Okay, so we talked about the adjustment. What
does the adjustment do? The adjustment, like we said, it actually corrects the position
of the bone because of subluxation is a joint that’s not in the right spot, but it’s not
so far out that it’s dislocated but it’s also not moving right. The adjustment corrects
the motion, it corrects the position. In doing this, what it allows the body to do is it
allow the swelling that’s around the joints to decrease. In doing that, you allow these
nerves again like we talked about before. These nerves that go to everywhere in the
body to start working right. That allows the muscles spasms to go down, decreases the pain
because you’re getting rid of the inflammation. The most important thing about it is the change
in the nerve flow. Once the nerves can start working like they’re supposed to, then the
brain, which sends signals to everywhere in the body can start sending appropriate signal
because the feedback it’s getting from the body is accurate again. When we see things
like that, whenever we make these adjustments and give the body the chance to heal, we see
all kinds of things happen. For instance, I have a patient, a 57-year-old woman who
has had allergies since she was a teenager. This year she’s been seeing me since November.
She’s been seeing me for about 8 months now and she didn’t have any allergies this year,
none at all. She also is no longer on her diabetes medication. So we see all kinds of
things that change whenever you get the proper nerve flow going again based off of the adjustment,
the proper chiropractic adjustment. Now, like we talked about, all kinds of things can happen
I just want to stress the importance of the adjustment letting the nerves start working
like they’re supposed to. As you can see behind me, these nerves go to every organ an tissue
in the entire body. Now, a lot of people ask well is it painful. Usually, no. Usually,
the adjustments actually feel good. There are some occasions, because like we said,
there’s inflammation around the joint, there’s swelling around the joint. Anytime something’s
swollen, it becomes sore. Sometimes it’s a little bit painful, but it rarely hurts. Usually
after regular chiropractic care if you get adjusted a few times the swelling goes down
and it actually feels good.

6 thoughts on “What Does a Chiropractor Do? : Benefits of a Chiropractic Adjustment”

  1. Chiropractic is proved to be effective and chiropractors are doctors specializing in musculoskeletal problems with manipulation and mobilization. Check out the U.S government website. If they are quacks, they should have been removed from the site. By the way, I am a doctor of physical therapy student.

  2. Thanks for the great information! I think Chiropractic is the method of natural healing most chosen by those seeking complementary/alternative health care for acute and chronic conditions. And there are so many good benefits for our body!

  3. Yes. I agree. Now at age 60 yrs n suffered 2 paralysis, due to a traumatic accident in London while I was a student ( age 19 ).Hve been living in exercruciating pains, until no pain killers even steroid , no longer work n was going to b wheelbound. About 5 & half mths ago found a gd chiro fr New Zealand by the name Dr Tae Kim working in singapore. I m now given a new life – pain free, can stand, walk , go hiking etc. I was only told that I ve only 10% . But after 5& half mths under Dr Tae care, with the latest x- ray, I ve achieved 60% n I m still under his care. Amzing, right. I m a living testimony for my doc. As I m very active in my voluntary work ( worldwide )

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