What is Homoeopathy? Greeting ! I am Dr Prafull Vijayakar Lets us talk about Homoeopathy today Homoeopathy is a different science..or something mysterious ..thats what people think Those who have been taking Homoeopathy since childhood For Cough Cold etc, and have been treated for it are a fan And someone who has never heard about Homoeopathy may be opposed to it as well. But what may be the reason for this, we shall find out now For that we need to understand what is homoeopathy Homoeopathy is an absolutely Advanced science Its a Science But Unfortunately people haven’t understood it yet Who discovered it ..? It wasn’t discovered by a Tantrik / occult practioner It wasn’t someone who put up a tent on the roadside.. Not a quack But the one who discovered by Dr Samuel Hahnemann, Who was an MD Physician Means an allopath doctor He practised allopathy for 35 years He practised allopathy But somewhere it was pricking him, that his patients would come again and again with the same ailments He could not give complete cure to basic ailments like allergies Allergy,Asthma,Arthritis,Psoriasis,Blood Pressure,Diabetes…Leave aside Auto Immune Diseases, Cancer Leave aside such serious diseases, but he could not give cure to basic day to day ailments which have eventually been termed incurable Now what does one mean by Incurable Diseases? Incurable Diseases are those which cannot be cured by Allopathy or by medicines But Incurable can also mean… Now look at Mount Everest itself It would be so difficult initially to scale it…. And it was seeming impossible to climb it back then.. But when those mountaineers tried another route That time they could easily scale it That that which was impossible…became possible So thats exactly what happened in Hahnemann’s (founder of Homoeopathy) life When Hahnemann was treating by the Allopathic method He could not cure any of the disease completely he thus got tired.. And he started to look for new path or a new science Because he was disappointed and disheartened that how many days would the patient have to suffer like this without a complete cure Patient comes in… patient goes and then doctors have tell him that his ailments will increase with age and his list of medicines would keep increasing This was not acceptable to Hahnemann Why does a patient come to a doctor? To get complete Cure But what do doctors do…. Keep increasing the patients medicines…one at a time.. And finally what happens is… The patient has more amount of medicines than food This is how Hahnemann’s quest for Homoeopathy began.. it was this quest which led to the discovery of a new Science of Homeopathy He felt that something was lacking If a doctor cannot give the patient cure… Then there is something has surely got to be wrong Because.. ‘ To Doctor’ means ‘To Repair’ its in the dictionary.. Because.. ‘ To Doctor’ means ‘To Repair’ But where are we repairing We are just controlling…and controlling again What might be the reason for it? Why should it happen in the first place? Thus Hahnemann gave up his allopathic practice and started researching He stopped practising after 35 years He stopped his allopathic practice and starting researching the reason why diseases keep recurring? Where are we lacking Why are we unable to cure After experiments it downed upon him ….. That which we are treating in Allopath is only the basis of the symptoms we see… Just the ‘Effects’ of the disease Or just its symptoms The ‘Cause’ lies somewhere else He later came to the understanding… The divine has made every human being with a Mind and Body… Mind and Body Even a child will tell you… That the body is like the compartments of the train…and the mind is like the engine We don’t need a doctor to tell us this…just a school going child is enough That all the controls are Here…(Mind) Our hand or leg cannot do anything unless the order comes from the mind If my body needs to write, eat food, talk … the order has to come from above ( Mind) My hand cannot slap anyone on its own… or pinch someone… Because its order has to come from the mind When its clear that mind is important…body is just a follower Mind is the orderer, body is the follower.. But even then whenever we go to the doctor for medicines…only body based investigation is done This is what used to bother Hahnemann because such kind of investigation is incomplete… we are just investigating half of the body The mind is not considered at all… The origin of the cause has been ignored… (mind) This confirmed Dr Hahnemann that whatever was tried to cure, could not be completely cured … Because only the body was taken into consideration…only bodily symptoms and not the mind…

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  1. Sir,the problem is that we do not get to meet you and take your treatment. Its only your juniors who attend, And we are not able to the desired results

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  3. Sir…my sister suffering to mirgi…kya aap treatment kar sakte hai please… Usko Aiims se treatment chal raha hai…usko sare dawai reaction karte hai…bus ek dawai levipil chal raha hai…baki sare dawai reaction karte hai…ab thank chuki hu sir use thik kar dijiye sir…please… Kya aap ka no. Mil sakte hai…mai Delhi se hu

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