yes you’ve got three different ways that you can choose to do ozone therapy but we thought that we would like to bring to you me getting vaginal ozone therapy because I thought hey wouldn’t be great so we can offer something new to people for a treatment so here we go hi everybody and thanks for tuning in to get to our second act with Paige and Silke for your second act of life well here we are back in Orange County you know beautifully Aliso Beach in Laguna it’s wonderful and this is gorgeous it’s beautiful we’re feeling great we don’t have any aches and pains today because yesterday we were at dr. Laurie’s and we were discussing doing lots of new programming you know dr. Laurie’s you know is my is my integrative health practitioner and she does a lot of the combination eastern-western therapy and what Paige has been doing lately a lot of people don’t know and it’s it’s been around for centuries and you’ll see in the clip I was getting ozone therapy and tune in because you won’t believe which orifice I was getting ozone therapy and through but it does something so many things for Lyme disease fibromyalgia brain fog well the typical symptoms that we experience after 50 so should we look behind the scenes behind the scenes at dr. Lori’s page getting ozone therapy so what does ozone therapy do dr. Laurie basically ozone is oxygen that we take to an ozone machine it becomes a three which is a very active form of Oh oxygen and what happens is it when it gets in the system it wants to bind its unstable oh three does not want to stay as o3 it wants to be Oh to the oxygen we breathe so when we put it in the system it goes through your body and it just binds into the cells and basically think of it like jump-starting yourselves so these cells the mitochondria the engines and yourselves that are stalled it jump-starts them and gets them healing so port in Paige’s case you know we’re doing the vaginal but you can also do rectally you can also do blood and now you got to say why do rectal or through the arm when you can put it through your vajayjay cuz it’s so much easier and smoother just saying if you’re a woman if you’re a woman yes just just say we don’t have penises don’t think a guy would sign up for that and the primary benefits being there are so many in terms of it can stimulate the immune system so if somebody is fighting infection but it also if somebody’s fighting an autoimmune disease so we’ll get the body back to where it should be homeostasis it can increase energy anti-age the list goes on it can help so many things coming throw in there to dr. Lurie lives disease big one SIBO anything with gut issues distension bloating regularly and those are all infections I should say them specifically but infections when I talk about about Lyme disease you know any infection it viral parasitic it will help basically it will get your body to work better if you have an autoimmune disease where your body is fighting itself it will get your body to calm down so basically will get your body to do what it needs to do and there’s no downside except I’m just lay here gentle insert kinda put a tampon in but a lot better and a lot better than other things that women put into and that will be for another show we’ll be back okay so now that you know that page let’s explain a little bit more you know why it was delivered that way and well there’s many ways you can get ozone therapy you can get it rectally if you want not my choice you can do it through through through IVs not my choice either but if you have a vagina let me tell you it is the most way to get ozone therapy it’s simple it doesn’t hurt it doesn’t bother you at all and I can tell you I’m someone who’s very connected to their body it means so cool tell you a very connected I sense and feel everything and for me I can feel like space opening up in my belly I can feel the Ozone going through my whole body up to my brain it felt more like of an opening like things were clearing out because it does help so many things so yes you’ve got three different ways that you can choose to do ozone therapy but we thought that we would like to bring to you me getting vaginal other than therapy because I thought hey would it be great so we can offer something new to people for a treatment so here we go welcome well and we’re laughing but of course it is a fabulous way to perhaps not you know grab the prescription pad yeah and you know heal some stuff that we deal with every day it’s another option and like I do a lot of Eastern Western integrative things which you already know but you know what when you think about it there’s not just one thing to use to help yourself so this is another avenue to try out to help like silk’n said before you maybe reach for something that could be a little bit more toxic right and like I said if you have a vagina and if you don’t if there’s men out there there’s other ways you can do it too yeah well we will link to all the information if you have specific questions you can’t contact onto Lauriei’s office as well … leave us your questions about in your comments if you’ve ever yes please do and we will see you next time on our second act with paige and silke for your second act of life so glad you’re able to join us today I hope you found this information helpful if you haven’t already done so please just take one second and subscribe to our channel buttons right over here and for more information about living your life to the fullest after 50 come visit our website second act TV see you soon

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  1. I purchased a ozonator from Canada and bubble my own ozone water. I also bubbled olive oil (for 1 full day) and now have a cream that works wonderfully for skin, bruises, burns, etc. Great to prevent infections

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