Good day. Cerebral Palsy is what I’m going
to talk today about. Cerebral Palsy is a very common disease affecting 2.5 children of a thousand It is a lesion of the central nervous systems which is non progressive but what progresses is the results of the lesion on the
musculoskeletal system. The diagnose is around birth and the treatment will
start soon after the diagnosis is made. It consists in rehabilitation
physiotherapy botulinum toxin injection and the most intensive part of the
treatment which is the shortest is the surgical treatment. Surgical treatment as
I am an orthopedic surgeon is normally early surgery or late surgery. You can do
early surgery when the child is heavily involved, to protect the musculoskeletal
system to become worse and worse and to prevent major lesions. It can be
late when the child is able to walk and to perfect or make even better his
ability to walk. Of Course these surgeries are, when they early, very
small and minimally invasive but when they’re late they very major undertaking
and they’re very difficult to suffer by the child. The surgery consists in
reproducing the most normal axis of the musculoskeletal system, allowing the
child to use the best of his remaining ability to walk and have a
normal life. Orthopedic surgery in cerebral palsy is fundamental is a very
intensive moment and during this the family needs the major support
psychologically and morally to overtake this big moment. Nevertheless the life
expectancy of this disease is very long because most of the child become adults
and they need probably further treatment in adult life. We normally
perform 25% cerebral palsy surgery in young or middle-aged male and female

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