– One of the dead giveaways
of what causes headaches and migraines is that your
symptoms generally are better in the morning and
then they worsen around say one or two o’clock in the afternoon. Just from the weight of your head on your neck irritates neck structures that cascade nerve pain
up in your head and face. Your brain doesn’t do that, blood vessels don’t change as the day goes on, but the load of your head
on your neck does change. And interestingly, what
we’ve found in this clinic from thousands of patients this is the hot spot for
where headaches begin. And this is where the nerves
converge and come together that spread right up
into your head and face, so just like if you hit your
elbow and get nerve pain like out in your fingers, most
of us have experienced that, and then it retreats back to the source, the nerve pain starts here
and then works its way up into your head and face
and into your forehead, eyes, sinuses and then when it calms down it goes back this way back to the source. And what we do is we
fix the source naturally without medications or
injections or surgery so that you can get the symptoms to rapidly
clear and then stay gone.

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