– [John] Well, I’m kind
of one of these nut bags that comes in here because I’m a crazy weekend warrior, get after it guy. I’m 46, but my wife tells me, you know you’re not 20 anymore. So, I’m a high-intense, go get
it, get after it kind of guy. So, when I first came here
I told you I was acute. I had to get adjusted and then I realized what daily adjustments do
just in overall health. So for there’s a while
there where I was just coming in here proactively
and it felt great. The adjustments I
needed, my body was good. When I look at a guy
like me, I like to train, I work hard, I lift, I get after it. Rest is important, massage
therapy is important, getting adjusted is important. So when I’m doing all those
things, I’m at my perfect state. And I’m really competitive;
however, being the fact that I push myself and I go hard, I
do injure myself, and I have. You know, the adjustments
and the help that I got when I was injured- I’ve had
lower back problems, I’ve had calf issues,
I’ve had hamstring issues. I’m dealing with a fractured
ankle right now- Awesome. Dr. Urvi and this staff
is a part of my therapy, and it’s a part of my healing. Yeah, you go to the doc, you
do all this, you do this. But when you come in here,
it’s unbelievable how related your overall health is
to injury prevention. And then when you have an injury. I can tell you right now, I’ve got two or three stories just working
with the massage therapist and talking with them
prior to the treatment saying okay, here’s the game plan. I’m hurting here, we need to work on this. This is that and what can we do? Then the therapist will
go right back at me. John, we need to do this,
this and this and here’s how we’re gonna do it and here’s a game plan. Recently, this fracture
happened on my ankle. The first thing Dr. Urvi told me, let’s get a game plan for ya,
here’s what we need to do. And we just lined up a game plan. And it’s, yeah am I going gonna go see the Ortho Indy tomorrow? Sure, but this is a daily
event, or a plan that we have that is a big difference
in how I feel every day. And that’s sort of my story
or my message to somebody who may listen to this and say, wow I never thought about
this office to use that. The reality is this. I’m an older guy, that likes
to push and try to be young and we all try to right,
fountain of youth. But the reality is this, when
you’re older and you wanna push yourself that hard,
you better incorporate rest. You’ve gotta get your sleep. Now we’ve gotta start eating right. We’re not bullet proof anymore, right? What I’ve done from a stretching and flexibility standpoint is key. I come in here and doc makes
fun of me, but it’s funny. I roll all the time. We’ve got a great foam roller in here. I’m rolling out all the time. Getting adjusted, getting the
chiropractor care is huge. The fact that you guys have
massage therapy combined in this office was the biggest benefit and enhancement to making
it all under one roof. So for an athlete like myself
that wants to keep pushing, that wants to keep going that hard, battling my age, whatever,
battling injuries. If I don’t have a game plan, for having multiple therapies in one office that can get things done, I
couldn’t do what I want to do. And that’s when I’m injured. When I’m healthy, and
I’m in here proactive which is the key, you know. That’s when I’m at my strongest, that’s when I feel invincible. When things are all good and
I’m coming in to see doc, I can’t wait to get adjusted, then I feel like I can’t be stopped.

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