You’re disgusting. Maybe it’s just time to accept
that you’re fat. Why are you so manly? I’m probably not as… ..nice to myself as I would be
to other people. I’m very critical of myself. I might focus on the smallest,
smallest thing, smallest changes. I criticise myself for not being… SHE CHUCKLES
..slim enough. Hi. Hello.
How are you? I’m good, thank you. Hi. Hi, my name’s Abs.
My name’s Camilla. How’s it going, man? Alex.
All right, mate? I’m Cory. Nice to meet you. And you, and you. You have vampire teeth. You’ll never be good enough. You’re horrible to look at. No-one likes you. Yeah… All right, so you’re putting on
a few pounds. I can feel every single step
that you take. Damn. I can see that your trousers
are getting a bit tight as well. I’m sure it wasn’t that way
two weeks ago. Again, that’s happened to you.
How have you allowed that to happen? This is brutal cos these are
the kind of things I say to myself! Why aren’t you pretty enough? What’s wrong with you? That T-shirt that you’re wearing,
I wouldn’t wear that again if I were you, ever. I mean, the arms, the sleeves
are far too loose on your arms. They look ridiculously small. And that stomach…
I mean, that’s making me feel sick, just having to
look at it in a mirror, let alone making someone else
look at it. You look absolutely disgusting. You’re too…big. You’re not feminine enough. You look like a man. Um… Why are you so dark?
No-one’s going to love you. Why are you not lighter? You’re so disgusting to look at. You should never take pictures. No-one wants to see that face. Your face doesn’t
belong in front of a camera. This is so upsetting. Um… Your hair’s kinky, it’s nappy,
it’s disgusting. You need to straighten it
to look pretty, to look attractive,
to look beautiful. Oh, my God, that was heartbreaking.
I know. Give me a… Give me a hug. Aw! THEY CHUCKLE Oh, gosh. Slightly felt like you were
just reading my mind. Yeah… That was strange,
when you spoke about… What DID you say? Something about
you being manly…, like, proper touched
a nerve with me. I would look at you and never think
that you would feel that way about yourself, and you
said the same thing to me, so it’s, like, really interesting to
see that everybody has their own insecurities. Some people want to
be taller, slimmer, bigger. People could be
a lot kinder to themselves. The stuff that we tend to focus
on is really insignificant. Instead of running
yourself into the ground and constantly critiquing yourself, slip in some words of positivity. You know,
“OK, I like my hair today.” No-one should have
to put themselves through, basically, what we say
to each other. Yeah. We should both be really happy
with how we look. I mean, let’s be honest,
you look great, man. I mean, like…, like, came in the room,
and I was like, “Oh, damn.” You can’t possibly compare yourself
to someone else. As cliched as it sounds, everyone
is beautiful in their own way. OK, so, how about, starting
from today, we promise to at least make an effort to try and
be kinder to ourselves? Yeah. Yeah? Deal? Works for me.
Shake it out? Yeah. Go on. ALEX CHUCKLES

100 thoughts on “What Happens When Strangers Get Real About Body Image”

  1. Me to myself, a conversation (kinda)

    Why does your hair look so messy after you combed it?

    It doesn’t (me)

    Why does your hair color look like that? Like, ew.


    Why are your eyebrows so uneven and ugly?

    They are……

    Why is your nose so big

    I don’t know…….

    Why is your lips so small


    Not even a makeup artist can make you look good.

    That’s true……

    Why do you have such a ugly faceshape?

    Why is your neck so long

    Why is your stomach so fat

    Why are you so fat

    Why are you so lazy

    You can’t draw good

    You can’t sing good

    You don’t look good in that clothes

    You’ll never get far

    You’ll never get rich

    No one except your family loves you

    You are so bad at this

    Why are you so awkward

    Why are you so sad

    Nothing can fix you

  2. me @ me alone at night trying to fall asleep:
    you have fish eyes, alien lookin ass. Ugly, fat, cow. Are you really “bloated” if you always look like that? Probably covered in acne from all that junk you eat, fatty. None of your friends actually want to talk to you, you are just that one annoying friend no one really likes. No matter how much makeup you use to cover up, you will still look like a balding egg. Might as well shave your head with that thin mop. You could starve for 3 years straight and still be drowning in fat. Eye bags so dark you look like a zombie. You just like to cry about your first world fake problems because you have nothing else to do with your time. You have no friends because it is so painful to look at you.

    Also me:
    Hmm. Why can’t I fall asleep?

  3. Come on they are all beautiful. Don't overrate these society norms. And this video is just making people sad..

  4. I don't criticize my self like this. ever. I think I love my body. I love my face, my hair, my tattoos. I take off my clothes and I admire my self. I'm not narcissist I just love me. I have flaws. But I accept them. I'm not perfect. People stop saying those things to ur self. Nothing negative. The same way I don't criticize other even in my mind i avoid thinking bad about other or judge them. I have no reason to.

  5. everythink is better when you take with humor, don't take it serious. One day every one of as will die.

  6. I have so many insecurities. I’m not gonna list any of them because well, honestly, I know that no one really cares.

  7. People always say that people are insecure because of how we compare ourselves to others, but that’s not the case with everyone. I have insecurities because I have a picture in my mind of who I want to be, what I want to look like. But I’ll never be that girl. And that makes me really sad.

  8. Some of the words were cutting.

    I probably was this unkind to myself in my youth because I had massive insecurities.

    Things changed a lot when I hit 30.
    Now I love my body – it took a long time though.

    Sometimes when you are young and attractive you don’t appreciate yourself. Then when you advance in years you realise you weren’t that bad.

    I was a size 8 for years and totally freaked out at becoming a size 12. now I’m a size 14-16 (or perhaps I wanna be 😏) and I think I’m the 🤣🤣🤣🤣.

    I hope if you are young and watching this you learn to love your body. I spent too many years worrying about things that really don’t matter.

  9. The biggest enemy I have is my self esteem. It’s lower than doing the limbo😕

    Everyday, I ask myself why I’m not pretty enough? Why do I not look human, why was I born permanently ugly.

    It sucks to be at war with your own mind😕

  10. You shouldn't do anything harmful for your boody to look a certain way. Who say skinny is ideal?? Ideal is a happy, healthy person!

  11. Once I was walking down the street and a group of guys looked at me and shouted “6!” And then when I went past they looked at the back of me and said “oh it’s a 9 now”

  12. Ain't nobody gonna love you like yourself! So start on a better journey into loving who you are instead of worrying about who will love you! Start from within

  13. Everyones insecure about themselves, but i hate it when ACTUAL beautiful people call themselves ugly and fat… it just makes me feel like shit because they dont really understand what its like to be ugly AND struggle with low self esteem and to not be able to fit clothes and to be made fun of and to have ur flaws pointed out to you instead of praised for.. Beautiful people can be insecure but idk, they’ll still never understand the pain to be real ugly and fat and shit… just my opinion dont attack me /:

  14. how sad- all these beautiful beautiful humans cannot see how wonderful they all are inside and out.

  15. The girl with braces, who couldn't even look at the person she spoke too.
    I feel that man.
    I coild never EVER tell the things i tell myself to someone else.
    Noone deserves that

  16. At first I used to see myself as ugly all the times but I started telling myself I'm pretty and tried to believed and and now I belive that I'm pretty iv changed now I look in the mirror and I look hot now ppl are telling me how beautiful I am why ? Because now I believe that I'm pretty I made myself belive it when I believe it ppl started to notice

  17. I just started crying thinking about my children growing up and thinking these things about themselves.. everyone goes through it. I don't want them to know that pain..

  18. This really put a lump in my throat. I've had BDD for almost 5 years….I just wish it would go away 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  19. thank you for this video. It made me feel like I wasn't alone. We all struggle with this in some ways and I think its great we can talk about it together and overcome our insecurities. I know I would never say what I say to myself to others and yet I do. thank you for the awareness thats spreading.

  20. I've been emotional about my own appearance for the last few hours now and I'm trying to get myself to see that hating on myself is not gonna help me in any way. The moment that gorgeous little girl said 'why are you so dark' I started crying so hard. Realising it's really the things other love about you that you might hate about yourself. Things you can't change that you might want to, but other people wish they had. Seeing all these beautiful people on my screen, thinking: what would they ever know about not liking yourself. Only to realise I am not the only one saying things like that and that even the people I desire to be like, wish to be someone they're not.


    I'm still crying while writing this, still trying to convince myself that I am good enough to show my face to the person I like, thinking that: what if they do like me? That would be great. Thinking that: what if they don't? Will I be okay after? We don't deserve all this self hatred. Neither do we deserve it from anybody else! I want you to know: you are awesome, you are loved, love yourself and others will too! You deserve better than your own darkest thoughts. You are so much greater than those hurtful things you're trying to convince yourself of❤️

  21. This Video made me cry so much so my friend thought I was physically in pain. Made me realise how hurtful it is when you say these horrible things about yourself at loud. It causes damage on the inside.

  22. All of year 7 watched this in assembly and we all cried after it especially me bc I am emotional as all hell

  23. no matter how nice i am to myself.. this world [people] has a way of reminding me how disgustingly ugly it thinks i am. my entire life people have pointed out how disproportionate and odd my body shape is, even as a kid. i couldnt convince myself otherwise at this point even if my life depended on it.

  24. i literally started bawling when the younger girls were talking.
    God this just shows how hard we're on ourselves. All these people are so beautiful in their own ways. Everyone is beautiful.

  25. She said “you’re so manly “, I almost broke down bc im tall and I have some “man” shoulders ig u can say

  26. My biggest insecuritys are, the way I talk because I stumble on my words alot And sometimes its hard to pronounce basic things for me also my knowledge I worry alot that I'm too stupid to get anywhere in life. Although I love that I am an extrovert, I dont worry too much about about many things and that I am smart enough to realize that you, yes you reading this ARE IN FACT BEUTIFUL and smart and funny. And dont say you aren't because all those people who you think are prettyer than you has gone through worse than you and you can live your best life by loving yourself

  27. The Coloured girl made me weep. I didn't expect her to say exactly what I think about myself on a daily.

  28. Psalm 139:14-17 New International Version (NIV)

    14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
    your works are wonderful,
    I know that full well.
    15 My frame was not hidden from you
    when I was made in the secret place,
    when I was woven together in the depths of the earth.
    16 Your eyes saw my unformed body;
    all the days ordained for me were written in your book
    before one of them came to be.
    17 How precious to me are your thoughts,God!
    How vast is the sum of them!

  29. “Your face doesn’t belong in front of a camera.”

    Dude…I felt that. I hate my smile so much, and how oily and scarred my face is. I’ve been trying to change that though, by taking as many opportunities that involve me being in front of a camera, no matter how disgusting I think I look.

  30. Why won't people appreciate themselves for who they are.thousands of people are hungry and homeless and some are orphans.some are disabled and can't even talk.No shade….but we need to think positively and help those who really need help.the world is so full of bigger problems.someone out there will do anything to be you.

  31. Every time i see about a self acceptance or body image thing i can not control myself and start crying. I just have no respect to my self and i literally hate my body. I was a cheerful kid, god what happened to that kid?

  32. All of these people are beautiful, I hope they realize that at some point in there lives. Truly beautiful people.

  33. You are useless you are a failure, You don't deserve love, you don't deserve life, kill yourself. You ugly piece of shit.

    The shit I say to myself I would NEVER in a million years say to another person. I could never be that cruel to another person yet I say these things to myself all the time.

  34. I don't know what to say I was watching this video and realized that I am soo lucky that I don't feel like this I mean sure I have my insecurities like I'm to slim but I wanted to go to these people and give them a giant hug

  35. 1:15 damn i want that girl to be my friend…i really need a friend😐🤐😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔

  36. these are lazy people u get gyms everywhere and very affordable. fair enough about the face but the body no excuses

  37. the young black girl…OH my god I’m crying for her. the hatred that media has made her feel for her own skin??? her self??? something she can’t change, that’s gorgeous as is???? i just wanted to hug her the whole time

  38. In my country, i heard that from somebody every single day(since i was a kid), and i'm totally tired of it, why they think it's normal to judge other body, face, etc

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