Hey there and welcome to Life Noggin. Ouch! Dang it Triangle Bob, why’d you do
that? Sometimes I wish my animator never programmed
me to have pain. Quite frankly i have no idea why he gave it to me in the first place? What’s it good for anyway? What if we never felt pain? Pain can be a little difficult to accurately
define, but it’s basically an uncomfortable feeling that’s typically your body’s way
of warning you that something’s wrong. It can range anywhere from a little headache
to when you burn yourself trying to make s’mores. which is totally worth it because S’mores are delicious! There are two main types: acute pain and chronic
pain. Acute pain is a severe or sudden pain that’s
usually more short-lived, like when you step on a toy or get hit in the head with a baseball. ya know normal everyday things that happen to people. Chronic pain is more persistent, and can last
for months or even longer. Pain can have different causes, but it typically
begins when your nerves are stimulated. Let’s say you get stung by a bee. which is bad but remember we still need to save them… It probably released melitin, a toxin in it’s venom. Once your nerve endings receive the painful
sensory information from Mr. Stripes here, it sends this information through your body
and to your spinal cord, usually continuing on to your brain. Ow! Pain can really stink sometimes, but it can
be helpful in diagnosing a problem. Without it, you might not figure out that
you have a medical problem that needs treatment. You could even seriously hurt yourself without
knowing it! It may have hurt when I burned myself making
those s’mores, but without the pain, I might not have realized I was in danger until I
needed my animator to illustrate a new arm for me. That being said, sometimes pain can occur
without any reason that we know of or when we can’t really do anything about it, which
is more often found with chronic pain. Maybe one day we’ll all get futuristic tech
that senses pain for us, so we can have all the good without the bad! But not everyone feels pain, which can be
the effect of certain conditions. One is called CIPA, or the congenital insensitivity
to pain with anhidrosis. The condition has two main defining characteristics:
the inability to sense or feel pain and temperatures, and decreased or absent sweating. It can be common for people with CIPA to unintentionally
injure themselves, like biting their tongue or lips. Individuals with CIPA can also heal slowly
from skin and bone injuries. Most people do feel pain though, and one way
doctors try to treat pain is with painkillers. This can sometimes be troublesome since painkillers
are often based on compounds that can be addictive. They can be very useful in treating certain
pains, but, according to a 2011 press release from the CDC, prescription painkiller overdoses
kill more people than cocaine and heroin combined. Over 40 people die /every day/ from overdoses
involving narcotic pain relievers. It seems to be more of an issue when people
try and use painkillers for treating longer, chronic pain rather than shorter-lived acute
pain. All in all, pain seems to have a pretty important
purpose even if can sometimes be a thorn in your side. Literally. Ow. Okay ya didn’t have to do it animator Let us know what we should talk about next in the comment section below. and if you wanna know how to build the perfect armor so that you never feel pain check out the video we did over on our other channel, Play Noggin! So if i wanted to make impenetrable, truly bulletproof body armor, what would it look like? The first place my mind goes those is to the suits of armor old timey knights wore. metal is tough and the thought of being covered in that makes me feel all safe and warm! As always, my name is Blocko and this has been
Life Noggin. Don’t forget to keep on thinking!

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