Speaker 1: Hi, I’m Doctor Ho. If you like what you watch here, please subscribe
by clicking the button below. Now, what is migraine and tension headache? Migraine headaches and tension headache are
the 2 most common types of headaches. There are subtle differences between the 2. Migraine headaches tend to be one sided. It can be very severe. My patient would tell me they get, you know,
excruciating temple pain. They get pounding or stabbing pain behind
the eyes and incredible pressure across the forehead. Now, someone who go through a severe migraine
attack tend to be very sensitive to light or to noise or both. They tend to have to hide in a little dark
room until the attack is over but a migraine headache can last for long time and can be
debilitating. [00:01:00] Now, tension headache tend to be
on both side of your head. Often my patient would tell me the pain starts
in the neck, especially the upper neck or sometime in the shoulder area and after a
little bit of time it starts to migrate up the neck to the head and ends up across the
whole forehead. now, a tension headache can also be very severe. now, the good news is there is something you
can do about it to help yourself feel better and live a better life. Thank you for watching. If you like the information, please subscribe
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