what’s up guys welcome to today’s hiit
workout with weights today’s workout has no repeats so you
only have to perform each move once! Once we’re done our hiit circuit we’re gonna
move into a no repeat ab workout so again you only have to perform each
exercise one time this one’s gonna be good and sweaty guys so if you’re ready
give me a thumbs up and then follow along here we go alright guys that is it another sweaty
no repeat hitt workout nice work comment below let me know how
you’re feeling and if you got your sweat on today give me a thumbs up and don’t
forget to share this workout with a friend I’ll be back real soon with a
brand new workout have a great day guys

100 thoughts on “Week 4 Day 2 // No Repeats HIIT Workout // Full Body Circuit with Weights”

  1. I had some days off and i lost the count in the which day i stopped last time,? today i came across this one and i [email protected]@ lets do this!!?♥️ (I love training with weights,) after the sprint i thought!!Gosh that was hard ,? Thank so much for your awesome workouts and for keeping us motivated with the fantastic music ?i would love to see more weights though and glute isolated exercises in this one..otherwise 10 Stars !???

  2. WOW!!!Such a tough ab workout!!I do with no rest and my abs on fire!?Love this workout,so much fun and sweat.I was hope it would be like that!Here I am tommorow!

  3. W4D2…done! These workouts are just the right length for this working mom! Those plank variations though; anything that involves that position is going to be tough…froggers (ouch), up and down planks with jacks, shoulder taps, saws…oh my core, shoulders, arms, legs…just everything. Thanks, Heather and see you tomorrow morning!


    Another win for the no-repeat lovers. Back to regular scheduling tomorrow for those of us who are all about the repeats 😀 😀 😀 😀 Teeee heeeeee.

    That ab session though…hated it but it burned so good!

  5. Awesomeness!!! Thank you for challenging us day in and day out. My body is literally crying of pain and joy at the same time.

  6. Stopped after the 1st rest period. Mind isn't right today as I normally love no repeats. (I loath body weight lol)

  7. Grateful for the no repeats on the froggers and spot sprints! Thanks for including abs. I seem to forget to do that on my own. ?

  8. Week 4 underway… Day 1 was great, day 2 – crazy! No repeats, but killer throughout! During the abs – Heather, once again, I was swearing at you… Sorry! Another awesome session. Keep it up team! All the best everyone!

  9. Always get excited when there are no repeats but I also love those deadlifts and would do that move 5 times more :). Still loving these workouts Heather!!!!! Still the only thing I wish were different is I'd love for you to talk through the cool down! ♥️

  10. Thank you for this. I really enjoyed your workouts before my pregnancy. I am 4.5m postpartum and now that my abs are back together this workout is such a treat! The no repeats are nice when you are trying to get back into shape because it seems less stressful to the body. Cheers!

  11. Week 4 Day 2 – Done. That Frogger and Frog jumps OMG! I've been doing your workouts for months but still can't get used to those lol. And that Hold Prayer Crunch looks easy, but I'm already shaking in just 10 seconds lol

  12. wow Heather, you definitely know how to make one feel good after and not like you in the same breathe….. hahahah

  13. No repeat is where I LIVE :). Made it through most ab exercises with no rest – feeling better and better – appreciating the burn.

  14. I love that one! Very nice HIIT strength with super abs and no repeats! It is landing on my favourites ❤️ 200kcal burned.

  15. This was awesome! I never thought I would be so excited about the HITT/Abs days! They are the most fun challenge!

  16. These are my favorite especially because I get bored easily – NO REPEATS ARE AWESOME!!!!! My body is beat as I just completed week 4 day 1 before this workout….I'm all caught up for now. As usual, I'm feeling so POWERFUL – Thank you!

  17. Thanks Heather!! Love this all inclusive workout. You bring fresh ideas to the workout space and I want to say THANK YOU!!!!

  18. I love you channel! I always feel good after a workout. I’ve been getting back in shape with these videos. No repeats are my favorite. ?

  19. another SWEET sweat-sesh!! I do child-care and this is what I look forward to after the kiddos are gone…something to refuel the engine for the evening! thank-you


  20. I just found Heather on YouTube and I love her workouts! I started the 12 day exercise today. Easy to follow and nice transition showing the next exercise. I have shared this with many of my friends.

  21. Great workout ?! I didn't do it in the morning like usual, as had appointment. So did it in the evening and had my husband join me! Wk4d2 ✔️. Was nice sweaty afterwards.

  22. you must never make that a repeat workoutwould it be smart to finish at 9:30 pm and then do day 3 at 5:30 am the next day

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