Rosacea is a very interesting condition. It essentially has no pathology
or described ideology, or that means a pathological process that is well defined with the source and a cause that causes it. So rosacea is essentially
an entire spectrum of different symptoms
from simple rosy cheeks to major fulminate oozing pustular rosacea and it can be very
severe, very debilitating, and of course not only is it a process of the skin destroying
itself, but it’s also can be a hotbed of bacterial infestation because of all the seeping and oozing. The traditional way of treating rosacea by the average physician
or dermatologist is to use creams on the
face, usually steroids, that simply suppress inflammation. So they will suppress the rosacea symptoms but not deal with the underlying condition of the skin. So there are two things
that we need to do. One is to take care of
the vascularization at the surface so that
the rosacea looks much better and takes care of all the inflammation. But underneath that in the dermis, this is something that people
don’t often talk about, the vascularization shouldn’t be able to get up into the top
layers and to the epithelium. So just taking off or reducing or treating the top layers or all that redness and vascularization is not enough. We need to go down beneath that and strengthen the collagen matrix of the top layers of the dermis. Now lasers are very good at doing that and we have different types of lasers that do it in different
ways, stimulating different components of the physiological machinery of collagen production, and
you’re gonna be seeing that in the laser rosacea procedure that’s coming up. Dr. Pien is using more
than one kind of laser to get down underneath into the dermis and strengthen and regenerate
and remodel new strong tight, lifted, toned collagen that will keep the vascularization in the
dermis where it belongs and not allow it to get up where everybody can see it. Now as you can see from some of the before and after photographs, someone with severe rosacea can get it completely cleared up where their skin looks
completely flesh tone and normal, and no broken capillaries or spider veins or massive redness or seeping or oozing, all of that is simply gone. And doing it the way we do it, by working both at the top layers and down deep in the
dermis, this is truly a cure for rosacea that lasts for a very very long time. The rosacea may come back,
but it won’t come back quickly as it didn’t show up
originally quickly either. It took a long time for it to show up. So the question is can this be done in just one rosacea laser treatment? Well it depends on the
severity of the rosacea. In very light cases, one
laser rosacea treatment might be enough. In very severe cases,
first there’s a series of treatments that take
care of all the inflammation and the vascularization on the surface before we can get down underneath and take care of the collagen
remodeling and strengthening. So for a severe case, it may take three to five laser rosacea treatments to
really clear this up. The results of course are
to have natural looking, smooth looking, and feeling, it feels good to touch skin that’s
not pustular and oozing, and it looks wonderful.

32 thoughts on “What is Rosacea Laser Treatment?”

  1. Hi I have rosacea, it's a kind of clean bright pink but patchy over my face and even on the top of my head, all sure signs of sunburns in earlier years. Is Genesis the best option for me and if I go with this treatment will is last a long time or is it short lived? Thanks

  2. I am so desperate with my skin, that i stopped leaving the house for a long time. I get anxiety when i leave the house. Does this treatment realy help? Anybody had this treatment, who can tell me about it? Does the red skin go away?

  3. Which lasers do you use to target the surface vascularization rosacea, and which lasers do you use to target the top dermis. I'm interested thanks 🙂

  4. i was diagniosed with this terrible condition nearly two years ago, and since it has ruined my life. I am self concious and suffer from anxiety because of it. I am wondering if your treatment has any side effects, e.g. possible scarring, or the risk of actually aggrivating the rosacea and making it worse? also along side rosacea, i also suffer with sebborihic dermatitis , would laser treatment be able to help with that and get rid of the red bumps under my skin? please reply as i am quite keen to know what effects this treatment may have on my skin. Thank you 🙂

  5. I one of who get rosacea disease 🙁 It's not common in Indonesia, I look like a strange human with red nose :(. sometimes I down when people asking about my face 🙁 .. for now, I don't have enough money for this treatment. I'm very sad until now.

  6. One thing i love about the rosacea treatment is that it sends my facial hair ( 'stache & beard ) back to the stone ages for many months.

  7. I have mild rosacea, but I have extremely severe blushing and flushing. would this help decrease the vessel size? not just visible permanent redness?

  8. Does this work for flushed skin
    It's weird mine when I wake up is so so
    But heat
    Or sun
    Makes it get pink red

    I've had v beam years ago one treatment
    It left white marks on sides
    So idk if it worked

    My nose has broken veins
    My skin is dry and pink in patches like eczema Rosacea like

    I really can't stand the isolation from this skin condition

  9. Can laser treatment help someone with ethnic skin (brown, dark skin) who suffers from rosacea if yes what laser/ wavelength do you recommend? Kind regards.

  10. So would this be something to do for “light” rosacea? It not as bad as some of them in this vid, my rosacea is only on my cheeks right by my nose and even then it’s just more dry and patchy. I’ve never had the big pimples or sore or anything like that. It’s actually the only place on my face that’s never gotten a pimple! The main problem like I said is the dryness. I’ve tried so many expensive products but it never fixes it 😩

  11. Thank you so much for this video! I’m thinking of getting this done. Would the laser treatment cause the face to darken?

  12. Rosacea plagued my life for nigh on twelve years and I'd given up all hope. Then I read some great online feedback regarding a cream called proskin rosacea. Now I was well aware about being let down before and know that what works for one may not work for someone else but this cream was a revelation for me and my red wine coloured bumpy spotty skin has literally fallen off as healthy skin has replaced it. I don't look like the same person. I just had to put this out there.

  13. Very good explanation. The only issue I see clearly is that if you use fraxel laser or any laser to peel off top layers the intensity is too high and will trigger rosacea 100%. Then simultaneously or I don’t know when you use a different laser to push the vessels away from the top layer but this method will not work. It will make the skin hypersensitive to food, climate and creams.

  14. Good information – my older sister has rosacea issues and I am researching information to give her some much needed direction – this is most helpful.
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  15. Thank you for sharing! The information and direction provided gives me much needed encouragement in dealing with this chronic condition.
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