For me these hard problems to be able to approach
them with the intention of alleviating suffering in a large patient population, and globally
– the opportunity to create accessible, safe and efficacious products to go after
and train, to unlock the body’s immune system and actually solve these problems ourselves
is amazing. So by turning the body into the drug factory
(because it’s naturally producing these endobodies), I think that’s a revolution
in terms of the way we’re going to approach chronic illness. And so I’m pretty excited about that part. So these are all vaccine based approaches. What I like about vaccines is that if we can
turn your body on to activate against something that is an agent of pain that your body itself
is generating, then you can have a very easy way to take the product – it’s a single
shot once a year, potentially. So you have a great compliance rate with your
patients, so it’s easy on your patient. The cost is absolutely affordable and attainable. So the cost becomes something that is accessible. And you are in effect having a long duration
of that treatment. That’s going to give us the best chances
to, in my opinion anyway, it’s going to be one of the approaches that maximize our
chances against the opioids and against the epidemic that’s outstanding. In addition to that we have some other things
in our pipeline that are focused on the absorption of opioids or the replacement of opioids from
a pleasure perspective. That’s earlier and so not really worth incorporating
into what we’re doing here, but it would be in like soon. Those first two are big. So, for example, we have an IL-6 vaccine that
I’m really excited about. And there are indications surrounding sciatica
there that are really compelling. And I think that that’s a huge need in terms
of being able to remove that suffering and that pain in a long-acting, affordable, and
accessible way. So that’s an example. Another one is, there’s been a lot of noise
around CGRP and monoclonal antibodies that have been improved around that for migraine. And we’ve got a vaccine for CGRP that we’re
extremely excited about, and if you think about the benefits of that it means that—one
of the big problems with getting people to take drugs is when they feel better they don’t
want to take them. But if your body is fighting that same target
then you don’t have that same compliance issue. And so you actually make it easier for the
patients to take the products that they’re supposed to take in a timely manner and then
maintain the benefits of those products. So I think that’s going to be a really interesting
product that we’re going to bring to market and I think that’s a huge need. And there’s a bunch of indications around
that that are in the pipeline for the non-opioid pain alternative, so it’s pretty exciting
and it’s cool. You have unbelievable rates of overdose happening
in this country that are unprecedented. And we have an opportunity to—some of that
is driven by genuine need and pain. And so some of those alternatives which are
not particularly effective (and there’s been more studies coming out around this over
and over and over again) that I think we can find more effective alternatives that are
safer than opioids. And I think that’s really one of the other
focuses of United Neuroscience and something that I’m personally passionate about, because
the Alzheimer’s and the unintentional deaths statistics are what are driving down our longevity
for the first time in there consecutive years since the Spanish flu. So we should, morally, and we are, practically,
focused on addressing those biggest possible problems. So it’s only consistent and it’s only
right that we’re also dedicating some resource and time and energy to addressing both the
Alzheimer’s epidemic, the Parkinson’s epidemic, and also the non-opioid pain epidemic. When we look at this going forward, just to
underline it I guess, these are diseases that don’t discriminate. I can’t articulate that enough. These diseases don’t discriminate. They don’t care how much money you have. They don’t care where you live. They don’t care what color your skin is. And the bottom line is that our medicines
can’t discriminate either. And so our platform technology enables us
to be accessible. It enables us to actually go where the need
is. And for that I’m eternally optimistic. So that’s pretty much it.

88 thoughts on “What if you were immune to chronic pain? Vaccines could make it happen. | Lou Reese”

  1. Life is the most difficult exam. Many people fail because they try to copy others. Not realizing that everyone has a different question paper. @

  2. Many ridicule those who are against vaccines. But is it that weird though? With the rise of AI and integration of computer chips into brains, I am not that sure if I fully trust the authorities.

  3. After 20 years of chronic pain, I would like to say that I am used to pain. Sadly I am not. If Vaccines can fix it, Bring it on. Put my name down for some.

  4. This was my dinner last night. Am I eating too much?:

    (816) 561-5888

    –Shrimp lobster fettuccini
    –Crab cakes
    –Seared salmon salad

  5. This would be amazing.

    However, it doesnt help those who have had their meds taken away in America today. Physical illness and dying is hell. To take away what little relief these meds gave to people is barbaric if there are no effective treatments that they are capable of getting in its place.

    The forced tapering of opiates in pain patients has dont nothing to lower the numbers of the "crisis". It's only caused more suffering and an increase in suicides for those that used them safely for years.

    The "War on Drugs" has never, and will never, work with these types of tactics.

  6. I don't know what these things are they're developing but they're not vaccines because vaccines introduce a foreign body in order to trigger a immune response and antibodies to destroy the foreign body and that's how you build an immune system. You cannot build an antibody response to something like pain because it is not a virus or foreign entity. Guarantee you this man's making money from the pharmaceutical company and vaccines so he is bias at best. Not to mention one size does not fit all. Don't be persuaded by these deceptions. You are already told by the man running the vaccine program that if he is successful he will reduce the population by 15% or more. What more do you need to understand that?

  7. The only people who should trust big Pharma with vaccines, are those in so much pain that they would rather die

  8. The body is not generating pain. Science has already shown that pain exists in brain receptors and this leads to a repetitive message = chronic pain. This is how phantom pain is explained in amputees. Vaccines aren’t the answer to pain. Best solution is to lower inflammation through diet, and deal with the stress and emotional issues worsening pain. But these don’t make anyone money. It’s a sad state of affairs for people who need help, because the only treatments they will be offered are those that make someone rich.

  9. My dad wants to make shawarma… little bother falafel. My mom wants to play the drums. Older brother eats sugar…. GAME OVER!

  10. for some this may sound ridiculous, but for those who suffers from chronic pain, it is something that may help them. some people with severe chronic pain even have thought of suicide because they unable to handle it everyday. hope this man and his team know what they are doing since pain and viruses is two very different things. let the experts do their work.

  11. They cant even produce oral meds that dont fuck you up ..after nearly 30 years of constant pain i would like to believe it . But why would big pharma cut their profits

  12. Brain Damaged By Vaccines

  13. It's great to hear a guy educated in arts and commerce talk science.

    For his next great miracle: his team will bring back surface samples of the sun. What's that you say, it's too hot? Well, he plans to send his team up at night.

  14. Lou Reese has a bachelor's degree in business and is in no way a scientist or doctor. This comes across as a big pile of marketing. I didn't hear one shred of information in all this about how this is like a vaccine.

  15. Yellow fever vaccines in Brazil are actually causing the yellow fever… heard a lot about people feeling sick for a week after taking the shots…

    Also, heard about a baby the took a triviral vaccine and wasn't able to move his legs for 1 week…

  16. Clearly YouTube Facebook and other social media platforms have hired lots and lots of new trolls who are fresh and have decided to bring their agenda to every thread and video they can find. Just know this. That you are going to be a victim to this agenda as well. You will not escape this and it is absolute brain damage and Insanity to insist that this be implemented upon you and your children. offer your children up first and yourself as an example for the rest of us

  17. This guy is a walking contradiction. He wears glasses so we know he can see. Why then can he not find the barber's shop to have a nice haircut and a shave?

  18. What if you were extremely susceptible to chronic pain? That's my wife… 🙁 I sure would love to see this vaccine to avoid chronic pain to become available. That would be life-changing.

  19. I am no expert so correct me if i'm wrong, but don't vaccines work as a preventative measure? I didn't think you could vaccinate someone against something they already have, and am therefore wondering if this would be effective in people who have already suffered chronic pain for years. Really awesome someone is finally working on this stuff, just to bad it took a mass epidemic of deaths for people to notice. Then again i suppose that's how all vaccines start…

  20. Cool ideas but need more info in the description! More about who Lou Reese is, his job title, qualifications, etc. + citations to the bigger claims he makes

  21. So is that why non opiate nerve pain drugs are also being demonized? News stories that are blatantly lying and fear mongering. One of them being the only mood stabilizer that works for my bipolar and doesn't have horrible side effects. Now I am profiled Everytime I go to the pharmacy. Bull

    They definitely hate kratom and have repeatedly tried to ban in federally. Just do happens pharma has already patented mitragynine( one of the many alkoloids in the plant).

  22. So many days I think about ending it, when the pain is unbearable. Unless you spend every waking minute in some degree of pain, you have no idea. I'm ready for a new treatment. Sign me up, I'll be the guinea pig.

  23. Wow! Such a good & honest Person, I can feel his honest intentions radiant towards me. He only wants to help people, addicts, right? That's so cool, I only hope those addict will have the money to those anti-addiction treatments. Hopefully they both come from the same company. The circle of white death.

  24. I have chronic foot and ankle pain, and I feel like I'm probably more distracted than most people because of it, although I'm quite used to it by now since I've been living with it for years. Pain is a sign there is a problem though, and if just removed the pain, I wouldn't feel as motivated to address the problem with physical therapy and exercise. So I have mixed feeling about this.

  25. $$$$$. Not health. This is incredibly dangerous and stupid. Learn to fix your body the right way. There are no shortcuts in life – especially when it comes to health.

  26. This will create so many more diseases it's silly. Stop this garbage. Use medical nutrition doofus,. Or energy healing. That shits amazing

  27. "were making a vaccine to control your entire body and all of its functions. What could go wrong? Who cares. We can't be sued!"

  28. Start doing your fucking research ppl. Vaccines are one the biggest frauds ever in history. If you've done research alrdy and still fall for this crap then you only read the propaganda. Wake the fuck up ppl

  29. Let's see a scientific study that actually shows vaccines are safe first. Non-existent. The studies that do exist are not scientific. They are marketing tools.

  30. Is there a vaccine for vaccine-induced injury? Is there a vaccine for every microorganism that exists? We need one!!!! Omg

  31. It's impossible to sue a vaccine manufacturer – even if their product kills you. Can you say "red flag"?

    No ,like, literally you are not allowed to sue them. 1986 vaccine injury compensation act. Look it up clowns

  32. If you believe in injecting aborted fetal cells into your body then vaccines are for you, cannibal!! What could go wrong? It's just bits of foreign DNA. It won't harm you! Promise! Unless you ask any geneticist. Don't ask a geneticist!

    Yes, some vaccines contain aborted human fetal cells. Think you're pro-life? You've fucking injected dead babies bruh.

  33. Pain is an informative signal from your body saying that something is wrong: why would you want to turn that off? It’s a lazy, destructive (long-term) way rather than seeking holistic, lifestyle health strategies like diet, physical activity, sleep/rest, psychology/philosophy, stress management, etc.

  34. Pretty soon they will make a vaccine for every problem we have I see the world will be a much better place going forward LETS GO BABY…

  35. Every time i get chronic pains I do the Wim Hof method with cold shower it takes it away easy, yet requires developing discipline to endure.

  36. If there is a way to even make this idea possible that we can provide the immune system a response for pain.

  37. Pain because something is not right. Imagine you don't feel any pain to electric shock, must be a peaceful way to die.

  38. Do some research on kratom powder or capsules on YouTube. I've done a lot of reading about it. If it's legal in your state/county

  39. This is one of the dumbest things I've heard vaccinating for a symptom makes no sense even by the standards for a vaccinating for a disease

  40. Vaccines are bad , fake solution to population eating junk food and fast food, when nutrition based on greens and whole plants diet has proven throughout history to be the true wisdom,

  41. @JustinJay I don’t believe for one moment you know what it is to have pain 24/7.
    Please inform the public of your background knowledge of true chronic pain.
    Have you studied Medicine?
    Have you studied anything in the medical field that you can contribute without offering Pseudoscience!?

  42. This is going to be another dumbass video that gets people’s hopes up and you’ll never hear of it again.

  43. My chronic pain started a month after I received a flu shot so I'm leary of vaccines

    I take nucynta for pain and it works better than Vicodin Percocet oxycodon & I can stop talking it with no withdrawal side effects
    As I have recently done since July to September

    I found, so far, my pain is not as debilitating as it was in 2016 17 & 18.

    I noticed that if I forgot to take the nucynta by the time I remembered it had been over 12 hrs then I realized I could cope with the pain with maybe one pill the entire day

    I'm so thankful I have never got addicted to pain meds & I've had several major & minor surgeries in my life & was given pain meds

    I don't know why it is some people get addicted and others don't

    My heart goes out to them and I pray that God continue to keep me from any form of addiction

    Also my goal is to slowly get off all this medicine for HBP diabetes & radiculopathy & peripheral neuropathy (not diabetes related)

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