100 thoughts on “What’s wrong with Tumblr?”

  1. I’ve been at this video morning til night for the last couple days, but looks like I just hit 500k!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH 😊😊😊😊

  2. 2:17 C-Columbine???? Dude that’s Dylan Klebold, the one she has tattooed is Dylann Roof, the shooter of the Charleston Church, smh

  3. Damn man I'm a witch and I've never heard of fucking emoji spell's that's absolutely stupid go empty your dishwasher

  4. “One day you’ll meet the perfect girl. She’ll make you laugh, turn you on, and be your other half. Best of all, you’ll do everything for her that she does for you.”

    “When will I meet her?”

    “Well let’s put it this way… she doesn’t even exist yet”

    Saw some shit like this on the TCC tag and it made me choke

  5. I agree with everything said obviously, but I kind of get uncomfortable too when tv series make fun of fat people(? idk, is that too sensitive? I wouldn't stop watching the series just bc of it, but I don't think it's good to normilize that kind of fat shaming mind setting jsjs I just wanna know what you think

  6. The crazy thing about otherkin is that they always pick cool animals to identify as. If assumably “everyone” has some type of animal mixed in them, then assumably there are, say, snailkin? Crabkin? Tortoisekin? I demand representation for ALL types of otherkin 😤🤪💯

  7. Quick question for you guys if you’re willing to answer, how many radical feminists have you encountered? Personally I’m a huge feminist and so are the majority of the people I know but we try to stay as educated and respectful as possible so I haven’t encountered anybody radical personally…

  8. Honestly, most of Tumblr Feminism or at least what I see is terrible, specially the Western Feminism.

  9. I'm as feminist as it gets and I definitely agree people take it too far and turn it into a joke

  10. “Let me know in the comments if it didn’t go off coz it means you’ve probably got an android an if so we’re all gonna bully you” 🤣🤣

  11. I’m only on Tumblr for the fandoms but I feel like I’m one of the only sane people on that website because so many people on there believe in multiple genders and feminazi mumbo jumbo. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  12. I'm gonna drop some videos I wanna see, Tom.

    What's wrong with makeup?
    What's wrong with InstaCouples?
    What's wrong with feet?
    What's wrong with my (your) fans?
    What's wrong with people who aren't my (your) fans?
    What's wrong with people who aren't British who have a fetish for British accents?
    What's wrong with self-depreciating humor?
    What's wrong with anyone born after 2000?
    What's wrong with PornHub?
    What's wrong with me (you)?
    What's wrong with viral memes?
    What's wrong with people who ask for as many videos as I just did?

    Edit: Also….

    What's wrong with emojis?
    What's wrong with witches?
    What's wrong with circumcising babies?
    What's wrong with philanthropists?
    What's wrong with YouTubers?
    What's wrong with puppies?

  13. Fun fact Dylann Roof isn’t a Columbine shooter, he was a white supremacist who killed 9 innocent black people. So yeah I don’t know if that’s worse but it feels worse

  14. i mean tbh i don’t understand why it’s a big deal as long as people are still respectful & don’t go around talking about it like it’s a normal thing… i mean y’all go out of ur way to search this stuff up when it clearly makes u uncomfortable? but then y’all wanna dress as dogs & fuck each other & that’s ight, y’all have fetishes where u literally call the person u have sex with daddy but i’m not kinkshaming, y’all out here publicly wanting to fuck ur teachers but it’s cool, y’all write fanfiction for living breathing humans that have no idea y’all exist & would give ur dicks & vaginas up for them for just a second but THIS is weird, y’all will listen & support these rappers with ur last dying breath when they out here murdering & beating & raping people too but that’s somehow different? ion know i mean shit i listen to em too cause they got bangers but seriously… as long as it isn’t harming anyone & they’re staying within their ‘community’ or whatever tf they call it then whooo caresss? everyone’s got their lil kinks, lmao, albeit it gross & disturbing, we can’t stop them & they won’t stop for these videos anyways, we kinda just wasting our time watching these vids @ this point lol

  15. yeah ugh, the fucking wolf thing happened in my town and yeah one of them murdered a dog but they were one of my friends roommates. So yeah

  16. Otherkin is a coping mechanism I think. There's this other kin that's completely fucked up though and it's when you firmly believe you are a famous celebrity (like you believe you're ryan Reynolds or something) it's really twisted.

  17. I guess u could call me a fandom girl but I’m not that fucked up 😂
    Also I avoid tumblr cos it seems so scary to me

  18. I’m so glad I never got a tumbler profile cause the criminal shit and other stuff (most of the stuff on there) are disgusting

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