Nico Reyes: This is “How
Much Should I Spend?” where we test a product
at various price points to let you know which is the
best value for your money. Today, I’m gonna be testing out four kinds of body makeup on my legs. The products that I’m gonna
be trying out today are Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs, Dermablend Leg and Body Makeup, KKW Beauty Skin Perfecting
Body Foundation, and Alleven Colour Shield. I feel like I think of
the term body foundation, and immediately I go, “That’s
so unnecessary and extra.” Kinda dumb. Why would anybody want to
spend their money on that? Well, it has a lot of uses aside from just evening out skin tone. It can help cover up acne,
acne scars, hyperpigmentation, psoriasis, and a bunch
of other skin conditions. I’m gonna be testing out each
product on how well it covers, how transfer-resistant it
is, and how long it lasts. So, now I’m going to test
out all of these body makeups on my legs, wear them to the gym, and come back here to give
you guys my final rankings. I have two cream formulas
and two spray formulas that I’m testing out, and I do know that creams tend to cover a
bit better than sprays do. But this is really going to come down to how transfer-resistant these things are and how long they last on my body. Let’s start out with our cheapest option, and that is the Sally
Hansen Airbrush Legs. This retails for $12.99,
and you can find it at pretty much any drugstore. Oh, it smells. Ooh, it’s cold. So, that’s what it looks like in my hand. It looks like melted chocolate. In terms of coverage, I
feel like I can still see a lot of my scars and my little dots and bruises, but it’s not terrible, for $12.99. I feel like because it’s
also a spray formula, it’s gonna be harder to cover more. Next up, we’re gonna try out the Dermablend Leg and Body Makeup. This retails for $34, and
it also has sunscreen in it, which I think is really, really cool. This is a cream formula, and
cream formulas like this one do say setting with a powder extends their transfer-resistance and longevity, but I do feel like I want
to test this out on its own just to see how far
along I can get with it. I feel like I did buy too light of a shade in this formula as well. So let’s just see. Oh, no, I bought way too light of a shade. Oh, no! [laughing] I’m completely changing my race. All right, we’re gonna work with it, we’re gonna work with it. We’re gonna blend it in. The difference in the
shades of my legs right now. [laughing] I look like two people
standing next to each other. Anyway, shade choice aside, I do think that this cream formula did cover a lot better,
just as I expected it to. The coverage is kind of wild, though. Like, it looks like my
leg is a mannequin leg. My leg doesn’t even look real. Next up, we’re gonna try the KKW Beauty Skin
Perfecting Body Foundation. This retails for $45,
which is pretty pricey, but it seems like it comes
with a lot of product. And body foundation is
one of those things that I don’t think you’re
gonna, like, use a ton of. Kim Kardashian made this because she does use a lot of body makeup when it comes to red carpets and photo shoots, but she also suffers from psoriasis, so this stuff kind of helps her cover up any imperfection on her body. I’m just gonna take some in my hand. Ooh, that’s what it looks like. This looks a little bit more brown, but it doesn’t look as brown as me. So, we’ll see. So, there’s my bruise, right there. The Sally Hansen didn’t do a
great job of covering it up, but this might, considering
it is a cream formula. Oh, it’s too light! [laughing] Forget it, forget it, it’s gonna be fine. I feel like I can slightly
still see this bruise, but very slightly. It definitely looks way more covered-up than it did with the spray. I really like how this looks so far. I’m really impressed with the coverage. It also, it smells really good. Kind of coconutty, which I really like. Finally, I’m going to try out the Alleven London Colour
Shield Body Enhancer. This is a spray formula,
and it retails for $80. Yes, $80. I was really convinced to
use this one in this video because this is actually
what Beyoncé’s makeup artist, Sir John, uses on her when
she’s out on stage performing. She sweats, you know, she’s
dancing, she’s being incredible. Oh, oh, I see it happening. That’s so weird. Oh, wait, this smells really good. That actually looks really good. This one also has a bit
of luminosity to it. I can see, like, little
sparkles throughout it. That looks really good,
even though my legs look like two different
colors, but…what’s new. I think that I’m really impressed
with that Colour Shield. I feel like, for $80,
I would be disappointed if it was anything but amazing. So, now that I kind of
have a first impression on how these body makeups work, let’s see how long they last at the gym. I’m finally back from the
gym, and tonight’s the night that I tested out the
Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs and that Dermablend Leg and Body Makeup. Let’s see how both of them
held up these past few hours. So, I have the Dermablend
on this right leg, which is a cream formula, and I have the Airbrush Legs on this leg, which is a spray formula. I gotta say, looking at them up close, not too bad. So, this is the side with the Dermablend, and it definitely
transferred all on my sock, so that’s not great. Now let’s check out the Sally Hansen one. There’s, like, a slight
brown tinge on this leg. So definitely not 100% transfer-resistant with both of these formulas. So, here are my legs after
I got home from the gym. The Alleven is my left leg,
and the KKW’s my right, and I gotta say, if I
had to pick one winner, I would go for the Alleven. So, my left leg, ’cause
this leg looks so gorgeous and bronzed and smoothed. However, this leg, even though it does look really smoothed-out and even, I don’t know what it is about this formula that it just looks a bit cakey. Like, looking at my legs up close, I’m not sure if the
camera will pick it up. It just doesn’t look like normal skin. It definitely looks like you’re
wearing makeup on this leg. I was expecting these
to look like a hot mess at the end of the day. Like, I was expecting to
see sweat marks dripping all down them and running,
and I have none of that. Pretty much, they look exactly the same. If anything, I’ll say that the KKW has kind of rubbed off a bit. A little bit. There’s that bruise that I
tried to cover up before. I can still see it, and
it looks, in my opinion, a bit more obvious now
after the day is done. Here’s the sock that I wore to the gym, and it does have some transfer
from the KKW Foundation. I don’t think it’s,
like, an obscene amount. I’m actually really impressed that it’s not, like, coating my entire sock, but, like, you can very slightly see, like, a brownish tinge from the makeup. The Alleven sock, on the other hand, has absolutely no transfer, which is really shocking and impressive. After testing out all four of
the body makeups on my legs, I think I finally have a winner, and that winner is the
Alleven Colour Shield. Yes, I know, that is my most
expensive product, at $80. Everybody, let’s take a deep breath. Let’s calm down. I have a lot of reasons for
picking this one as my winner. After wearing it for a few
hours and wearing it to the gym, it was still super full-coverage but didn’t look unnatural on my legs. It didn’t look like I was walking around with little mannequin legs. I was super sweaty after the
gym, and the Colour Shield managed to stay on my skin
and not on my clothes, which I really, really liked. And even hours after application, this stuff still looked
exactly the same on my legs. I was so impressed. Like, no wonder Beyoncé uses this stuff. Like, if Beyoncé likes
it, it can’t be bad, but I was really, really
impressed with this product. I did not think that I would
like it as much as I did. The biggest loser was
definitely the Dermablend. I don’t even want to talk about the shade, because that was…. That was on me. That was my fault. But the actual formula itself just looked really, really cakey on my
legs and very unnatural. And it also was the
least transfer-resistant out of all the products. So if you’re on the
market for a body makeup, I’d say splurge and go for
the Alleven Colour Shield.

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