Strawberries and needles are two things that
definitely don’t go together, but unfortunately if you live in Australia or new zealand, the
two words are showing up in the same sentence more often than acceptable. Major grocery stores have announced a huge
recall and strawberries have been stripped from grocery store shelves because people
keep finding everything from needles and chunks of metal inside their fruit. Welcome back to IO, your youtube source for
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on social media, all our links are posted in the description. People all over Australia and new Zealand
got a little more than they paid for when they visited their local fruit stand. Police are investigating reports of metal
objects being found inside fruits. Police are concerned about a widespread problem,
where a metal object was found inside a banana. And just a few weeks ago, metal needles were
found in Queensland Australia, and several places in between there and Perth new Zealand. Australians in every state have reported finding
needles concealed in strawberries. There’s been 20 scares in new south wales
alone. The first reported case was this: A mother
of two young children first discovered needles in strawberries she had given to her young
children. Her son bit into one of the strawberries and
discovered a metal pin. And then she also found yet another needle
when she was cutting up the strawberries for her kid. Imagine how brutal it would be to find a needle
inside a strawberry you’ve bitten into. Like this isn’t just a hair it’s a full
on sewing needle. Eating a needle could definitely kill you
if you swallow it, especially if you’re a small child. It can scrape and cut the inside of your throat. The metal objects have already caused one
man to be taken to a hospital for emergency medical attention after he swallowed a needle. It’s terrifying for consumers who are terrified
of buying fruit until the problem is contained. So what the heck is going on here, why are
people finding metal objects that could kill them inside the fruit they buy? According to vice president of the queensland
strawberry growers association, Adrian Schultz, its an act of commercial terrorism, and its
brought a multi billion dollar industry to its knees. Imagine that, somewhere, theres some sick,
twisted weirdo that’s sticking metal objects in fruit. Either that or it could be part of a bigger
scheme where an entire organization is doing this. But the question is, why are they doing this,
why are they attacking the Australian public in this way? Its not just the consumers who are seriously
hurt by this problem, farmers, suppliers, the people at the factories and farms packaging
the fruit, the truckers who are transporting the fruit. All of these people are in danger of losing
their jobs and not being able to support their families. Theres already been a major strawberry recall
in Australia and supermarkets have stripped strawberries from their shelves. Already this is causing an issue with the
fruit market. Strawberry prices have dropped substantially,
prices in western Australia are lower than the cost of production. New zealands major supermarkets have stopped
selling fruit from Australia. Federal health minister Greg hunt ordered
the food safety watchdog to investigate whether there are supply chain weaknesses. It is possible to find out where the contamination
is happening by trial and error, and narrowing down where exactly the needles were put inside
the strawberries. For now, health officials have warned that
if you are going to eat strawberries, cut them up before you eat them. strawberry producers have started ordering
metal detectors to scan their products as a safety precaution. It seems that Australians are not losing hope. Home cooks are still supporting farmers and
taking advantage of the cheap fruit and they are making huge batches of strawberry jam. In order to make strawberry jam, you have
to chop up the fruit, so if there are any needles inside, they will be found. You can also make frozen yogurt, homemade
fruit roll us, milkshakes, daquris or muffins. Local MPs are posting strawberry jam recipies
on twitter, encouraging Australians to keep supporting farmers. If you know anything about whats going on,
Two Australian states have offered rewards of up to 100 thousand Australian dollars for
information. Anyways guys, that’s some pretty scary stuff,
I’m going to lighten the mood with some comment replies. Wavy Nation – if I get put in the video,
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100 thoughts on “Watch Out For NEEDLES Inside Strawberries”

  1. Okay… I'm sorry but it's bothering me soooo much that she said "Austrailians in every state…", because Australia has no states.

  2. Potato Queen!!!! Perth isn't in New Zealand, it is still in Australia. We are all still eating strawberries here, we are just cutting them first

  3. Yep congrats io your the first channel overseas to discover this it is all over the news down here can someone put this in vegetables good EXUSE so I don't have to eat then ๐Ÿ˜‚Lol

  4. Someone did it intentionally and plot it because fruits don't produce metals parts by itself. This is definitely food terrorism.

  5. Charlotte your my favorite person on io please feature me!

    If you do feature me my name is pronounced (Kah-lease) just like the singer

  6. A great idea is to buy strawberries directly from the farm if you have one nearby. I actually grew up with the kids of a local strawberry farmer and would buy boxes of strawberries for my birthday.

  7. no joke but it looks like we'll have to start use metal decators to scan our fruits,,,
    nooo i was trying to giving a joke then i heard you just mention metal detectors, just when i thought i can make you laugh.๐Ÿ˜ข

  8. Now people putting needles in other fruit also…bananas and apples… upto 100 cases now reported…
    Grr silly humans….

  9. For real. My dad isnโ€™t buying straw Berryโ€™s rn because of this ๐Ÿ™ and now some people are finding the pins in bananas too ๐Ÿ˜ซ I feel so bad for the farmers

  10. Who else lives in Australia?? I do and I have heard of this.

    I took some strawberries out of my bag at school at my friends gasped and told me not to eat it there faces were priceless, but I did cut them up previously Ingo pretty small chunks so I was fine, I hope all u aussies are safe from The viscous strawberries. Letโ€™s hope no one puts needle in potatoes, and if they do potato army will be coming for them

  11. Perth in New Zealand lol there is no such place called Perth in New Zealand there is a place called Perth in Western Australia not New Zealand

  12. This is really sad as our farmers have been in drought and already had been having problems now they they lose money due to the needles and the scary thing was I ate one of the first brands the day before, luckily there was no needles

  13. Dose anyone want some strawberries us Aussie we deal with death all the time today 10 spiders that could of killed me didnโ€™t even think twice about going few inches from them i had work to do

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  16. Im really picky when it comes to fruit, they just aren't tasty to me. I love grapes especially red ones, cherries and all types of melon. I like orange and apple juice but don't like the whole fruit. I like strawberry, banana flavored things but thats it. But I will eat pretty much all vegetables apart from mushrooms ๐Ÿ™‚

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  18. My friend found a needle in her apple at school and she told the teacher she almost ate it and Iโ€™m just like WAIT THERE IS A NEEDLE

  19. There was a lady but she did not like her job of picking straw berries so she put needles in them.she also has is true

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