The next thing in my assessment of a patient
when they come in for an adjustment. I’ve already checked the low, I’ve checked the
midback, or the thoracic spine. The next thing that I do is I’ll go ahead and check the neck.
Now, there are a couple of different ways of adjusting the neck. There’s actually more
than a couple, but the most common ways. There’s 2 of the most common ways. One of them is
with the patient on their back like you see here, and then we’ll go through here. Again,
like I mentioned in the other videos, I’ll feel for heat. I’ll feel for any kind of changes
in the skin because when you have changes with the nervous system you notice things
like one spot. Part of the skin is a little bit sticky or dy or something like that. I’l
feel for that, I’ll feel for heat. I’ll feel for muscle spasms. Like in her case, I can
feel a muscle spasm right here kind of in a lower part of her neck on the right side.
I know that when you have that spasm, there’s most likely some sort of nerve interference
with that area. Like we talked about before, that just tells me that that’s a sign that
there’s a subluxation in that area. By feeling it, by moving it back and forth, I can feel
the way that the bones are moving and I can feel with my hands right here that it just
doesn’t want to turn this way. It doesn’t want to rock to the side. Then I can also
rotate it and feel that it doesn’t want to turn that way to the left. Basically, it’s
not wanting to go this way and not wanting to turn that way. What I’ll do is I’ll put
my finger right on that spot, right on that bone that’s not wanting to move right, bring
it all the way here to the side. These ones usually make noise, but the also don’t hurt.
Usually don’t hurt. We’ll just go right here. I’ll give it a quick little bump and it makes
a lot of noise. Again, the noise like I said before, doesn’t necessarily mean that the
adjustment took place. In this case, I felt the movement, she felt the movement. We know
that the bone moved. Now, very important, this is very, very, very important that no
one tries this if they’re not trained as a chiropractor because as anyone knows, the
neck is pretty delicate. The whole spine itself is delicate. Any kind of damage that’s done
to the spine can be deadly. Okay. It is a very trained thing. We go through 3 years
of intense training to learn how to make these specific adjustments.

100 thoughts on “What Does a Chiropractor Do? : Chiropractic Relief of Neck Pain”

  1. Cracked my neck in class and I guess I moved a plate in my neck. Like the 3rd one whatever its called. Couldn't move the left side of my neck and hurt SO SO BAD! I went to chiropractor and she straightend my neck and cracked it back into place! I LOVE YOU CHIROPRACTORS!

  2. weverysorrymon, going through your family genome reveals you're closer to neanderthal in genotype than most. You know what this means man!? Your "in"! Geico commercial money dude! Yer gunno sell insurance bro! Yea ha!

  3. joni and scott, chiropractic never claimed to cure anything. This is medicnes "catch phrase". Unlike medicine, which is soley interested in managing disease and conditions, chiropractic addresses the underlying cause. Yes, one must address the spine and alleviate any potential inhibitors of proper nervous system function. Grey's Anatomy: The nervous system controls the body's tissues, etc. Chiropractic also analyzes and counsels on a healthful lifestyle= cure for diabetes. Ta da! Chiropractic!

  4. weverysorrymon, There were three MD's, an RN, and a DPM in my 5200 hr. for chiropractic school vs 4600 hr. medical school class. No mon…chiropractic students are very smart…smarter than "you" think, if you know what I mean?

  5. @money4412 , medical school (4600 hrs) is very similar to chiropractic school (5200 hrs) except chiropractic school is 500 more hours . I had three MD's, an RN, and a DPM in my chiropractic class. They addressed our class with "Chiropractic school is comparable if not exceeds medical school standards.

  6. ospreyurineonu, Was your rant and rave on containing a health care profession by limiting its scope as a means to prevent more people from being injured or killed about "Medicine"? Man, we all know for sure that medicine killed 800,000 Americans last year while chiropractic killed zippo. We also know for sure that chiropractic doctors pay only $1500/year malpractice insurance while MD's pay between $65,000/year and $300,000/year. Malpractice insurance rates are determined by risk and claims made

  7. osprey-u-with-urine, did you take your meds you simple minded medic? Go on punk, take your pills…try the purple ones (Nexium)…mmmm their good!

  8. ospreycookout, Oh my! Thank you for asking if I have children. I sure do! I have four super healthy breast fed, unvaccinated, "never took a med" kids. They're healthier and more intelligent than their medical counterparts. Folks reading this post…In 1989 a study was conducted comparing chiropractic and medical cared for children. By far, the children recieving chiropractic care were healthier than their medical counterparts. I provide chiropractic primary health care to 10,000 people. Chiro!!!

  9. yes I am looking forward to med school in the fall and the challenges that come with it. Any profession beyond college requires dedication and work and it just irritates me when people don't recognize this. For curiosity why were there doctors in you classes?

  10. ospreyforlooks! Yo bumba-clot! Some chiropractic and medical schools combine their chiropractic and medical interns in rotations. More and more hospitals are providing chiropractic care programs. Chiropractic is not designed to address trauma or "treatment of diseases". Chiropractic's design is to address the underlying cause of disease= properly functioning nervous system and healthful lifestyle (nutriton, exercise, mental health (you need help here), environmental factors, etc.). Chiropractic!

  11. If there are readers here having questions on chiropractic and/or a career in chiropractic, please feel free to contact me if you have questions and/or need information. Chiropractic is the fastest growing primary health care profession. Chiropractic schools are full to the brim due to the millions of Americans looking to chiropractic for an alternative and/or compliment to medicine.

  12. ospreyforbettercare, "…chiros never have access to medical patients…" Whaaa? Of course we have access to millions of present and former "medical" patients…those who were maimed by drugs, needles, and knives, etc…. Those who've come to terms that their body possesses its own inherent healing powers. Most of the people who come to my 500+ pv/week office are former "medical patients". Chiropractic schools are equivalent to and/or exceed medical schools (Google this folks!). Chiropractic!!!!

  13. ospreylookup, Google-ing is an easy and fun way to learn. "It" will lead one to the legitimate scientific journals supporting chiropractic and holistic health care methods. Give my love to the wife and your little skeptics.

  14. weversonman, hardly a defense i.e. "Sure there's a lot of corruption in medical health care, however…. Look weversonmun, I want you in a chiropractic office by Monday…STAT! LOL! Kidding aside, I mean it. A visit to a busy chiropractic practice and recieving spinal adjustments will do a ton of good for you.

  15. money4412, "Why were medical doctors (MD) in your class, leaving medicine to become a different type of doctor, a chiropractic doctor (DC)? One of them, a pathologist. Address the class to primarily convey; Unlike medicine which consistently collects info. on symptoms then finds means to supress them, chiropractic on the other hand analyzes the entire person, their body, their lifestyle, etc. as a means to address the underlying cause of their dis-ease. Two now are lead chiropractic researchers.

  16. ospraythecrops, I's sure as shit stinks; want the best medical team to help my children in the event they are injured. In the same vien, outside the ER I'm my childrens primary doctor and decide what is best for maintaining their health. In 1989 a study was performed comparing the health of chiropractic children vs medical children. By far the healthier group was the chiropractic children; less allergies, asthma, ear infections, headaches, ADHD, etc. The chiropractic system is very effective.

  17. ospreynow, hey man you don't have to blow a gasket dude. I gave you SPINE, PubMed, JMPT, etc. as sources that validify what chiropractic offers. How many times does one have to get "it" to you? Look over your posts dude. Your writing like a mad man. Your not going to win over chiropractic's mainstream full steam ahead momentum. Jump "in" chiropractic, not "on" it. We love you ospreylookout. We even loved to watch the ospreys on the intercoastal near our home. How did you get your hammer (name)?

  18. osprey, I've been a chiropractic physician 20 years with 18,000 active patient files. Of the amount of time I've practiced and the amount of people I've come in contact with, how many times would one think I've picked up on life threatening issues? More than a few times my man. I picked up: Vertebral compression fractures, melanomas, both viceral and skeletal malignacies, abdominal aortic anurysms, thrombophlebitis, MS, etc. I referred while cont. to provide chiropractic to these people…Love.

  19. ospreyman, Hey! Easy fella…don't allow yourself the indignity of self deprivation of self respect. Take it easy…. Tomorrow I'll provide you with the 1989 article revealing chiropractic children are healthier than their medical counterparts. Let's stop posting and get some rest. It's almost 11:00 a.m. dude! 9looking at watch). Nighty night. Good night ospreylookout…Goodnight chiropractic47….Goodnight ospreylookout….Good night chiropractic47…..(Waltons "Good Night").

  20. ospreyforthesun, Van Breda W.M. 1989. "A comparison study of the health status of children raised under the health care models of chiropractic and allopathic medicine". Journal of Chiropractic Research, 101-103, Summer. Did I tell you my friend that I would never let you down? Chiropractic and children…It's naturally good.

  21. interesting, do they strictly practice chiro. now or do they maintain practices with chiro incorporated into them?

  22. Hi, really nice video. May I ask how long did you spend putting it together? I am wanting to do something like this for one of my dyslexia clients in video marketing.


  23. I was injured by 3 Chiro's and my wife was injured by the first one she went to one and we have been in serious pain from the "adjustments" for 3 and 4 years. Chiro's=Quacks take my advice and never go or you will learn the hard way like us.

  24. @DrTakker Looking at the cause of pain is one thing – fixing it is another. I feel that if someone needs maintenance adjustments, it's not about causes anymore or fixing anything. It's about masking some recurring problem.

  25. @davepoole You won the bet! animonvietv recently walked through an airport x-ray scanner and was yanked out of line with the suspicion he was a woman dressed as a man. Chiropractic won!

  26. Here are some peer-reviewed studies that support benefits over standard medical care:

    Low back pain of mechanical origin: randomised comparison of chiropractic and hospital outpatient treatment. (BMJ)

    A comparison of physical therapy, chiropractic manipulation, and provision of an educational booklet for the treatment of patients with low back pain (NEMJ).

    So, there is a body of research supporting limited benefits of chiropractic. Complete quackary? Nope. Cost-effective? Probably not.

  27. Might help to tell everyone that the "noise" that is heard is simply the fluid in the joint shifing from one side of the joint to the other through a vacum. Just like with our knucles.

  28. Keep in mind, this doctor is talking in lay language, not as if he is describing this to another doctor. Pretty good job at keeping a very complicated procedure simple.

  29. @MarathonVeteran yes-some can and will do a chosto-chondral adjustment that affects the rib articulations into the sternum.

  30. @hamsterhamz how do you know that stuff do you have medical training? I have a neck problem also but I found swimming helps alot

  31. @Gilbomeister youre clueless. i wish that one day youre eyes will be opened and you will be smart enough to find true health care with chiropractic

  32. @Gilbomeister youre clueless. I hope that one day your eyes are opened and you get true healthcare through chiropractic. I wont bash you or attack you for knocking my profession, but I will say that it is blatant ignorance like this that keeps chiropractors in business. We LOVE for people to have negative thoughts so that when we FIX THEIR PROBLEMS, they're that much more excited to tell others about their wonderful experience. have a great day!

  33. as anyone knows it can be deadly… umm, can anyone explain to me which part of this is deadly and why, and how to avoid it when you are untrained and want to do it?

  34. @naturalmotionraptor Okay, so look at stats…. 1 in 2 000 000 chance of stroke from Chiropractic, 1 in 10 000 DIE from anesthetic, 7500 people DIE from asprin each year in the US alone, parcetamol is the NUMBER 1 cause of acute liver failure in the US, research showed chiropractic more effective than physio for neck pain and headaches. So is drugs a "safe" alternative to chiropractic? Yes people have been injured, yes people have had strokes, the risks are there. Cars are more dangerous!!

  35. I wonder how much of this is just a placebo effect. A lot of chiropractic theory is based on pretty flimsy scientist evidence.

  36. I have been having upper back and lower back pains from pinched muscles so I hope a chiropractor will help and not further injure or even kill me ? ;P

  37. @TheSurfinbird21 They won't. I went today and I have a lump on my neck from slouching over the computer, it' quite common, and that little neck adjusgment they do doesn't hurt, the sound might startle you, personally thats why I was scared to go, I seen the chiropractor do that and today I face it after a year later of witnessing it on my mom it hurts not at all you feel so relieved. Go to one!


  39. Above the video it says: ''What does a chiropractor do?'' Answer: Make a lot of money while producing no real result.

  40. " it takes 3 years of intense training to learn to crack your neck in seconds and ask for huge money…"

  41. I wouldn't think Chiropractic is such quackery if Drs put a little more effort in to treating a PERSON. Instead of looking at them like a $ to be processed in 5 mins and shuffle the next guy through. It becomes plainly obvious that this is simply a cash assembly line and if there are any Chiropractors out there going to rebut my statement?. Don't waste your time. Crack.. crack ain't worth $40.

    Earn it.

  42. ouch!!! I guess not everyone is up for cracking bones, muscle and nerves. It sounds like something very delicate for a professional to only mess with, for sure the spinal cord is a sensitive subject to learn for fixing many health problems.

  43. People are too tough on Chiros, sure some aren't very good but thats in any industry. There are many, well trained Chiropractors that really do help people heal from injuries.

  44. Wow this video is really amazing! I believe that chiropractors can be very helpful in reducing pain for many patients.Whether you are recovering from surgery or suffering from a neuromuscular disease, these therapists make sure that you get back on your feet through several physical therapies as prescribed by your physician. Their healing touch can make a difference in every session.

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