions against Iran. What are those sanctions supposed to do") ect

    Fox viewers scored the lowest in both categories, getting an average of 1.04 questions right on domestic issues and 1.08 on international, behind people who watch other networks such as MSNBC and CNN.

  10. The Republicans grasping at every conspiracy theory they can. Everything is so fake in the Bizzaro world of Trumptardia!

  11. You could replace Shondland's image with two sweaty hands desperately grasping their own wallet. He is not not acting like a liberated person. He's downright squirrel-y, defensive and self-serving. "Liberated" always involves the truth and Shondland obviously replaces that with "I don't recall."

  12. I like the way people say the Dems. got to him …lol, when in fact the possibility of going to jail for Perjury got to him!

  13. Ms Wallace, Good commentary as ever. As an 'outside viewer from RSA' I much appreciate both your and Ms Madows contribution. Please continue to refer to the 'Democratic led Congress inquiry' rather than the Democratic party inquiry (which it is not!) – important distinction regarding partisanship. Regarding Mr. Slumberland's testimony….Oh dear!! I am sure as far as Trump is concerned his career prospects 'sleep with the fishes'.

  14. Keep Trump away from the nuclear codes. He's going to have a mental breakdown. Just listen to his bizarre news conference. Read his childish block printed crib sheet. A man who has denied all consequences, the eternal baby, for his entire life? He won't face up now. If he has no out, it's straitjacket time for Trump.

  15. I suppose Sondland's lawyer explained not only perjury, but that Trump & Co. was starting to move toward making Sondland and ol' Rudy the fall guys for all of this.

  16. He told enough to stay from under trump's bus. It sounds like a few appointed government officials are way over their heads in their positions.

  17. The news says President Trump gets impeached….. the lawyer say there's no impeachable offense…. I say you should investigate all congressmen and senators… presidents and vice presidents from 3 years back….. investigate all!!!!!!

  18. At one point GYM Jordan repeatedly asked Sondland when a meeting took place to have the funds released for Ukrainian aid, when there was no meeting. Because in FACT John Bolton Released Ukraine Aid Before Resigning; Behind Trump and Mulvaney Backs.
    GYM Jordan made a Fool of himself yet again.

  19. Republicans are diving into the deep end with the Mango Molester. As they well know, how a smear works is just plain getting it out there. The doubt around Trump has just doubled in size.

  20. Yet again the republicans have pinned hope on a guy that they’d prayed would be prepared to perjury himself to save Old Yeller.

  21. A scenario/pipedream running around in my head today is one where the donald is ousted then perpwalked to the big house. After that, rather than moving Pence to the Oval, we declare donald's election null and void. Hilary wins and takes her rightful place….. even if for just a few months. It would be a perfect thing to happen– the most perfect thing in the history of the world.

  22. Why are some ambassshiph positions going to unqualified people? Yes, he "donated" a million dollars to trump but that isn't a qualifying reason.

  23. Note to interested parties. Rudy's Guiliani's son has a job in White House that pays almost a grand a year and it is reported he just has a good time as sports coordinator or similar do nothing job. When Trump taken away in handcuffs there will be a few vacancies in the White House. U will notice the spike in reported employment numbers immediately after spike in first time filings for unemployment.

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