By focusing only on the physical
body and only giving physical treatments, it’s cut itself off from a lot of interventions
that are more cost-effective than those that we now use. It’s unwavering commitment to the
use of pharmaceutical drugs I see as a real problem. I think adverse drug reactions are
far and away the leading category of doctor-caused disease; the costs of pharmaceutical drugs
are a major reason why healthcare costs are out of control. There are other ways of treating
many common conditions that don’t involve giving pharmaceuticals. There are mind-body
interventions, there are dietary adjustments, other lifestyle measures that can all be tried before
you prescribe a pharmaceutical drug – but that’s just one example. I think another root
problem is that our healthcare system at the moment, it’s really a disease management system
that we’re intervening an established disease. We’re not really preventing disease, we’re
not teaching people how to be healthy, we’re not promoting healthy lifestyle and healthy
behavior. The irony is that Americans spend
more per capita than anybody else but we’re not really healthier. It’s worse than that, I mean, we spend more
per capita by a long shot on healthcare and by any measure of health outcomes we’re at or near the bottom. Clearly something is wrong with that picture – we’re spending more and
have less and less to show for it so I think the obvious conclusion is we’re spending our
healthcare dollars in wrong ways. Specifically, we’re spending them on, as I said, intervention and established
disease rather towards preventing disease in the first place. Is it the profit motive, the fact that treating
diseases is profitable if you have a pharmaceutical-based system? I think that there’s no question
at the moment there are many vested interests that are making out from the present system
and they will be very resistant to change but the whole system is going down so at some
point that will all have to change.

12 thoughts on “What’s Wrong with Conventional Medicine”

  1. How about their complete ignorance of nutrition.

    Dr. Weil, my father has been being treated for TB with anti biotics that have left him too weak to move. His diagnosis was not varified and was only confirmed with a positive PPD test. Is their a way for him to be treated with less severe drugs and or to have the most beneficial probiotics given. Thank you for your response to my question…Thank you for geing one of Philly's bright young ment who can use more than pharmaceuticals for health.

  2. Such a great-minded speaker and individual. All these adverse side-effects from pharmacutical drugs, and still people think marijuana is the DEVIL! Wake up ppl, what you eat, what pill you pop, and your lifestyle have a better chance of killing you rather than marijuana itself. I smoke marijuana almost on a daily basis, and I train everyday and eat healthy…I stay away from alcohol too. Got the glow of a champ, and you would never figure I smoke! Love ya Dr. Weil!

  3. I agree with you. I am a medical student. I tend to fail many subjects in medicine because I don't agree with wat they say. They try to force u to believe and act like them

  4. Apples, oranges, plums, grapes. Romaine, broccoli, apricot seeds, Apple seeds, chia seeds, Lima beans, carrots and carrot juice. Etcetcetcetcetcetcetcetc …ETC. and the immune system are all "medicine". OTC and prescription drugs are all poison, and people who take lots of those satanic POISON drugs are fools.

  5. The current system of disease management is just more proof that corporations and big business do not know best. They're a system designed to do one thing well, and that's make money. And they can make a lot more via disease management.

  6. True health care involves organic raw fruits and vegetables. Fake health care is conventional medicine and drugs. "Simple!!!"

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