What it’s like for other people,
I would imagine… It’s intense, and looking into each
other’s eyes… ..ripping each other’s clothes off. Kissing, but, you know, like,
deep kissing. Like that’s the last kiss you’re
ever going to have in your life. And it’s passion. Yeah. My husband is amazing. And he is gentle and he’s loving, but for me, in my body, it’s like assembling a Meccano. What should be the most amazing
feeling, a lot of the time isn’t. When it hurts, it’s like glass
shattering inside you. Embedding itself. Sharp. The more you try to get it out,
the more it hurts. And then it’s not just the sex in
itself that’s painful, but it’s the after-pain. The cramping. And they can last up to two days. Sometimes it’s twisted, like someone
is wringing out a dish cloth. And it’s miserable. It’s so miserable. I think it was probably just before
we got married that the painful sex began. There was one particular time where
we’d finished and I had tears in my eyes, and they were just trickling down
my cheek, and my husband said, “What’s wrong? Did I hurt you?” And I’m like “No, it’s not you.” But he felt so guilty, and he just
said to me, “Why didn’t you stop me?” “Why didn’t you say, I cannot
do this?” And I was like, “But that’s not
what you do.” “You just get on with it.” And he was like, “You don’t ever
have to just get on with it.” “How do you think I feel knowing
that I’ve hurt you?” “That kills me.” Feeling like I’m not doing what
I should be doing, and not being the way that I
should be, as a wife and as a lover… That’s really hard to deal with. No.
SHE LAUGHS They didn’t believe me.
It was in my head, apparently. My GP said to me, “It’s fine.” “There’s nothing wrong with you.” And I said,
“But I know something is wrong.” And he was like,
“The scan showed nothing.” “There’s nothing wrong with you.” And I just felt absolutely crushed, like I was a bottle that had just
been screwed up. And that’s when I was like, “Maybe
it is in my head.” “Maybe I am going a bit crazy.” And my husband,
he was just like, “What’s wrong?” And so I told him that apparently
there was nothing wrong with me, and that the scan had come back
completely fine. And he was like,
“Well, that’s a load of shit.” When the doctor was like, “OK,
so what are your symptoms?” “Oh, painful periods, they’re
really heavy, they’re prolonged. “I’m fatigued, I feel sick.” And my husband was squeezing
my hand, and he was like, “And…? “Go on.” And I was like, “Oh, and sex is
really painful, as well.” The doctor was like, “OK, right.” “Pop a few ibuprofen and get on
with it.” Just, “You need to be a bit more
relaxed.” That’s really hard when you feel
like you’re being stabbed up the
vagina. SHE LAUGHS The painkillers and the medication
they gave me didn’t work. They did absolutely nothing. And he was still very reluctant to
do a laparoscopy to check. He was just about to finish
the appointment and I turned around and said, “You know, I’ve been having
unprotected sex for 18 months, “and I haven’t fallen pregnant.” And he kind of sat up in his chair,
and he went, “Well… “It can’t hurt to do a laparoscopy.” “We’ll just have a little look
and we’ll see what’s going on.” So, I had the operation in 2013 and I was diagnosed with severe
endometriosis. To not be believed by a doctor, feeling invisible even though you’re
there in the room with them, I found myself just detaching from
my body. And sometimes, you feel like,
“What’s even the point “of telling you how I feel,
if you’re not going to believe me?” I wish someone had told me when I
was younger to believe in myself more. And to know that I know my body… ..more than anybody else does.

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  1. I know exactly how she feels because I have endometriosis & lord!!!! ?
    Bless you ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  2. Very important to be persistent if you suspect something. I had to pester my Dr for a scan. I would end up in a & e on Morphine everytime I had a period. Scans revealed a cyst the size of a large potato. It was removed surgically and I also had a laparoscopy to remove lesions. One of the most painful things I've experienced. Sadly most women are sent back home by doctors with stronger pain killers for period pain. There definitely needs to be more awareness on this condition.

  3. Losing your virginity isn’t scary , I mean ofc you will be nervous but it’s all good , your body is MEANT to have sex , you just have to do it when you are ready , once you do it the first time you just have to feel how your body reacts I mean even I lost my virginity and let me tell you that was scary but you know what , I did it with someone I love and I had no regrets ??

  4. Guys this woman’s story isn’t common for when you loose you virginity. You don’t have to be scared virgins ?‍♀️?‍♀️

  5. There are a number of reasons why sexual intercourse can be painful for a woman, endometriosis is a common one, but that can be controlled with medication. Sometimes a prolapsed uterus or other uterine or vaginal problems can be a cause; if it is a problem, SEE YOUR DOCTOR! There are usually reasons, possibly mental as well as physical can happen, and most can be corrected!

  6. I have this. I thought there was something wrong with me. I really did. I was like "this has to feel good!! Just pretend that it feels good!" but I started crying almost every time I had sex. The afterpain was like having a really really painfuk period cramp. And it would hold on for HOURS. But my boyfriend is so caring and he's so careful and absolutely okay with it

  7. My little sister has severe endometriosis and it kills me to see how much pain she is going through the doctors keep changing her meds to see what works best for her and nothing is working

  8. Really amazing that you shared this. It is so incredibly hard to be open about not being able to have sex the way society thinks is ‘normal’ sex. And yeah the husband seems nice but why are all the comments about him…? This woman has gone through so much shit and she just amazingly shared her story to hundreds of thousands of people. Thank you ???

  9. Idk why ppl so scared now, it only hurt for this women cause she had a problem. Doesn't mean its gonna hurt u

  10. This woman's story is what SOCIALIS/GOVERNMENT HEALTHCARE is! Here in the America, you see the doctor of your choice and describe your symptoms, soon after, you are taken care of in whatever manor necessary.
    No Govt. healthcare for us Americans!! MAGA!! Trump 2020!! ;0)

  11. Not sure what all the virgin comments are about? Endometriosis will make you hurt regardless of whether you have sex or not. If you stay home, don't move, hardly breathe or speak, endometriosis will still hurt you because it is a chronic pain condition. Sex is just worse because of it- not the cause of it. This video was amazing, it was good to basically hear myself talk. But for those without the condition: don't spread misinformation by believing being a virgin means you won't be affected by the pain. If you do suffer with this condition- you already know that nothing you can do will help. Oh, and there's no cure ??

  12. Honestly I feel like it would be super weirddddd bc I would be scared to make a noise XDXDXD HONESTLY WHOS WIT ME

  13. To all the virgins in the comments section scared to have sex…please understand whatever this lady said in the Vedio are symptoms of ENDOMETRIOSIS…no normal women feels pain during sex?

  14. I know what its like, you love a person but sex is so painful, u dont like it, but u continue it because you feel its the thing u have to do with your husband. U crie inside, u feel bad, u think something is very bad with you. It was one of reasons why we broke up. After that I found out that the problem wasnt me…

  15. 2 days ago i had sex for the first time
    yall dont be terrified just tell your partner to be careful and i never felt any pain like this

  16. I used to think that it’s scary when I was virgin. Now that I had sex about 30-35 times I’m sure that it’s scary lol

  17. I personally don't feel anything when having sex… I just feel the inside and movements but like… I don't get pleasure… You know?

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