SARAH HAUER: Hi. I’m Sarah Hauer. SIG HAUER:
And I’m Sig Hauer, and we’re professional practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine.
SARAH HAUER: We’re here on behalf of Expert Village. SIG HAUER: And welcome to our video.
SIG HAUER: So, I want to show you this. This is an electric acupuncturing unit. There’s
quite a few different types and styles. What this does is you can hook up one of these
lines to two different needles and in doing that–would you mind holding that for me,
Sarah? SARAH HAUER: Not at all. SIG HAUER: Thank you. In doing that, you can create a
constant stimulation for a longer period of time. Now, we can–with our hands, we can
stimulate needles but to stand here and do that for 15 to 20 minutes is–it kind of wears
out the acupuncturist. So, what we do with the acupuncture needles is we’ll place a little
contact clip on there, the second needle for the area that you want to cover here. Now,
we will never place a contact on one side of the spine and the other contact on the
other side of spine; you never cross the spine. SARAH HAUER: So, don’t do this at home. This
is only by trained professionals. SIG HAUER: And if I wanted to do–get the same effect
on the other side, I’m gonna–use a whole different contact connection here. So, what
we have here is flow from here to here and here to here. And what we will do then is
turn the unit on. So, when we turn the unit on, we have the controls here to control the
level. We can control how fast it vibrates and also how intense the electrical charge
is. So, we have control of that and I’m always checking in with the patient. Now is that
comfortable? Is it too much? Is that comfortable there, [PH] Gina? GINA: Uh-huh. SIG HAUER:
Okay. So, we’re going to leave it at that level and we–like I said, we can leave it
there for 15, 20, even 30 minutes if we want to. And typically, we check on this very often
and sometimes we may come back and change some of the levels when we do this. So that
once we’re done with that, we of course turn the machine off first and then we will take
off the contacts. The electric acupuncture can be used for many, many different conditions.
I’m not going to even try to start listing them. Obviously, muscle tightness or something
like that is one of the areas where you may use it, but there’s many conditions that we
may use the electric acupuncture. We tend not to use it that often because we find with
just a little bit of hand stimulation, people respond very well typically. Occasionally,
we get a stubborn case where we decide to use a little bit of electric acupuncture.

11 thoughts on “What is Chinese Medicine? : Electric Acupuncture Treatment”

  1. grow a brain aaron you complete small minded git. They are using acupuncture points with electro stimulation, it's great for muscleoskeletal problems and the use of this elec.stim is not all encompassing. your obviously some western med who thinks alternative med is bogus, if you dont like it, go what a colonoscopy or just look in the mirror. k thx. With that out of the way i'd like to thank the uploader, keep up the good work

  2. Really though, what I want to know is this. How many doctors have time to go on youtube and look up acupuncture videos? I mean, Doctors are usually very busy. Now, how many doctors are going to take that spare time and search for something they hate (assuming they don't believe in acupuncture). So, all of your arguments are ridiculous. I seriously doubt any of you know any more than what you've been told on some website. Is acupuncture effective? I don't know. But don't pretend you know it all.

  3. @TheJomogogo no, it is not πŸ™ next time when you have a headache/neckache/any kind of pain above your neck (god forbid), please email me, and I can teach you a simple way to heal yourself, then you'll know (any kind of)puncture really works.

    No aspirin!

  4. For the 'professional skeptic', please refer to u-tube [ "Ancient Wisdom?" ] narrated by Kathy Sykes and try to explain "that" placebo effect. Good luck.

  5. For those interested in the science of such anatomy, check out the imaging study by Joie Jones presented at the SSE (here on youtube). Acoustical imaging like that done by him (nationally-sought expert in the field, and 2-time presidential science advisor) can reveal areas where an electric field with certain properties is present.

    Or look for the online pdf of Robert Becker's book "The Body Electric" and use ctrl-f to find the word acupuncture. Great stuff!

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