Acupuncture, in terms of
an analogy, works similar to how an electrical plug
is placed into an outlet. Basically, we’re tapping
into the body’s current. Your central nervous system
relies on electrical impulses, and so we’re basically
irrigating this impulse to the specific area that
we’re placing the needle to. So simulating endorphins and serotonin within your central nervous system is actually far more effective than utilizing
over-the-counter medications or even prescription medications, mainly because it’s not habit-forming. Your own body is
producing these chemicals, and so you don’t have a drop-off in terms of when you’re
ingesting something. So there’s no chemical dependency there. Another thing is that it’s all natural. ‘Cause your body is producing it itself, it’s not a foreign substance
that’s entering the body and that doesn’t match up with
your own body’s chemistry. Hence, some of these
pharmaceutical medications can cause some severe reactions. And so if your body is able
to actually produce it itself, it can circumvent that
whole phase of treatment. Another thing is acupuncture can actually help simulate
the healing process. And so unlike pain killers, and narcotics, and other medications to help
deal with pain or discomfort, those are all more of a temporary fix. Acupuncture can actually help rehabilitate and improve degraded areas of your body that have now worn away or
are now causing you pain.

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