Life is fundamentally different
from dead stuff—or is it? Physicist Erwin Schrödinger
defined life this way: Living things avoid decay into
disorder and equilibrium. What does this mean? Let’s pretend that your download
folder is the universe. It started orderly and got more
and more chaotic over time. By investing energy, you can create
order and clean it up. This is what living things do. But what is life? Every living thing on this
planet is made of cells. Basically, a cell is a protein-based robot
too small to feel or experience anything. It has the properties we just
assign to life: it has a wall that separates it from the
surroundings, creating order; it regulates itself and maintains
a constant state; it eats stuff to stay alive; it grows and develops; it reacts to the environment; and it’s subject to evolution; and it makes more of itself. But of all the stuff that makes up
a cell, no part is alive. Stuff reacts chemically with other stuff,
forming reactions that start other reactions which
start other reactions. In a single cell, every second several
million chemical reactions take place, forming a complex orchestra. A cell can build several thousand
types of protein: some very simple, some complex
micromachines. Imagine driving a car at 100 km/h while
constantly rebuilding every single part of it with stuff you collect
from the street. That is what cells do. But no part of the cell is alive;
everything is dead matter moved by the laws of the universe. So is life the aggregate of all these
reaction processes that are taking place? Eventually, every living thing will die. The goal of the whole process is to
prevent this by producing new entities; and by this, we mean DNA. Life is, in a way, just a lot of stuff
that carries genetic information around. Every living thing is subject to
evolution, and the DNA that develops the best living
thing around it will stay in the game. So, is DNA life, then? If you take DNA out of its hull,
it certainly is a very complex molecule, but it can’t do anything by itself. This is where viruses make everything
more complicated. They are basically strings of RNA
or DNA in a small hull and need cells to do something. We’re not sure if they count as
living or dead. And still, there are 225,000,000 m³
of viruses on Earth. They don’t seem to care what
we think of them. There are even viruses that invade
dead cells and reanimate them so they can be a host for them, which
blurs the line even more. Or mitochondria. They are the power plants of
most complex cells and were previously free living bacteria that
entered a partnership with bigger cells. They still have their own DNA and can
multiply on their own, but they are not alive anymore; they are dead. So they traded their own life for the
survival of their DNA, which means living things can evolve into
dead things as long as it’s beneficial to their genetic code. So, maybe life is information that manages
to ensure its continued existence. But what about AI
(artificial intelligence)? By our most common definitions, we are
very close to creating artificial life in computers. It’s just a question of time before the
technology we build gets there. And this is not science fiction, either; there are a lot of smart people
actively working on this. You could already argue that computer
viruses are alive. Hm, okay. So what is life, then? Things, processes, DNA, information? This got confusing very fast. One thing is for sure: the idea that life is fundamentally
different from non-living things because they contain some
non-physical element or are governed by different principles
than inanimate objects turned out to be wrong. Before Charles Darwin, humans drew a line
between themselves and the rest of living things; there was something
magical about us that made us special. Once we had to accept we are like every
living being, a product of evolution, we drew a different line. But the more we learn about what
computers can do and how life works, the closer we get to creating the first
machine that fits our desciption of life, the more our image of ourselves
is in danger again. And this will happen sooner or later. And here’s another question for you: if everything in the universe is made
of the same stuff, does this mean everything
in the universe is dead or that everything in the universe
is alive? That it’s just a question of complexity? Does this mean we can never die because we were never alive
in the first place? Is life and death an irrelevant question
and we haven’t noticed it yet? Is it possible we are much more part of
the universe around us than we thought? Don’t look at us; we don’t have any
answers for you. Just questions for you to think about. After all, it’s thinking about questions
like this that makes us feel alive and gives us some comfort. Subtitles by the community

100 thoughts on “What Is Life? Is Death Real?”

  1. I feel like nothing is black and white, not even life; and that makes things really confusing and kinda scary

  2. A popular definition for life within the scientific community is a "self-sustaining chemical system capable of Darwinian evolution."

  3. in my opinion life is like movie each set of reality take place one by one just like movie reels change at 24 frames /second or more frame per second and we feel it like a real movie but in reality it is just 24 pictures take place one by one in constant rate.
    in real life this frames changing at the rate of light speed . Anything changing more faster then light we can't see we can't detect and no opposite reaction will take place. So that thing never existence for us and universe.
    Just like electricity is necessary to operate projector that make image aur movie for us same thing happens in universe something is responsible for reality or existence .
    You can call him god or creator and may be a computer operator who is run this reality simulation.

  4. Tema de alto questionamento filosófico, mas nenhum assunto objetivo o bastante pra falar em 5 minutos. O vídeo não focou em nada, foi como se fosse uma metralhadora atirando em todas as direções.

  5. A vida inteligente (e consciente de si mesma) que o ser humano possui não tem nada de “mágica” em relação aos outros animais, como a biologia descobriu e tem descoberto.
    Por outro lado, querer criar inteligência (consciente) em computadores, isso sim seria fazer mágica.

  6. Here is my humble attempt at answering the question- is anything alive or dead? Since everything is made up of atoms and they have electrons which spin around the nucleus, a force makes them spin. So, basically, it’s ‘alive’. When someone ‘dies’, the electrons in atoms that made up that person do not stop spinning. So, death is really a change of state for the atoms and molecules that made that person. Nothing ever dies. It’s an illusion like time and space. It’s like saying I took a glass of water from the ocean, so a new ‘glass of water’ is born and when I poured it back in the ocean, it can’t be identified again since it was just water, always. So by me pouring it back in ocean, did the ‘glass of water’ “die”? No, since It was never born. No birth and no death.

  7. We could spend a million years talking about this question so in my opinion its best to just live and in a flash its over and we will all know.

  8. Human trying to describe life is like an ounce trying to define a Mega Ton- experience/taste yours/live yours and know that you’ll always be ignorant- and someone said ignorance is bliss-

  9. I was always wondering about this topic!!! Around 10 years ago started to realize, if basically everything in us is made from materials, that is not alive, how comes it is alive. Or more so, most of the "illusion that is alive" comes from movement. Things that move are alive to us, but then again, there are natural occurrences of movement in nature by chemical and physical reactions. So the real question is: How come these natural reactions became so extremely regulated and complex and are numbered in the billions in us? I hardly doubt that we came to be some sort of existence that is like a 1 to 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 chance or something. And no I don't believe in god. I am a believer, but not in god. God is a made-up thing for religion to control people. So then again, if we make a "robot" that is the same as us, but is from a different material (that is not living for example) does it mean we might as well be made of anything? Can we call it alive? Can we call us alive? I think the word itself is getting to old and needs to be redefined "life" or "alive" . Also, the problem is WE think that intelligent robots are intelligent because they act like us. So basically we think something is intelligent if it's human-like. That's the exact problem with Elon Musk: He thinks Ai is dangerous because it thinks like a human if we make it intelligent…but the truth is we dont need to make it like a human since its a tool. It just needs to be efficient to do what its purpose is…

  10. You can't know what's live if you you don't know death . So you should experience deth first to know the difference. But no one can kill herself and back to us to told us about what happens

  11. Any living thing is trying to survive. Life is something that tries to extend his existence by any means, just to survive.
    Sorry for the my English.

  12. Jesus, who made turned the "wisdom" OF MEN into foolishness told us that He is indeed the (correct) Way, Truth AND Life. Problem solved guys. You can get back in the lab and start doing science again.

  13. “Does this mean we can never die, because we were never alive in the first place”

    My brain: fyodhldylxulxlydlyyodlgxylxylztksgkwktadykaktxkgzykxkyshoddyidiyshosgksgkpfufhldhlxcu

  14. Everything is dead, our organs just give us the feelings, but its not the Life indicator, you die when you lose liquid that stay your body in movement, something is filled with something, but without something, something's becoming much worse

  15. Actually after watching the video I HATE YOU my head is exploding i like it but i hate it at the same time bruhhhhhh🤯🤯🤯

  16. For people claiming death is certain to be nothingness or heaven, stop.

    Have you died before?

    Only people who have died know the answer. Period. Nobody can argue with that.

  17. Fuck knows. And wait… U didn't actually give an explanation as to why life isn't some different thing from dead stuff. Soo, yeh. Why not just bloody magic

  18. Cogito ergo sum. Reality is predicated on universal physical law, so yes it is real. Yes death is real, however that does not necessitate an end to something but merely a transition to something else. What the caterpillar calls the end of the world the butterfly calls the beginning.

  19. What if we are the AI experiments of someone?Like other creatures we are also an experiment, with higher body to brain size ratio than other animals, "Bang that's the algorithm" he/she/It shouted and won the best science fair award. And this whole universe is just a simulation of that experiment which he/she/it forgot to shutdown. feeling terrible already.

  20. Bilim adamları kör kör !!! Bu kadar harikulade sistemleri görüp de bunların ustasına yaratıcısına inanmamak ne körlük ve ne acınası bir durum geleceğiniz için endişelenin!!! Ne de olsa inananların Yaratıcısı onları istikbalin karanlık ve bilinmezliğinden kurtaracak sizi kim kurtaracak?! Virüsler mi yoksa mitokondri mi yoksa DNA mı yoksa tabiat mı? Üzgünüm ama bunların hepsi sadece asker Allahın askerleri siz onları canlılık verir diye ahmakane hükmediyorsunuz!

  21. "Bir köy muhtarsız olmaz. Bir iğne ustasız olmaz, sahibsiz olamaz. Bir harf kâtibsiz olamaz, biliyorsun. Nasıl oluyor ki, nihayet derecede muntazam şu memleket hâkimsiz olur?
    Sözler – 49

  22. Here is how i view life.
    It's fucking weird, and we don't know why we exist, where did life originate from, why does this universe even exist. We will most probably never have definite answers to these questions.
    So, just relax, enjoy your life while you're still alive, and don't fuck your mind up with all the existential questions, because it'll just depress you. You don't have infinite amount of time to live, your time is limited, and it's slowly ticking away.

  23. Richest people will be dead and so as poor people. No difference. Enjoy the life time being here in the world.

  24. Than why scientist are discovering since so many centuries than we can dive our faith in the supritiual field which also refering the same assumtions

  25. There are philosophical thoughts about life and death in Bhagwat gita
    I think every religion has something
    To say on life and death
    Life and death are beyond science maybe

  26. Man its like we dont control our body we control our brain and brain control our body so you can tink if i contol my brain and my brain control my body technically i control my body yea you do but not really
    So you brain is alive not you body

    But dont take it so serious i just say my opinion

    Edit:you can think on robots they're not alive not either their ai but ist a good example

  27. Seeing as I am the God of many things, perhaps I shall clear up this question.

    You start dying the day you were born as in your physical presence. Death only exist as long as this world exist.

    However, even the idea of death has an expiration date. Death is only experienced by those of the living. Death is simply when something stops responding the way one is used to.

  28. If I Would Put Life Into A Quote, It Would Be Like This

    “A Cell… A Single Cell… You Start As A Single Cell, Wandering Throughout. And Then You Appear. You Soon Start To Wiggle Out Of The Cell, Struggling. Now Comes Birth. A Woman Is Put Into The Emergency Room, Trying To Put Her Pregnancy To Rest. The Doctors Are Constantly Saying “Push, Push, Push” In Front Of A Screaming Woman. Her Husband Is In The Waiting Room. Suddenly, You Begin To Appear. THE WOMAN IS FINALLY ABOUT TO CRY, AND THE HUSBAND HAS NOISE CANCELLING HEADPHONES, PUTTING THEM ON, TRYING TO DROWN OUT ALL OF THE NOISE… 3… 2… ONE!!! And Then……………. Relief. The Mother Finally Stops Screaming, The Husband Finally Removes The Headphones. You Are Born. The Father And Mother Soon Put You In A House. You Have Your Own Crib, Room, And Now Your Parents Have Responsibility To Take Care Of You, However The Night Is The Parents Most Dreading Part, Because They Always Have To Hear Your Crying, And Thinking That The Baby Wants A Diaper Change, When Instead, You Want To Be Fed Apple Sauce. Finally Comes The Time You First Walk, Your Parents Are Happy For Your Achievement. Your Parents Then Give Birth To Twins, One A Boy, And One A Girl, Starting A Family. Then Comes, Preschool. You Are Officially Starting Your First School Year. Your Parents Help You Get Ready For That Dreaded School Year. Then, You Are Ready To Go To School. You Come Home From Your First Day Of Preschool To Say That You Had A Good Day Today To Your Parents. You Get Your First Hug From Your Loving Parents. The Downside Is Tantrums. Those Stressing Tantrums That Cause Your Parents Anxiety, And Are Caused When Your Parents Declined Something That Is Entertainment To You, And Results In Being Kicked Out Of Any Public Place, Or Time-out. The Parents Have To Constantly Struggle With Your Constant Screaming At Night. You Are Always Being Put Into Time-out 24/7. Your Parents Have Enough Of Your Behavior, And Finally Declares Divorce. Your Parents Then Try To Calmly Tell You That They Are Are Getting A Divorce. However, That Sense Of Calm Still Causes You To Be Traumatized As You Hug Your Parents, Telling Them That You Are Going To Miss One Of Them. The Parents Finally Get The Divorce Paper From Court, And Can Officially Divorce. You Decide To Live With Your Mom. Your Elementary School Years Are Your Best Years. Your Teachers Treat You With Care, Your Mom Listens To You, Your Life Just Feels Great. Then, Puberty Hits. You Start Growing Red Bumps On Your Face, Which Is Called Acne. Your Voice Changes. Middle School Is Very Different, With Teachers And Your Mom Becoming Strict. Your Soon Realizing That Your Grades Are Failing, And Are Usually Getting Tons Of Homework Everyday. Your Mom Finally Says That Shes Losing Trust In You, And That Breaks Your Heart. You Are Very Afraid To Talk To Your Crush (AKA Your Future Wife). High School Isn’t Any Better Either, With You Always Causing Yourself Chronic Stress And Depression, Causing Health Problems. Your Driving Test Is Always A Big Deal, With You Constantly Failing That Parallel Parking Issue. Even Worse, College. Your Mom Does Not Have Enough Money To Fund Your College Years. You Are Always Broke, Always Putting On Those Late Nighters, While Eating Microwaved Ramen Noodles, Instead Of Focusing On Your Studies. Then Comes Graduation Day. You Finally Graduate, Thinking To Yourself, I Am Going To Be Free Once After Graduation. I Am Going To Getting A Job, And I’m Going To Have A Beautiful Wife And Kids. Turns Out, You Are Never Free In Life, Even After Retirement. Instead, You Have A Job Of Working In An Office Space For 50 Years, Every 8 Hours. You Soon Find Yourself In Marriage, As You Have Finally Found Yourself A Wife. Your Wife Then Gives Birth To Two Children Which Is A Boy, And Girl. You Buy A New House And Finally Form A Family Of Your Own. You Are Soon Hit With Even More Issues. Mortgage, Bills, Money Problems, Your Job, A Yelling Wife, Kids, etc. Let’s Just Skip All The Boring Parts. You Finally Retire From Your Office Space, Getting Away From Your Yelling Boss (Who Has Been Arrested 10 Times For His Actions), And Your Kids Give Birth To Their Kids. Soon You Are Hit With Even More Responsibilities, As You Now Have Grandkids And Are Forced To Take Care Of Them, Even If It Means That One Wrong Move Causes A Domino Effect. Then Comes, Death. You Pass Away Of Old Age And Are Faced With The Decision Of Heaven Or Hell. Maybe It’s One Of Them, Who Knows. It’s One Of Life’s Greatest Mysteries. We Will Just Have To Think About It.”


  29. If you can just move your body in an intellectual and independent way and think about how to improve yourself every time you move, that's life.

  30. As far as I understand is life is a big deal in which it survives and thrives but yet it is dead at the Same time *mindblown*😂

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