Hey there! Welcome to Life Noggin! I know I can ask some weird questions sometimes… Okay… a lot of the time. When Triangle Bob and I were at the dentist
the other day, and that big scary light was shining in our eyes, I had another question. Quick, spit out your mouthwash, Triangle Bob. To the Block-cave! Isn’t this neat? I have so much space underneath my house! Anyway, I was wondering, what would happen
if when you were born, all of your organs were on the outside? Don’t give me that face Triangle Bob. We’re gonna learn something! There’s actually a serious health condition
called gastroschisis that’s a step in that direction. This birth defect, which affects the abdominal
wall, is where a baby’s intestines are found outside of their body. Their intestines will usually come out near
the belly button, through a hole that can vary in size, with other organs sometimes
born outside as well, like the baby’s stomach or liver. Soon after a baby with gastroschisis is born,
they need to have surgery in order to place their organs inside their body and repair
the hole. Even after the surgery, infants can have problems
with eating, digesting food, and absorbing nutrients. But that’s just if you’re born with some
of your organs outside your body. What if /all/ of your organs were on the outside
when you were born? Assuming you didn’t die and your organs
still went on working normally, which is a pretty big assumption to make, it would cause
your skeleton to lose some of its functionality. That’s because one of its many functions
is to /protect/ your organs. It would have a much harder time doing that
if your organs were all on the outside. Take your ribcage for example. These long, curved bones partially enclose
and protect what’s usually inside your chest, including many vital organs like your heart
and your lungs. This is a good kinda cage! Though, to be fair, your ribs can be somewhat
delicate themselves. Broken ribs are pretty dangerous since they
can puncture the organs they were supposed to be protecting, so maybe it wouldn’t be
/all/ bad if your organs weren’t inside of your ribcage. But I would kinda still prefer everything
all nicely tucked away. Oh!? Am I leaking binary again? Ugh that is embarrassing! Sorry! And don’t even get me started on that noggin
of yours. Your brain, one of the most complex organs
in your body, is typically protected by the bones of your skull and a covering of three
thin membranes called meninges. Beyond that, your brain also sloshes around
in something called cerebrospinal fluid, which not only helps to protect and cushion your
think-box, but also removes waste products. So yeah, your brain might be pretty awesome,
but it’s more on the soft and squishy side and not really meant to be exposed to this
harsh, cruel world of yours. Yes, we’ll take two of those hats please! This bowler hat should do the trick! Perfect! Everyone wears bowler hats right? Anyway. Now, these are just some of the things that
you’d probably have to account for if all of your organs were born on the outside. There would probably be a lot more! For now, I’m just happy that my animator
decided to keep all that stuff safely hidden under these gorgeous rectangular blocks of
mine. Are there any other bodily oddities that you
want us to talk about? Let me know in the comment section below! Curious to know what you would look like if
you didn’t evolve? Check out this video! Beyond you likely not being as intelligent,
without evolution, it’s possible that you’d be walking around on all fours. It’s actually pretty unique that humans
typically stand up and walk around on two legs! As always, my name is Blocko, this has been
Life Noggin, don’t forget to keep on thinking!

100 thoughts on “What Happens When Organs Grow Outside Your Body?”

  1. I HAVE WEIRD QUESTIONS OKAY!? I'm not ashamed!
    Hope you enjoyed the video! 🙂 See ya on Monday with a brand new one!
    Would you rather see a video on Aliens or Tech? Let us know down below!

  2. Some of my little brother’s organs were outside of his body upon birth, he didn’t survive, sadly. I never met him, but it’s still sad.

    But if he did survive he’d have a fake arm and I’d want a cyborg brother so that’d be cool huh?

  3. well technically your skin is an organ. Your nerves are an organ, your arteries are an organ There is a state called Oregon (which is on the west COAST), and yeah.

  4. Hey Life Noggin What if your legs were replaced with your arms and your arms replaced with your legs would it still be okay since both of them are similar

  5. This actually happened to my cousin. He now has a huge scar across his stomach. But I don’t think he has any trouble now with eating and things like that.

  6. One thing. In a situation where your ribs might break… What's more dangerous really? Broken ribs or getting your organs to take the impact?

  7. Would you rather
    CPR someone but they need a surgery for their ribs afterwards
    Let them die of their cardiac arrest.

  8. There is actually a rare condition where your heart can just be underneath your skin instead inside your rib cage. I forgot what it's called but some people actually have that. You should use this comment for a video idea.

  9. Imagine accidentally falling then hearing a splat and blood leak out around you until you realize your lungs, stomachs, and livers have exploded.

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