Hello Everybody, my name is Markiplier and welcome to the sour the sh…The SHOCKINGLY Sour Challenge. (Ethan: Ho ho ho!) Thats.. thats the name for it (Tyler: I like it) I just came up with that myself Because we came up with this idea that we were gonna do the sour challenge and we got an assortment of stuff here uh, that IS sour but then we were like, “That’s boring!” We got Muscle Stimulators, Why wouldn’t we use them at the same time as this?” Ethan: Yeah! Mark: So, we’re gonna do exactly that! So anyway, we got a bunch of controls here, we got Lemonheads, Sour Patch, Sour Skittles, This..shit here Sour strips.. These are all basically just yummy candies But then we got Warheads. And you may be wondering why we got the shot glasses, and you may be wondering why we’re wired up to shockers, so We’re just gonna do these as a base level, you know no shockies needed there We’re just gonna be like: “Oh, we know what sour is… We, – like Tyler and I really like sour stuff, Wade does NOT Ethan, what do you think? E: I’m pretty good with sour stuff (Mark: – Pretty good with sour stuff) I like sour stuff. So we’re progressively gonna go through, We’re gonna take a handful of each candy, We’re gonna pop them down, We’re gonna try not to make a face, And, uh, then when we get to this, we’re gonna do one more incrementally do one more at a time, then increase the voltage on our things one more at a time. sound good? E: Wonderful. M: Wonderful. Everybody ready? E: Ready. W: Nope, let’s do it M: What have we started with Lemonheads? Sour Patch? T: Sour Patch. E: The goal is to not make any faces M:Yeah M:I think four is good enough there’s four of us, four kids (Ethan: Four kids) M: four Man-Children trying to do (flubbing) a “quote on-quote” challenge 3,2,1 bottoms up Mark: That’s tasty. Tyler: That is some good sour M: That’s boring! Bullshit! Get it out of here. E: I’ve never had lemonheads; I should read the ingredients on these M: you should yeah. Everyone: ✧Lemonheads! ✧ Whatever, down the hatch! Cheers! E: These aren’t sour at all! T: yeah they’re really not sour. E: These are NOT sour… M: Boring! Bullshit, get it out of here. M: Sour skittles. M: *:・゚✧CLINKIES!✧゚・: * (All repeat much less enthusiastically) E: OKAY… M: SPIT IN MY SACK. M: Wahaa. MOOhahaaa. Mooaha. E: I need to read these too! E: For all you kids out there with food allergies make sure you read ingredients of the foods that you’re, putting in your mouth before you eat them. This product may contain traces-NOPE! M: Not good? E: I can’t have these! E: Good thing- M: Ok we can-FUCK THESE THINGS they’re not sour anyway I’ve tried ’em before. E: Good thing I didn’t eat ’em that’s why you read ingredients. M: I’M A FUCKING BEAAAAST! M: Ehh that didn’t… E: Oh boy those are big T: Those are tweezers!? (Mark laughs) E: Those are so much bigger than I thought they were! M: Three two one down the hatch E: Those are pretty sour! (All agree) M: Yeah that’s got a kick to it T: Pretty good there’s sour powder in it E: Yeah Wade’s not having a fun time! M: How are you buddy? T: I think he’s crying. W: Not yet! E: That hit me, that hit me. T: Yeah that’s pretty good! we could do the betting with those. No we’re not going to do the challenge with that we got WARHEADS Extreme Warheads Should we turn on the muscle stimulators? Not yet-Not yet, We’re going to do it, alright so we’re gonna put these aside for later for actual consumption because those are good M: Pick your poison E: I’m gonna take lemon W: Just one M: Yeah, one for now now grab your shot glass. So here’s where things get incredibly stupid uh we’re gonna continually raise the stakes by putting one more warhead in our shot glass and then turning the muscle stimulator on both settings up one level. (Mark turns on Muscle Stimulator) Not much I feel slight tingle all right three two one down the hatch Epi-Pen at the ready *Clink*
(Ethan Repeats less excitingly) M: cool here we go. Bob (off camera) This might get really exciting E: Not that bad
*All shake their heads in agreement* M: Not that bad E: That’s actually not even as bad as the strips The strips were worse T: Alright M: now two E: Two Warheads Muscles Stims E & M: up one. T: Oh Forearm-y
M: I’m feeling a little more Still nothing severe, I’m feeling okay T: Occasionally my wrist kind of twingles and twitches and its like– E: cool OHHH I’m starting to feel it All but Ethan: CHEERS E: Euuhhhhhhh, Cheers
T: Why do you struggle so much to get here? E: because it’s…{looking for excuse} it’s you know {Face full of stuff} E: That’s worse, but not too bad {trying to hide sourness} Ok that’s getting me, ok that’s getting me T: He’s got a good sour face Not Bad (X4) M: Alright, we got three now T: Level up! (everybody repeats after Tyler!) OoooOOOO BOY… W: Ahhh! AHHHH! (~Whoa-ing all around~) E: Ohh yeah, that’s good! (Tyler and Wade continue to freak out) That’s good! E: Oh you got a good one, (M: Ah, alright) you’ve got a really good one (M: finger’s all set to go) T: HI. I’m…I’m apparently jiggling something with my right hand
E: Mine are not THAT bad M: Down the hatch *Clink* T: I’m afraid somebody’s gonna have to actually give us our shots (M: Clinkies!) at some point. E: Uh huh, Ok.
Offscreen Bob: Wade’s in trouble. mm-hmm
M: We’re only on level three of ten. E: TEN!? M: (casually) Yeah
W: We’re at level four now, right? M: Yep, four. Ah! The thing’s happening, the things just starting to happen
W: AAHAHAHA M: My middle finger (W: AHH) is raising, like, (W: AHHHHHHHHH) reflexively… E: I haven’t gone to four yet it’s time
W: I need help opening this… (all start oo-ing) E: OHH that’s — that’s a tingle!
M: Ok, hurry E: that’s a tingle, that’s a lot of it, thats a lot of tingle All: ✨Clinkies✨ M: Cheers! E: I don’t know if I can put this in my mouth!! (Tyler laughing, Bob laughs from offscreen) W: *emphatically imitates caveman* T: Good. E: there are so many sensations in my body W: I can’t bend my left arm. M: I give these Warheads two thumbs up! Frobo! Frobo! SAAAAAAAM. E: Five warheads. Fiiiive muscles. Fiiiive People. T: is your mouth starting to, like, hurt?
M: Mm-Hm T: Mine too M: yeah, well the thing about a-uh..sour is it’s literally acid so the more you eat the more it literally melts the inside of your mouth. It’s very damaging. E: Oh I’m feeling it right here, oh there’s a…bump— T: AAHHHHH
W: AaaaaAHH E: Ok (X6) M: I can’t be that bad guys… (muscle stimulator kicks in) AAAHAHAHAHAHA. W: Upper shoulder hurts M: Remember, we’re “professionals”? alright here we go…down the hatch 3️⃣2️⃣1️⃣ Clinkies
E: I can’t bend…HELP
W: I can’t get my arm. W: *Turkey-gobbles as Bob laughs maniacally in the distance* It burns! T: Oh No (X2), the electric got to my thumb! What is M: I ‘unno. E: So we’re going up to six now right? M: We’re – Wait, put it in first W: I’ve got to get mine back up T: wait how do I get one-
M: Wade, why don’t you take a break E: Oh (X4) OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH O-kay (x6) M: It’s getting harder to have– (Ethan repeatdely okay-ing) –fine hand coordination E: Ok it hurts… my body is hurting (Ethan starts grunting) M: you can tap out at any time, you big baby– E: I’m not tapping out; I’m not a fucking BITCH M: yeah we’re on six now…I’m going to six W: Oh god, I hate that fe- Oh. Oh. It burns. (Ethan: ohhh ohh ohoh oh oh) W:AAAAAHHHHALAYAYAYAYA M:Ready E: two, for six — W &E: Hold on, hold on I’ve got it I’ve got to amp it up… oh ee oh ah ok (X3), my arm, OOOk, I don’t know if I can… (Maniacal Bob) I don’t know if I can pick this up, dude. (More Maniacal Bob) M: Use your other hand ya doof! T: I got him! E: *muffled quack* uhbut… mmm… (struggling Wade) W: Oh, yeah, thank you *Wade screams* (Bob laughs uncontrollably in the background) *Scream intensifies* E: Ehhheh-it’s tingling so much M: I’m starting to sweat very profusely W: do we have to do more settings? M: AHH. (Mark slightly blabbering) I get to the part of sour eating where I start sweating a lot. Bob (mimicking Mark): and talking like that? M: My tongue starts to swell up E: I spit on myself T: I’m getting lumps of my tastebud cells, like, in my cheeks M: The epithelial layer inside my mouth is starting to slough off in chunks. This might’ve been a mistake. oh.. Agh W: This is AWFUL M: UUUUUUGH I didn’t even turn it up! Ah…Agh… T: Hey… hey Bob! M: AAAaaaAAHH!! T: You… are you alright? (Bob laughs again) E: Mine turned off again… T: Bob — you rotten kid! M: You damn dirty ape you– T: AaaaAAAAHHH every time I move it does something different… E: Okay, I’m going to 7 W: aaa… *wheeze-whimper* ahahahow… E: I feel nothing, but at the same time I can’t move (Bob is still maniacal) T (in between laughs): Did you see me try and pick it up and my hand became a claw? — AHHHHH All: Clinkies! (All mmm-ing, except Maniacal Bob) M: *MANLY GRUNT* W: *muffled* UUUUHHH! OHMUHGOD!! IT BURNS A SO BAD!!! M: *table pound* UH. (Bob is gasping for air) (Various “eughs”) T: *Turkey scream!* Bob: Two thumbs up for Mark W: I don’t think I could do 8
E: I didn’t think that it could get this bad
B: omg look at the- show that color *random noise of eugh and distress from Ethan* W: I don’t think I can do 8, i’m going to puke T: Bob (getting Bob’s attention)
M: I’m going for eight E: I’m going for eight M: Oh that it…that’s a boy, atta boy, (Bob: For the views Wade) for the views T:We’re at eight oh I’m sweating so much
T: I’m startin’ to sweat E: my mouth just hurts so bad so bad every time- W: Fuck these red ones what are you- T: BTW just keep picking a channel and it will keep going–
W: that’s what I was trying to order actually did that is also you know this this was a terrible idea
M: Yeah, don’t do this at home E: no don’t do it anywhere M: bad idea M: good thing we’re here E: We’re here to be stupid for you so you don’t have to be stupid
T: I’m leveling up M: I’m going up, going up
All: AAAAHH OOH E: Oh this hands going up, this hand is going up now T: I have the CLAW M: Here we go E: I can’t pick it up…ahhhh Mine shut off oh fuck no this is horrifying T: AAhh
W: oh Mine just shut of too B: Mark do you need to tap out? B: Oh Wade no (M: Almost done) Wade. Oh my god Wade E: I feel like I’m going to throw up T: We can do this
M: I can do this E: *Gags* I might thrrrrrow uuuuup W: Are we at 8 or 9? {9}
M: We’re on 8. (E: We’re on 9) We’r e on 9 now E: everything hurts (X2) *Ethan makes a face and gags*
M: right now it’s come down to a point of pride more than it’s a point of fun T: We’re two away Bob: I don’t think anyone should be proud of this E: We’re so close, we can do this
T: Can you hand me that towel? M: Aah (Tyler: I’m sweating way too much) (T: This hat is off *flings hat into another dimension*) M: Nine suuuuuucks! hnghhhhh
W: I’m going to just do shocks with you guys, but I’ll-I’ll puke if I do one more sour I’ll keep going with this (indicating muscle stims), but I can’t do the sour T: Ok Wade taps out on sour W: Oh God OOOOOOOH
E: OOOH AAAH FUCK! My hands — (laughing) My hands don’t work anymore (X2) I can’t move my fingers! Ow!
W: why is the left arm so much worse M: I’m ready T: I’m at 9 E: Hold on, I think I’m at 9, but I might of miss counted… my nose is starting to run there’s so many fluids
W: sorry I’m not cheers-ing but my hands right hear
T: OOOHH Bob my hand, what is it doing? W: My skin – I feel my tongue, like, falling apart my mouth it’s the most disgusting feeling M: oh ah oh hmm oh ah eh ah eh ohm…mmh ha mm mm hmm mm MMH E: ehhhehehe I need an adult M: I love sour stuff so god damn much *ablackbg* (T: I’m at 25) One more, one more E: Ok (M: Just one more) I need help getting them M: AAAHH what the fuck W: Omg I can’t go to 10 T: Ahh my finger’s trying to push through my hand
E: I’m gonna go to 10 (Wade screaming)
E: Ah OK (X6) W: oh god (everyone continues screaming) T: Mark (X2)
✨Clinkies✨ E: (quietly) Oh no Bob: I think Mark’s going to lose it W: #NOTWORTHIT T: One more
M: I don’t think they go up one more They go up one MORE T:AAAh (all ahhhhhhhh-ing)
W: How do you turn it off? M: You hold the off button
E: This was horrible please E: don’t do this, It’s so bad E: this is the worst thing that I’ve ever E: done for a video M: So you want a lot of subscribers kids, huh? You want to be a YouTuber, huh? Do you know what we sacrificed? (E: Is this what you want?) Do you know what we’ve paid in blood and sweat and tears… T: and nostril ooze M: are you willing to make the sacrifice? M: anyway this was absolutely not worth it M: there’s going to get no no…everyone (E: is mrh-) M: Please for the sa–I taste nothing but blood M: Please for the sake of our own M: suffering T: don’t do this E: do not do this M: Do not do this W: don’t do it E: It’s really bad M: don’t do it M: ignore the fact that my nips are hard, M: ignore that, it’s not any indication of M: anything T: hands are really sweaty and warm W: (defeatedly) Sorry.
E: I came really really — that’s the E: closest I ever come to throwing up in a vide o T: If I didn’t start bleeding T: in my mouth I would’ve kept going T: because I still love the taste of sour, but T: the blood is just-
W: I made the mistake of W: thinking my cheeks were a safe spot T: don’t T: ever do that M: don’t do that so thank you M: everybody so much for watching if you M:If you thought that the suffering it was worth it T: give it a like M: leave a like, maybe a comment M: about how BRAVE we are or dumb… M: either way thank you everybody so much M: for watching M: we’re gonna go heal a lot T: and drink T: water M: and dr–drink a lot of water but M: either way, I-I-I had a good time?? T: I’ve got to go with Mark
E: It was a good time, but it was ooh- M: Oh Man E: It was a lot M: Oh man that’s so much blood W: I guess they had a good time M: Oh, that’s bad to look at M: oh that is (E: let me see) very bad look at so M: anyways thank you everybody so much for M: watching M: but as always we’ll see you in the next M: video M: Buh Bye. All: Buh Bye!

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  1. I don't want you to be idiots for me, I want to be an idiot with you all XD hahahaha I would love to experience the same thing.

  2. Hiya Mr.Markiplier! Y'all should do a spicy and shock challenge(torture) next. Just a thought that came to mind after watching this lol. You don't have to if you don't want to. Because probably after this you don"t want that in your mind. But i was thinking for the challenge y"all getting spicy candy you can get at a mexican stores mostly or get really really spicy food. Just a random thought though.

  3. Lol i lover sour stuff too but i cant eat a ton of it cuz it damge your mouth u need to give it time to heal or it will hurt like hell

  4. Me and my freind found his dads muscle stimulators and we only got the six and we went out to the dollar store and got extreme sour Warheads

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