Hey guys its Wengie welcome back. And it’s my favourite time of the week! Unicorn bun hug! So I wanted to see how our body parts and things like that affected our personality. Of course, not of all of this is true. But I love these kinds of things! And I wanted to see if it’s true for you guys! Definitely in the comment section, let me know if these are applicable to you! And whether if they’re actually true. Because I want to know as well! But hold up! If you guys aren’t a part of the fam yet, I encourage you guys to join. I love you guys so much! And welcome! And I’m apparently running a Mac Book Air giveaway for every single fam member! All you need to do is subscribed to this channel. As well as subscribe to my second channel : ReactiCorns! Which is a super fun channel! So you should really check it out! That is literally it! So good luck! And if we can get this video to 128,000 thumbs up, that would be amazing guys! So without further ado, let’s get on with the video! Let’s go! According to face-reading experts, your lips apparently say a lot about your temperament! If you have full lips kinda like Angelina Jolie, then you’re more likely to have empathy and value your relationships. You’re drawn to parenting and put others’ needs before your own! If you have thin lips like Kirsten does, then you tend to be a loner and don’t put as much importance into relationships! If you have a defined Cupid’s bow like Taylor Swift, They you’re quick minded, creative and really great at communication! we’re no cheaper slur like Jessica feel
then you may lack emotional boundaries If you have no Cupid’s bow like Jessica Biel, then you may lack emotional boundaries and become over generous and be taken advantage of by other people. nervous Okay guys! So take at the palms of your hands! And look at your index finger and your ring finger! And let me know, are they the same size? Or is one longer than the other! So,apparently,there’s some evidence to suggest higher levels of testosterone can make your index finger shorter! So if your index finger is shorter, then you’re more likely to be better at endurance sports, spatial problem solving and as well more likely to be unfaithful So if your ring finger is shorter, then you’re more likely to have a better memory, believe in monogamy and marriage and as well be slightly exposed to depression and anxiety. If they’re roughly the same length, then you’re more likely to have a balance of both traits. The shape of your nose can also give away some aspects of your personality! If you have a nose with a small bump, you’re well-known for your generosity and you’re always willing to help others. we’re no cheaper slur like Jessica feel
then you may lack emotional boundaries nervous always like to seek outside book and you
like to approach problems creatively when you argue you always passionately
is that your point of view and defend your principles what do you have a new
business optimist I can find a solution to any
situation we have owners with a large bulb then you’re a sensitive soul you
believe in true love your great listener and you make friends really easily
okay of blunders you’re unpredictable and spontaneous
you’d rather show you something with actions rather than words we have a
Greek nurse you take a practical view of all things don’t enjoy attention and you
try and keep out of the limelight you find it really hard to share your
feelings with others unless they’re super quick yeah time to look at the
palms of our hands apparently there are three major lies when it comes to
reading your palm is the lifeline the hot line and the headline first let’s
take a look at the Lifeline below and this line indicates great health
vitality and strength a straight line indicates a weak stamina which means you
may not face a lot of adventures in your life a Birkin line unfortunately
symbolizes a break in your life this may be illness interruptions or accidents
next let’s have a look at the hot line a long hot line means an open warm and
loving person you may also have unrealistic expectations of
relationships a short line may mean that you’re self-absorbed and introverted
lovely let’s have a look at the headline a long line means you’re a clear and
focused thinker a short line means you like physical accomplishments you’d
rather go for a run or hide rather than watch a movie that’s darling I’ll be bread do Dalton
oh nothing only toes you may not think a lot about them but there are some people
that believe that the length of your toes may influence your personality if
your big toe is longer than your other toes then you’re more likely to be a
clever creative thinker you can see things from different angles and you’re
never stumped for ideas but on the downside you may have problems focusing
and may not see all your projects all the way through the log area second term
or leadership qualities you’ll have sometimes your desire to get things done
I can come across as Buffy and if your third toe is comparatively long a
million more likely to be energetic and resourceful at work and you’re also
extremely driven to succeed in your career your photo is all about
relationships a low falter indicates that family is crucially important to
your life yes sometimes listener and know try and find it hard to cut
yourself off from other people’s problems so what do you think about
these little toe theories let’s move up need to be worried lay off me hey you
play bad so here’s a test for you guys at home I want you guys to make a fist
right now without thinking about it now look at your fifth and look at the
position of your thumb your thumb on top on the side or top inside if your thumb
is on top your imaginative very sensitive and have a lot of curiosity
romantically you have a hard time expressing your emotions and your
partner may feel neglected if your thumb is on the side then you’re
charming and intelligent you’re a hard worker with high self esteem but you
also have really high expectations for yourself and this is me this is like
what I do I don’t love you tend to overthink
things that overanalyze so this may cause problems and conflicts that may
not actually need to happen and if your thumb is tucked all the way
inside it means that you’re witty and quick thinking but you may have a
tendency to be manipulative as well I’ve actually super curious to know
which way your thumb gears when you create the knuckle so let me know in the
comments according to psychologists your sitting
position actually tells you a lot about your intention let’s have a look at
these sitting positions that I have up right now and think about which one you
normally go to so if you’re likely to sit in position eight you’re creative
charismatic and light-hearted sometimes you speak before you think generally
you’re a happy-go-lucky kind of person as you see in position B you’re
typically a dreamer and this means you’re mo likely to be creative
innovative and have a pretty wild imagination and if you stay in position
C you’re more likely to be messy chaotic and easily distracted you don’t worry
about what others think of your appearance and you choose functionality
over trendiness any time please seating positions D you’re highly intelligent
you tend to avoid conflict but you will confront someone if they violate
something that you truly believe in and if your sitting position eat you’re very
goal-oriented and ambitious you work hard dress nicely but have a hard time
taking on criticism which you guys want something new today are these applicable
just like a bunch of hocus pocus let me know if these are true for you down
below or if you think like whom someone just made it up let me know hashtag what
your contouring the week on my social media so there is felonies there and
let’s have a look at what happened to speak on react see corns yeah so they’re
Paris encase you guys somewhere oh my god what what are they
yeah oh wait oh one thing to do I just have to name the vegetable I wouldn’t do
that if the corn sorry guys the orange confuse me give my fries so it’s time to
say goodbye to you again which is the musica

100 thoughts on “What Your Body Reveals About Your Personality!! 7 Interesting Things To Watch For Summer”

  1. Love you all so much! Were any of these accurate for you? For me the making a fist one was spot on!
    New Reacticorns episode is up here so join us for a video every day!! https://youtu.be/8wHTx_LyB9w
    Also I had a surprise mid week video this week! Did you miss it? Here it is in case you did! <33 https://youtu.be/q3DuYKPsj5U

  2. I put my thumb on the top middle at an angle, so i am a charmer that is true because i am nine with twelve ex boyfreinds and have a current boyfreind

  3. Can someone answer this:
    So on my hand I have to different trates
    Left hand: Index finger longer than ring finger
    Right hand: same height?

    What do I say I NEVER noticed this before ❤️

  4. For the thumb I actually do none.

    I tuck it under and bring it up between my fingers so that way my knuckles will throw a more powerful punch

    2. Am I the only one who was shocked at the one with the siting position becaouse it descripted you perfectly?

  6. At least the bottom line thing is true.
    Mines broken.
    I have scoliosis.
    I have hip and back problems and can’t do some things.
    Don’t let anything get you down, you may not like an illness u have or your looks, but a lot of people lov :
    A lot of flexible things people can do
    Tricks with your body.

    See I can’t do any of those things.
    I’m still smiling everyday.
    Stay strong.

  7. Depending on the position of my hand before i make a fist leads to where my thumb goes when i make a fist. So basicly… i do all of the fist positions without thinking. Who also has that problem

  8. Closed both of my hands and on my right hand my thumb up
    And left was inside my fist

    D and b is the most closed on how I sit but Non are even close to being how I sit

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